Reasons Why Taylor Swift Is Overrated

I don't really like Taylor Swift. Her music is fine, but I think she gets too much credit for what she really is and what she really does

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1 She always disses her exes and dissed once critics

She thinks earning a living from dissing her exes is cool and okay like hell no please get a life there are so many people in need of money nowadays and she can easily obtain it from writing absurd autotune songs. At least make some songs that has actual quality!

She sings songs about exes like it is cool. It's not. If you think about it every song is the same. Someone broke up with her and she wrote a song about so everyone can know the guy is a jerk. But she probably writes the songs because they mask the fact that she hasn't held many long relationships and that the guys break up with HER. Her voice is terrible because she has a very bad range and can't hit any high notes. Sorry Taylor, but I think you and I both know you use autotune.

I have said this many times. Not once has Taylor considered whether the guy was able to defend himself or if he even wanted everyone knowing his business. It really isn't hard to see why she can't have a relationship she socially is about the age of 11. All she does is whine.

I only have problems with the fact that after she centers her entire career around writing about her personal love life, she gets so upset that people care so much about it. Gee Tay, what do you expect?

2 She uses a lot of autotune

She can't sing. Plain and simple. I once heard her sing an entire song being completely flat live. Granted, it wasn't her own song, cause she simplifies the notes in her own song so she can sing them and then sings the lower harmony if there is anything too high for her. When she sang 'Bleeding Love' with Leona Lewis, it was almost too sad. Someone like Leona who is clearly more talented and also writes her own music is easily passed by for someone with no vocal talent like Taylor Swift.

She can't hold a note to save her life. Her voice is almost always shaky. I'm not gonna be one of those that say she isn't good for anything in this industry. I think that she would have been an okay lyricist. Not a singer. Definitely not a singer.

That's why her studio version and her live version aren't the same - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Doesn’t every singer use autotune

3 Her songs are always the same

Yes, it always poor Taylor someone is being mean to me. Victims of the World unite. Once again Taylor has attacked many a guy who never told his side because he had too much integrity to do what Taylor does but yet everyone jumps on the band wagon that poor Taylor has been done wrong. I am so glad she is out of country music!

Exactly. She can't think to put anything worthwhile into her songs, it's always the same idea. Same goes with most mainstream pop artists. - PositronWildhawk

This really annoys me to be honest. She always sings about love and break ups. I mean, I get that she wants to express herself or whatever, but overdoing that can get quite annoying. Please sing about something else for once.

It's always about her break ups or how "mean" people are to her.

4 She has an annoying fanbase

Not all of us are haters. I expect music artist to actually be able to sing and I mean sing exceptionally. To me her voice is mediocre and I just don't like her music. I'm being honest not hating. Her fans should not call everyone haters because some of us do not have hate just because we don't have a particular taste for her music. They brag far to much and she is no more exceptional than many other people. She is not perfect. No human being is, Sorry! That's what gets her fans into trouble anyway shoving her down people's throat. Not everyone has to like her music and people are not "awful people" if they don't care for her music. Her fans can be very rude to others and their music taste.

They all praise her everywhere they go and her songs too. They bashes other people that don't like her. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

I don't like or hate her music, I hardly listen to it unless it is being played in the store I am shopping in. But I am so SICK and TIRED of hearing people just dying to bring her up in conversation and then going on and on about how great of a human being she is and should be a role model to everyone.

It's really unfair how they swear at me and say I have no taste in music I'm 10 people I like people like Katy perry pink Avril lavinge and adele they are good singers/songwriters not taylor who can't think of anything to write about except boys

5 She isn't that great of a role model

I kind of feel sometimes like she's a fake. Sure, she donates but she can't take criticism. With that whole Katy Perry thing, which SHE clearly started Katy has been really calm, while Taylor is being over dramatic.

Honestly, I feel like a lot of what she does is for attention, even if she isn't like Miley Cyrus. She breaks up with a lot of people, and writes songs about it to make it seem like she's the victim.
So overall, even though it's a good thing she donates and doesn't do sex or drugs(that we know of) she is still no more of a role model.

Mean clearly states that people can't change. If your mean now, no matter why your going to be mean your entire life.

Blank Space is about how all guys are jerks and we should just stop hoping because we'll never find the right guy.

