Top 10 Reasons Why Tails Fans are One of the Most Annoying

The Top Ten

They are rude

What the heck is the title suposse to say? - darthvadern

They're jealous of other characters
They don't avoid the things they hate
They won't shut up
They insult other  fanbases
They think people who can't stand them cannot deny the fact that "tails is a good character"
They add the character at #1 in almost every positive sonic list
They won't realise tails is becoming overrated
They won't realise that there are far better characters out there
They overreact

The Contenders

They are delusional
They are triggered all the time
They don't care about others' opinions
They complain a lot
They think they're an "okay" fanbase
They are hypocrites
They think their opinions are facts
They are criticizing Shadow For Taking Tails and knuckles' spot as a popular character
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