Reasons Why Taylor Swift is Much Better Than Justin Bieber

This is the list of reasons why Taylor Swift have much better music , production , actoring and voice than Justin Bieber.

The Top Ten

1 1989 sold over 1.28 million on first week, but Purpose only 650,000

Oh my god, she has numbers! That’s so amazing!

2 Taylor's collaborated with Imogen Heap on writing and producing Clean

So? Why does that matter?

3 Justin Bieber's voice is crap

Dude, have you heard Taylor try and sing live? She can’t hit any of the notes she does in the studio because it’s so damn auto tuned.

4 Taylor Swift inspired Adele to make the song 'Send My Love (To Your New Lover)

So? That song sucks.

5 Justin Bieber got naked in front of the public
6 Purpose Tour is terrible but 1989 World Tour has better production
7 Back To December is much better than Sorry
8 Taylor Swift starred in a box office film

Why does that matter?

9 Taylor Swift can write all the songs on an album alone

Dude, she literally doesn’t have a single song on reputation that she wrote alone.

Yeah. Wasn’t Justin Bieber’s song Baby written my 5 people? - Hermione_Granger220

10 She never called The Beatles a Crap band

Okay, isn't almost EVERY artist better than Justin Bieber?

The Beatles are a crap band, objectively.

Ew, The Beatles.

The Contenders

11 Taylor Swift managed to win a Grammy Award in 2015

That’s not a reason.

12 She doesn't compare herself to Michael Jackson
13 She never dissed Dragon Ball Z
14 Justin Bieber is an idiot
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