Reasons Why Taylor Swift Is Overrated

I don't really like Taylor Swift. Her music is fine, but I think she gets too much credit for what she really is and what she really does

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21 She is petty

She likes being rolled up when she doesn't even know what is being actually pretty! It's fom the soul! But nope, there she's got only envy and false accusations! She ain't pretty! Its no use 'being' pretty when she's actually a Plastic! #GoTaylorGoJoinReginaGeorge! She's completely fake n nasty! Ha! Take this woman!

22 Her Music is Boring

It's true, her music is vapid and dull.

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23 She has no rear end

It just makes it even more annoying to see her and how people pump her up to be this "beautiful" girl when she turns around and there's nothing back there to appreciase but her high waisted shorts.

24 She's the popular girl of the music industry

Everyone's her best friend and it kinda distracts people from the music. The video for Bad Blood was basically showing off how many friends she has. And when these people fall out with her, she will diss them and make everyone hate them until the end of time.

25 She has some sort of evil glare

The glare is just her face and she tried to be pretty and sexy but she isn't.

She has evil glare when she wants to look hot and confident but she looks mean and looks like she thinks she is better then anyone else.

26 She brainwashes little girls
27 She gets into relationships to write songs

Into fake relationships with famous guys. Every new boyfriend is a new album. This is how it looks when you are so not interesting or talented that you have to build your career on somebody else.


She called One Direction a nobody. Gawd, I hate her. But hey, 1D is too overrated as well.

28 Too skinny

I have to admit a like her body because she is tall and skinny but not too much skinny in my opinion and you can see she works out but I still don't like her because of her personality. She is one fake person...

She is just way to skinny for her age I heard that she is like 119 when she's 5'10 even if she might be naturally thin... she's definitely trying to be skinnier then she really is. It's not that attractive to be skinny. I mean Skinnyhealthy looks fine... but skinny/unhealthy like Taylor is just unattractive.:(
I'm really not trying to be mean or anything...

29 She can't even sing

Her vocals are weak and flat.

30 Her Lyrics are Terrible

How many times has she sampled lyrics,copied concepts AND melodies from other lesser known artists without giving them any recognition? When she was younger, her music was considered pretty good for someone her age -- but now? The lyrics in every one of her songs are generic, using the same beats. She writes about one of her ex boyfriends, rhymes each verse, uses pretty imagery and there! Another award! Meanwhile, there's so many talented singers and song writers with much more talent and convey deeper messages, yet they're completely underrated. It's kind of sad that she's at the top of the social totem pole and considered a "prodigy" when really, she's just another face that uses her limited skills in lyrical composition to get fame

31 She teaches kids to be bullies

Remember the Golden Globes Tina/Amy/Michael joke? Taylor responded by using that quote about a special place in hell for women that don't support each other. (Ironically, that only seems to apply to when Tay's under attack, but not when she's doing the attacking against women.) Her psycho fans went and cyber-bullied Michael J Fox for echoing Tina and Amy's joke, mocking his illness and wishing him death, and he was forced to apologize to Taylor to get them to back off. After that, she let everyone know he had apologized to her, everything was fine now (read: you guys can back off now,) thanked the little psychos for having her back. She condoned bullying by doing that instead of telling her fans to leave MJF alone and taking the high road.

Dsiney didn't turn Taylor Swift into a monster. Tay herself did.

32 She Hates Ian McKellan

This might not be a very strong item but I do remember hearing somewhere about her kicking Ian Mckellan out of some hotel. More proof she's a terrible role model.

33 She is a slut
34 Her hair is yellow

How is this a reason? Just because her hair is blonde isn't a reason that she is overrated! - Minecraftcrazy530

That's a dumb reason. I mean, there is tons of black haired singers who are overrated - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

She sucks butt loads of cock

Her hair is an ugly shade of ash yellow. Her haircut looks like a wig.

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35 Sings about her exes

Most Of Her Songs Are About Her Exes. She Needs To Write Something Different

NO that is not true. You should listen to her unreleased songs

36 She is unhealthy skinny

Her body type is unhealthy and unnatural. She tries to wear these little crop top thing dresses and tries to show off her so-called 'abs' because she thinks she is in fit shape, but she is not. Those 'abs' are actually just because she's so skinny, not because she works out. She probably can't even finish a Burger King kids meal or hold a baby for too long. She has no muscles whatsoever.

37 She has feuds with other celebrities
38 She called Jessica Alba a bad role model
39 Her songs are incredibly annoying

Like, seriously... her songs are boring, and about annoying things like boys and exes. Every single thing she sings is also incredibly annoying!

40 She is two-faced
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1. She has an annoying fanbase
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3. Too many boyfriends
1. She always disses her exes and dissed once critics
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