I Knew You Were Trouble is about how she knew there was going to be problems but she went for it.

See? Do you still think she's a role model? - AnnaOfArendelle332

I totally agree with this. I mean, she always disses her exes in her songs (which is quite pathetic, since she's like, 26 now? ) and makes girls have unrealistic expectations in relationships making them think that they are "prince charmings" out there, when in reality, they do not exist. It's very annoying. The same thing goes to her too. Wake up Taylor; they are no perfect guys out there. So quit thinking that there is.

even if she doesn't do drugs, sex and alcool and that she loves to help, she disses her exes and plays the victim and after write songs about it - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

6 She is full of herself

When she donates she makes sure to make it a whole publicity stunt so that people know she did it and how great she is. Plus she's been rolling in cash since before she was born, so throwing money at things doesn't dent her bank account. And all stars are expected to have some sort of philanthropic aspect to them, again it's just good PR is all. Don't be delusional.

Such a great role model. Donate just so you can get the self-promotion and everybody will like you and your terrible highly auto-tuned songs. Taylor, if you are going to donate, do it for a good reason. But you probably are too busy recording terrible songs and spending your millions of dollars than to bother being nice for once. I'm sure your fans are dwindling but you produce one terrible song after another.

I love the bit where the person wrote that Taylor donates to people in need. Taylor does this only when it serves her purpose. It's self promotion no a true intention of helping!

I know that she love to help, that makes me like her more, but with other peole, she thinks she's better than anyone - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

7 She isn't the most beautiful female singer

Taylor's kinda pretty (i'm not trying to defend her) but just look at Melanie Martinez!

I can't belive she's number 1 at the list of "most beautiful female singers". I mean, there is a lot of singers that are far more atractive than her - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

If we're going to insult her, we should be able to do it sufficiently without bringing up her looks. That's low.

She is not even that pretty, though she looks okay. Leona Lewis is much prettier.

8 She can't hit high notes

She needs to yell to reach them and she isn't belting notes at all - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Thank God she doesn't try it's bad enough listening to her regular voice.

Ariana Grande needs to yell to reach high notes as well and she depends on belting notes! But yeah, let's be grateful that she doesn't try hitting high notes.

9 Too many boyfriends

She had too many boyfriends but lets be honest at least half of them were just pr stunts. She makes money from writing songs about them so that is why she had som many "boyfriends" She needs someone new for every new album and she knows people are more interested in songs about someone they know that is why every boyfriend she ever had was famous guy. She needs to be in the news with her new famous boyfriend so there are paparazzi with them almost everywhere taking pictures of them holding hands and etc. I don't know who wants to be followed by them when they want to spend free time with their partner. Obviously Taylor because it is not her free time but her job. I don't understand who is still buying it.

She changes boyfriends more than her earrings

I wear same earring all the time

Okay... so Madonna has had 22 boyfriends (correct me if I'm wrong) and people pass her off as an 80s legend, but Taylor Swift has had 8 and people call her a slut? And please don't reply to me saying stuff like "well, Madonna is better" and bullcrap like that. I'm just stating facts.

10 She's called one of the greatest singers ever when Chad Kroger from Nickelback can singer higher notes than she can

This is true by the way - christangrant

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11 She wins awards that she shouldn't

Way too many awards. She should win an equal amount of awards just like the others. Skillet, Katy Perry and others have like the same amount of awards. While Taylor Swift has an award closet (yes, that was a SpongeBob reference). Why doesn't Porter Robinson or Casey Lee Williams have one? They have better songs and should win an award. Taylor Swift should win awards, but not THAT much. The Taylor Swift winning thing is officially rigged.

Society is unfair. Why did Taylor Swift win so many awards, especially at Grammy?! What! Are you kidding me? She hasn't enough talent to win for these awards. Listen her voice carefully. Her screaming parts sound like a crash. She sings only easy songs and anyone can beat and sing her songs. She is a fake snake!

She wins too many undeserved awards for her terrible music.

Kanye West was rude, but completely right. And how she won over Kendrick Lamar, who has music that actually means something and isn't the same every time, baffles me.

12 She's a coward

Every time she's criticized for something, whether deserved or not, she immediately plays the victim, screams something about how she's just being slut-shamed or feminist girl power (which she's NOT a feminist,) and shuts down the conversation. She can't handle any real criticism and hides from it.

