Top Ten Reasons Why 'Star Wars the Phantom Menace' Should Never Have Been Made

The Top Ten Reasons Why 'Star Wars the Phantom Menace' Should Never Have Been Made

1 The Story Of Star Wars Didn't Need Extra

The idea for the prequels came before the idea of the original trilogy!

Still better than that crappy copy movie Star Wars 7

This is my least favorite of all of the Star Wars movies. I love the originals and the Attack of the Clones is a slight 2% imporvement, but Revenge of the Sith while being not as good as the originals it's still a remarkable improvement. And The Force Awakens was the same as The Revenge of the Sith if not probably 0.000000000001% worse, but what do you expect it's post 2012 Disney that's not Pixar and Marvel. Anyway I hate the Phantom Menace and a lot of other Star Wars fans do too. - Anonymousxcxc

2 The Character Ja-Ja Binks Was Going To Be In It

Thank you. Fun fact:JaJa Binks would of been the main character if the people didn't hat him so much - JoPro

Take him out of a few scenes and he might actually be kind of funny!

He drives me mad - jmepa1234

3 No Way Was It Going To Be As Good As The Originals
4 Star Wars Was Good As It Was

To all these people saying Star Wars was good as it was & the prequels should’ve never been made, you know, deep down, you wanted more Star Wars & actually enjoyed the prequels, but you just feel the need to hop on the prequel bashing bandwagon.

5 It Spoiled The Brilliance Of Star Wars
6 There Is Lots Of Soppy Kissing
7 The Storm Troopers Are Good Guys

There are no Stormtroopers/clones in the Phantom Menace... - IronSabbathPriest

8 It Disappointed Expectant People
9 It Didn't Have Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo Or Leia In It

Its why sequels before prequels is stupid.

So what?!

10 It Spoiled Some Characters

The Contenders

11 It Ruined the Legacy of Star Wars

Unless someone is a new fan.
Someone who has never heard of Star Wars.
Someone who has heard of Star Wars but doesn't really know what its about.
I mean I didn't know Anakin was the real name of Darth Vader.

12 The plot is bad
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