Top 10 Reasons Why Taylor Swift is Better Than Katy Perry

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1 Taylor's lyrics are better

Yes! So true! For example, in the dark horse video/song, it says make me your Aphrodite and we all know that Aphrodite is a Greek goddess right? And guess where the music video is set? Egypt! REALLY Katy? Watch it.

Taylor Swift's lyrics have more meaning

This is so true

Actually it's false. Taylor's lyrics are full of misandry, and that alone should get her banned in countries with hate speech laws. - factchecker


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2 Taylor doesn't sell her body

I hate it when all these people are showing off their body. NEWS FLASH! Nobody cares and nobody needs to see it it is your body not the worlds.

Yeah, not like Katy Perry. - BeaM456

Katy Perry has a body that would sell. If Taylor exposed more skin, she'd lose fans because she has a body of a 13 year old boy. - factchecker

Taylor swift is better than Katy perry

Lmao people here are insulting her body. You know what that's called? Body shaming. So don't try to defend Katy by body-shaming honey. That won't work.

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3 Taylor is prettier

Taylor is a goddess.She is a beautiful,lovely lady; with make up or not you can see that the beauty is there All Natural. NOT only OUTSIDE but also INSIDE


Katy having big boobs does not make her pretty - ILikeSexyGirls

Yup she is indeed.

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4 Taylor cares more about music

She always writing songs and release one studio album every two year but maybe different from 1989 since she take hiatus from music. - BeaM456

I actually like Taylor's music. Even though lots of you think they sound whiny and dumb, at least she makes up good lyrics.

No she doesn't, Katy worked hard to make her Prismatic World Tour creative and make her music creative and fun, the tour was very colorful, unlike taylors boring tour.

I admit that 1989 world tour is boring too but Speak Now world tour and Red tour is creative and so cheerful. - BeaM456

First Taylor Swift concerts are AMAZING,CLASSIC,ENJOYABLE,FULL OF EMOTIONS AND HAPPINESS.Taylor's concert are very theatrical and she enjoys every moment of it.

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5 Taylor cares more about her fans

This what I love about Taylor Swift most...apart from her songs

Taylor treats her fans like their her best friends while katy treats them like trash and even curses some of her fans!

Yes she does I've recently been to her concert she actually points to signs!

I love taylor

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6 Taylor didn't write the lyrics "boom boom boom even brighter than the moon moon moon"

They are dumb... to be honest

Why would Taylor Swift copy Katy Perry

Yes! so true good thing taylor isn't like that type of people like make us play the tongue twister challenge!

Ever heard of:
We are never ever ever getting back together,
Heartbreakers gonna break, break, break, break, break
And the fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake, fake
etc? - factchecker

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7 Taylor Swift is a better songwriter

Taylor once donated over 1 million dollars to a charity

Her songs are very genuine

Yeahhh Absolutely! Taylor's songs are full of emotions and she derives them fron real-life incidents, contrast with Katy Perry!

Yeah she is much better then Katy Perry and way more prettier.☺

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8 She has way more awards than her

Taylor is not proud looking!

9 Taylor has 5 five-times-platinum albums, Katy has none

Katy have several but all Taylor Swift studio album has received platinum - BeaM456

Taylor is better than Katy


10 Taylor Swift has a better voice

I don't like either of their voices, but at least Taylor's voice isn't as annoying and doesn't sound like she just ran a lap and is out of breath. - DaWyteNight

Katy's voice is kinda harsh

Taylor can hit all of the high notes unlike Katy why don't u search up Katy perry hot and cold live it is terrible 🤢

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11 Taylor didn't write the lyrics "do you ever feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind?"

Yes - those lyrics are meaningless.

12 Taylor is smarter


13 Taylor didn't make that God-awful "ET" song


14 Taylor Swift plays more than 3 instruments

Lol katy perry embarrased herself in front of the whole world while pretending to play the flute meanwhile taylor plays every type of guitar, the banjo and the piano. +1 to taylor for NOT BEING FAKE

Taylor plays 4, right? (I'm not sure on that). And Katy plays 3 if you count the acoustic and electric guitar as different instruments - RandomWeirdo

She can play a piano,banjo and a guitar😀

15 She has no explicit albums

But I did something bad is explicit...

Yeah - BeaM456

That's because she's scared.

