Top Ten Reasons Why "Tanks for the Memories" Is an Overrated Episode of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

Many people act like this is the best episode ever made. I personally think that it's one of Rainbow Dash's worst episodes.

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1 Rainbow Dash Is Out of Character Throughout the Episode

She may not be smartest of the mane 6, but she is not stupid! She acts like an idiot in this episode! Tank is just hibernating!



2 Rainbow Dash Is Flanderized Throughout the Episode

Rainbow Dash's loyalty is exaggerated to ridiculous lengths in this episode.

3 "I'll Fly" Is a Forgettable Song and Has Stupid Lyrics

I can't really recall this one

This is a great song "Forgetettable song that has stupid lyrics? " I don't think so. This is an awesome song. - kmyeakel

The song is okay but I really don't care much for it.

4 The Death Metaphor Is Poorly Executed

I could probably take the episode more seriously if Tank was actually dying. He's just hibernating!

5 Better Episodes Are Overshadowed by "Tanks for the Memories"

For example, I think "Bloom and Gloom" is underrated and is one of the best episodes of season 5.

6 Rainbow Dash's Relationship With Tank Is Hard to Believe

We almost never see them hang out in any previous episode expect his debut episode.

7 Rainbow Dash Is Overly Emotional

She is way overreacting in this episode. She's acts like Tank is actually dying. It would make more sense if it was Rarity being emotional about Opal.

8 The Emotional Moments In This Episode Are Really Cheesy

Amending Fences was much more emotional! I could actually take that episode seriously.

9 This Episode Feels More Like a Rejected Season 1/ Season 2 Episode

Rainbow Dash acts even more selfish than she did in season 1 and season 2. In later seasons she has become more mature. She's acts very childish in this episode.

10 Rainbow Dash was actually crying like a baby in this episode

Two words you could use; 'Spoiler Alert'. Maybe you should use them?

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11 Rainbow Dash Doesn't Even Face Any Consequences for Her Actions
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