Reasons Why Taylor Swift Is Better Than Miley Cyrus

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1 Taylor is a better singer

Miley is a bad singer

Taylor can hit all the high notes,

even though,

Taylor may not be the GREATEST singer,

But her voice is more pure.

Miley sounds like a man and she sounds awful NOW

2 Taylor is a better role model than Miley

Since when does having twenty boyfriends and writing songs about them after breaking up with them make her a good role model? Pretty catty and two-faced if you know what I mean. Don't even get me started about Taylor's "feminism" where she preaches about not attacking women but wrote a song in revenge against Katy Perry because her backup dancers chose to leave her and go with Katy instead (and quite possibly about Katy dating John Meyer, Taylor's ex-boyfriend). Meanwhile, some of Miley's behavior isn't incredibly tasteful but she's stayed with one guy - Liam Hemsworth - for a while and is engaged. She encourages her fans to be themselves and that's exactly what Miley does.

3 Taylor doesn't do drugs

I'm not a fan of Taylor, but I have to agree. - Minecraftcrazy530

4 Taylor wears clothes
5 Taylor is prettier than Miley
6 Taylor doesn't swear
7 Taylor doesn't get naked in any of her videos
8 Taylor cares for her fans
9 Taylor doesn't smoke
10 Miley is ugly

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11 Taylor is classy, Miley is trashy

Miley is terrible at music.

10+ boyfriends is classy?

12 Taylor is nicer than Miley
13 Taylor knows how to keep her clothes on
14 Taylor wasn't a Disney star gone bad
15 Taylor has a better voice
16 Taylor has a better sense of style
17 Taylor's songs aren't about drugs or sex or twerking
18 Taylor rocks the red lipstick better than Miley
19 Taylor switching to pop music wasn't as bad as when Miley cut her hair and started acting the way she is now
20 Taylor's voice is more mature


21 Miley always sing about either sex or twerking
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