16 She is modest
17 Taylor didn't feature Juicy J on any of her songs

Juicy J is the worst rapper and Katy Perry choose he to collobrate with her on Dark Horse but Taylor Swift choose Kendrick Lamar who one of greatest rapper of all time. - BeaM456

Taylor is cleverer than Katy

18 Taylor Swift makes better songs

100% right

I love her new song lwymmd

No, most of her hit singles are rude songs toward other people. Katy may have some bad songs, but at least they are more enjoyable and fun, unlike taylor.

I disagree😡😡😡 Katy perry songs stink 😋 and taylor swift s songs are the best in the whole world.

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19 She has 10 grammys

With 26 years old
And katy has none

20 She wrote an entire album all by herself

...and it was probably one of her best albums lmao - KcSunshine1

21 Taylor doesn't have fake boobs


22 Her music videos are better


23 Ready for It is better than Swish Swish
24 Taylor Swift is way nicer

So your saying that a Republican is nicer than a Democrat!?

No she isn't, many celebrities don't like her and she always gets into fights with other celebrities, so that means she is rude. Katy only wanted those dancers that were hers back, the dancers were with katy before they went to taylor, katy wanted them to come back and the dancers agreed to come back. And you know what? Taylor got upset and acted like a drama queen about that little situation, and wrote a mean song towards Katy. She acts all innocent, I can't believe many people are on Taylors side, she was the one causing this drama, none of this wouldn't even happen if it werent for her. Katy has never really got into celebrity fights, only with Taylor, so that means she is nicer, and Katy has a cool colorful sense of fashion, colored wigs and cute and creative dresses. Taylors fashion is boring and dull, too New York style. And by the way, this list is terrible and false.

Before K and T's fight, Taylor said on Insta
"I hope we'll always stay friends"
Katy never responded then stole Tay's background dancers.

25 She didn't write "I kissed a girl and I liked it"

Are you saying that it is bad to be a homosexual?

26 Taylor Swift once gave over 1 million dollars to a charity
27 Taylor swift is an amazing person

Taylor Swift treats her fans like they're her besties
Katy Perry treats her fans like trash and even curses at some of them.

28 People love her more

Yes that’s so truee

29 She has a better heart than Katy
30 Taylor Swift is an amazing country girl

She was born and raised in the country. Also, she has suffered many pain from backstabbing men and sabotaging celebrities. And the fact that she has come all this way from jeering crowds and haters, and withstood insults all this time prove she's honestly amazing. This ones for u Taylor.

31 She doesn't talk about sex

Compared to Katy Perry, Taylor never mentions about sex or any songs on having it, not even her videos have anything about exposing her body for men to see. At least she was born with her looks compared to Katy

32 Taylor Swift doesn't rely on Autotune
33 She is a better role model
34 She didn’t write Swish Swish Bish
35 She doesn't lie about her fans
36 She isn't evil

Well, I'd like to know how Katy is "evil"

She is evil.

37 Taylor Swift is more charitable
38 Swift writes her own music

So does Katy, don't argue with me unless you ACTUALLY did research - RandomWeirdo

I agree though I am not much of her fan...she's too skinny and too tall and just flirty to men...but besides all those she is an amazing u know she wrote the whole lyrics of her songs like Teardrops on my guitar,Love story,Breathe and so'v got to bliv me she us cool but still I hate her..

39 Her song lyrics have more meaning

So true, like the song you belong with me!

40 She can rap

In ready for it

41 Katy just wants attention but Taylor gives it her all in everything
42 She's a great role model
43 Taylor spends time on her new music

Taylor spends more time writing her new music rather than Katy, who's Witness was obviously a bit rushed since there is about only three standout songs like "Swish Swish, Chained To The Rhythm & Roulette," while Taylor Swift handwrote her songs lyrics and you can at least relate to one song on her album unlike Katy's weird new approach.

44 Taylor is able to tell a story of exactly what she's going through like in Getaway Car and Wildest Dreams.

It's so true..! She even admits what she does in "I Did Something Bad"!
In Katy's music video "California Gurls" She is dressed really inappropriately, but in Taylor's "Wildest Dreams" and "Look What You Made Me Do", she looks like a Pageants Queen! See where I incorporated Speak Now?!

45 She isn't fake
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