13 She can't act

I saw her on a episode of CSI. She sucked. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

She was awful! Not natural at all!

She makes Kristen Stewart look like a genius!

Ew... don't talk about her acting

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14 Her style is boring

Country/pop style bore me to dead. I am more into the rock or urban style - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

I would no longer put Taylor in the country style any longer and believe me Nashville is glad. At last years awards a comment was made that was a goodbye to Taylor Swift from Nashville.

I understand that country pop is not for everyone. And I also know people are going to say "oh she's an obsessed fan" but she has these awards and this money for a reason. Maybe not for you, but for other girls, her music helps you cope, or maybe, it's just their opinion and they like it so they are SICK OF PEOPLE CRITICISING HER!

I hate her bruh

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15 Her vocals in live performances are awful

Her high notes are terrible, they are always too flat/sharp. she is a singer but she can't sing #nohatejustfact

Really... It is expected from a singer using autotune every time

When she sings her voice shakes and most of the time you hear just autotune. Sound of her voice is also not interesting sometimes its even annoying.

16 Everyone praises her like a queen.

I'm 13 and she's just garbage

Kids and teenagers are CRAZY about her, she can't even sing.

I agree Taylor makes songs with horrible meanings and gets praised for making up a story for why she is a victim. Adele, Little Mix, and Demi Lovato are people who can sing high notes and make good music but are underrated. It sucks knowing an artist with a voice that always stays at one note can be a popstar.

There are many talented artist out there who can actually hit high notes and sing powerfully, yet they get overrunned by constant irrelivant articles and posts about Taylor. I get it, she IS talented, but people praise her WAY too much.

17 She always plays the victim

Her exes are the ones we should feel sorry for.

18 Her songs are nothing to write home about

I have been a professional in the music industry for a very long time; from teaching music instruction to producing commercial songs for record labels. And believe me, Taylor is nothing to write home about, as well as many many other artists out on the market these days. But I still have hope that one day, an artist in our industry will reach far above and beyond the Mediocrity and become a music legend as we have had in the past.

19 She's a fake

Absolutely! I'm not sure if Taylor knows what being sincere is any longer!

20 She is a feminist

When Nicki Minaj pointed out that white singers get more credit than other races, Taylor took it personal when it wasn't even about her specifically in the first place.

Actually she is not a feminist, she is a femi-Nazi.

21 Her Music is Boring

Very Boring, this generation people don't know what good music sounds like it strong because the music industry is force-feeding this crap down our throats.

It's true, her music is vapid and dull.

I agree, her music makes me want to fall asleep- AnimeDrawer85

22 She is petty

She likes being rolled up when she doesn't even know what is being actually pretty! It's fom the soul! But nope, there she's got only envy and false accusations! She ain't pretty! Its no use 'being' pretty when she's actually a Plastic! #GoTaylorGoJoinReginaGeorge! She's completely fake n nasty! Ha! Take this woman!

23 She brainwashes little girls

She does it too much

24 She has no rear end

It just makes it even more annoying to see her and how people pump her up to be this "beautiful" girl when she turns around and there's nothing back there to appreciase but her high waisted shorts.

25 She has some sort of evil glare

The glare is just her face and she tried to be pretty and sexy but she isn't.

She has evil glare when she wants to look hot and confident but she looks mean and looks like she thinks she is better then anyone else.

26 She is a slut
27 She's the popular girl of the music industry

Everyone's her best friend and it kinda distracts people from the music. The video for Bad Blood was basically showing off how many friends she has. And when these people fall out with her, she will diss them and make everyone hate them until the end of time.

28 She gets into relationships to write songs

Into fake relationships with famous guys. Every new boyfriend is a new album. This is how it looks when you are so not interesting or talented that you have to build your career on somebody else.


She called One Direction a nobody. Gawd, I hate her. But hey, 1D is too overrated as well.

29 Sings about her exes

Most Of Her Songs Are About Her Exes. She Needs To Write Something Different

NO that is not true. You should listen to her unreleased songs

30 Too skinny

I have to admit a like her body because she is tall and skinny but not too much skinny in my opinion and you can see she works out but I still don't like her because of her personality. She is one fake person...

