Top Ten Reasons Why 'Star Wars the Phantom Menace' Should Never Have Been Made


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1 The Story Of Star Wars Didn't Need Extra

The idea for the prequels came before the idea of the original trilogy!

Still better than that crappy copy movie Star Wars 7

This is my least favorite of all of the Star Wars movies. I love the originals and the Attack of the Clones is a slight 2% imporvement, but Revenge of the Sith while being not as good as the originals it's still a remarkable improvement. And The Force Awakens was the same as The Revenge of the Sith if not probably 0.000000000001% worse, but what do you expect it's post 2012 Disney that's not Pixar and Marvel. Anyway I hate the Phantom Menace and a lot of other Star Wars fans do too. - Anonymousxcxc

2 The Character Ja-Ja Binks Was Going To Be In It

Take him out of a few scenes and he might actually be kind of funny!

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3 No Way Was It Going To Be As Good As The Originals V 1 Comment
4 Star Wars Was Good As It Was

To all these people saying Star Wars was good as it was & the prequels should’ve never been made, you know, deep down, you wanted more Star Wars & actually enjoyed the prequels, but you just feel the need to hop on the prequel bashing bandwagon.

5 It Spoiled The Brilliance Of Star Wars
6 There Is Lots Of Soppy Kissing
7 The Storm Troopers Are Good Guys

There are no Stormtroopers/clones in the Phantom Menace... - IronSabbathPriest

8 It Disappointed Expectant People
9 It Didn't Have Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo Or Leia In It V 1 Comment
10 It Spoiled Some Characters

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11 It Ruined the Legacy of Star Wars
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