Top 10 Reasons Why Taylor Swift is Better Than Katy Perry

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21 Taylor Swift is an amazing country girl

She was born and raised in the country. Also, she has suffered many pain from backstabbing men and sabotaging celebrities. And the fact that she has come all this way from jeering crowds and haters, and withstood insults all this time prove she's honestly amazing. This ones for u Taylor.

22 Taylor Swift has a better voice
23 She isn't evil

Well, I'd like to know how Katy is "evil"

She corrupts today's youth with her poor messages and horrid music. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

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24 Taylor Swift is more charitable
25 Swift writes her own music

So does Katy, don't argue with me unless you ACTUALLY did research - RandomWeirdo

I agree though I am not much of her fan...she's too skinny and too tall and just flirty to men...but besides all those she is an amazing u know she wrote the whole lyrics of her songs like Teardrops on my guitar,Love story,Breathe and so'v got to bliv me she us cool but still I hate her..

26 She has a better heart than Katy
27 She has 10 grammys V 1 Comment
28 Taylor swift is an amazing person
29 She doesn't talk about sex

Compared to Katy Perry, Taylor never mentions about sex or any songs on having it, not even her videos have anything about exposing her body for men to see. At least she was born with her looks compared to Katy

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