She is just way to skinny for her age I heard that she is like 119 when she's 5'10 even if she might be naturally thin... she's definitely trying to be skinnier then she really is. It's not that attractive to be skinny. I mean Skinnyhealthy looks fine... but skinny/unhealthy like Taylor is just unattractive.:(
I'm really not trying to be mean or anything...

31 She can't even sing

Her vocals are weak and flat.

32 Her Lyrics are Terrible

How many times has she sampled lyrics,copied concepts AND melodies from other lesser known artists without giving them any recognition? When she was younger, her music was considered pretty good for someone her age -- but now? The lyrics in every one of her songs are generic, using the same beats. She writes about one of her ex boyfriends, rhymes each verse, uses pretty imagery and there! Another award! Meanwhile, there's so many talented singers and song writers with much more talent and convey deeper messages, yet they're completely underrated. It's kind of sad that she's at the top of the social totem pole and considered a "prodigy" when really, she's just another face that uses her limited skills in lyrical composition to get fame

33 She teaches kids to be bullies

Remember the Golden Globes Tina/Amy/Michael joke? Taylor responded by using that quote about a special place in hell for women that don't support each other. (Ironically, that only seems to apply to when Tay's under attack, but not when she's doing the attacking against women.) Her psycho fans went and cyber-bullied Michael J Fox for echoing Tina and Amy's joke, mocking his illness and wishing him death, and he was forced to apologize to Taylor to get them to back off. After that, she let everyone know he had apologized to her, everything was fine now (read: you guys can back off now,) thanked the little psychos for having her back. She condoned bullying by doing that instead of telling her fans to leave MJF alone and taking the high road.

Dsiney didn't turn Taylor Swift into a monster. Tay herself did.

34 She has feuds with other celebrities
35 She Hates Ian McKellan

This might not be a very strong item but I do remember hearing somewhere about her kicking Ian Mckellan out of some hotel. More proof she's a terrible role model.

36 Her hair is yellow

How is this a reason? Just because her hair is blonde isn't a reason that she is overrated! - Minecraftcrazy530

That's a dumb reason. I mean, there is tons of black haired singers who are overrated - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Her hair is an ugly shade of ash yellow. Her haircut looks like a wig.

LOL, this reason should be N.1

37 She is unhealthy skinny

Her body type is unhealthy and unnatural. She tries to wear these little crop top thing dresses and tries to show off her so-called 'abs' because she thinks she is in fit shape, but she is not. Those 'abs' are actually just because she's so skinny, not because she works out. She probably can't even finish a Burger King kids meal or hold a baby for too long. She has no muscles whatsoever.

38 She called Jessica Alba a bad role model
39 Her songs are incredibly annoying

Like, seriously... her songs are boring, and about annoying things like boys and exes. Every single thing she sings is also incredibly annoying!

40 She is two-faced
41 She is always calculating

Ok, I'm a big fan of old taylor, the sweet, teenage/early twenties country taylor, who actually seemed to care about people. Remember when she did that 13 hour fan thing in 2011! But now? She is always CALCULATING. Taylor's mind:
"Oh, if I tell the media about how amazing my boyfriend is, everyone will say how sweet that is."
"If I change genres from country to pop, I can make even more millions."
"I should date the hottest guy on earth so the media can take more pictures and say how lucky I am. Hey, why don't we just kiss on a beach for heaps of people to see!? "

And for those of you who say her country is about too many guys; every teenager is like that. It's a phase they go through. It's normal.

42 She relies on special effects because she’s a bad performer
43 Her shows are boring without the stage effects.

She’s such a bad performer... shows are boring...

44 She has too much self-pity
45 She’s average

I think that she is good and can sing and can play the guitar. Her songs are simple perfect for days when you just don’t want to listen to anything complex. Occasionally I will listen to her. But there are plenty of musicians I rather listen to. Musicians who never even got Grammy recognition but deserve at least that. But Kate Bush still isn’t recognized for the rock n Roll Hall of Fame, which she deserves. And it took decades for sister Rosetta Tharp to be accepted ( when she was one of the founders of rock.). So this is the world we are living in.

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1. She has an annoying fanbase
2. Her songs are always the same
3. Too many boyfriends
1. She always disses her exes and dissed once critics
2. She uses a lot of autotune
3. She isn't that great of a role model


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