Top 10 Reasons Why Symptom of the Universe by Black Sabbath Didn't Create Thrash Metal

Symptom Of The Universe is a song released in 1975.

I've already made several lists of this type because there are many cringe worthy statements about Black Sabbath and their influence on metal music:
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You can read ridiculous comments about Black Sabbath's importance everywhere - on this site, YouTube and some less known sites/forums. Such statements are repeated by many people - I am not talking about a single opinion.

On this list I am discussing why "Symptom of the Universe Didn't Create Thrash Metal".

The Top Ten

1 Thrash Metal songs are very aggressive, Symptom Of The Universe isn't.

Speed and aggression are the first things you notice when you hear a thrash song. Heck, even some Deep Purple and Queen songs are faster and more aggressive than Symptom Of The Universe. - Metal_Treasure

Of course it didn't. One song doesn't create metal. Like cream, they had one metal song, it didn't create metal. You need to be dedicated, play it as your main genre

2 Thrash Metal songs are very fast. Symptom Of The Universe is a mid-tempo song.

It's faster than most of the Black Sabbath songs with Ozzy but that's all.
Rainbow, Deep Purple and Queen had much faster songs in the 70s. - Metal_Treasure

3 Thrash Metal vocals are angry, aggressive and gritty. Ozzy vocals on this song aren't.

What thrash singers sound like Ozzy? - Tom Araya, James Hetfield, Mille Petrozza...? - Metal_Treasure

4 Ozzy sings this song with a lot of pain in the voice and not aggression or anger

Singing with a lot of pain is something a grunge singer would do (for example) and not Tom Araya. In some sense, grunge and thrash vocals are opposites. - Metal_Treasure

5 Stone Cold Crazy by Queen has more thrash elements than Symptom Of The Universe
6 Symptom Of The Universe is fast for only 15 seconds (out of 6:29 minutes)

It's fast from 3:35-3:50 but that's all. - Metal_Treasure

7 Stone Cold Crazy by Queen (1974) came out before Symptom Of The Universe (1975)
8 Symptom Of The Universe doesn't sound like a thrash song
9 A significant part (30%) of Symptom Of The Universe is not metal and not even rock (let alone thrash)

Two minutes and 10 seconds out of 6:30 minutes are not metal, in fact not even rock - it's exactly 30% of the song (4:20 - 6:30). - Metal_Treasure

10 In most sources Queen's Stone Cold Crazy is mentioned as the first proto-thrash song and not Black Sabbath's Symptom Of The Universe
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