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1 Taylor Swift has actually contributed things to society

Taylor has made songs that millions adore and has donated millions of dollars to making the world a better place. All that the imbeciles insulting her have done is listen to mainstream Metal music while being on the internet 24/7 and depleting the world's resources. - Ub8

I had to go to the hospital because this list killed many cells (not just brain cells) that are helpful for me to stay alive. - Skullkid755

Just read the Tyga > Metallica list. The reasoning was so bad that if Donald Trump saw the list he'd cause World War V before III and IV. - Skullkid755

2 Taylor Swift has done something productive with her life

She had made a name for herself and a long sustainable career by the time she was 16. The people insulting her on have done nothing but leech off of their parents and talk crap about people who have legitimately done something with their lives. - Ub8

3 Taylor Swift can play instruments and write songs

Taylor plays 5 different instruments and has written over 100 songs at the age of 27. The people mocking her on this website for the most part don't play any instruments, let alone 5, and they couldn't write a decent stanza to save their life. - Ub8

4 Taylor Swift is respectful of all music genres

Taylor has payed her respects to artists who have influenced her in the Country, Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Metal, R&B, and Folk fields while the people slandering her on this website think anything that isn't Metal should be obliterated. - Ub8

5 Taylor Swift doesn't waste her life making fun of people she doesn't know in real life

Taylor Swift may have gotten into a feud with Katy Perry, but she at least hasn't bragged about it or cared. All these people here think that everyone who is not a metal artist should be dehumanized. - Swellow

6 Taylor Swift doesn't waste her time creating repetitive comparison lists with the exact same reasoning on each one
7 Taylor Swift wrote All Too Well, Enchanted, and Ronan; People on this website wrote poorly structured rants about why they hate her
8 Taylor Swift's parents don't regret having her

Wow, I've heard Taylor Swift fans are annoying (I'm not a fan or hater, one of my friends is a fan though), but, this item is messed up. - Skullkid755

But the parents of the people mocking her on on the other hand... - Ub8

Here's your Daily Reminderâ„¢ that Ub8 and all associated accounts are among the best on the top tens. - ProPanda

9 Taylor Swift is a humble and caring person; Her haters on this site are not
10 Taylor Swift doesn't force anyone to like her music; People talking smack about her on this site attempt to force other people into conforming to their musical preferences

Honestly, the reasoning isn't that bad, it's just that this list is basically whining about people who hate a music artist the creator of it likes. - Skullkid755

This list is me roasting people who waste gobs of their time hating on her when they could be doing anything else, yet they waste their time spreading petty hate. Not people who just don't listen to her. - Ub8

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1. Taylor Swift has actually contributed things to society
2. Taylor Swift has done something productive with her life
3. Taylor Swift can play instruments and write songs



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