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1 The songs are lame

That's not true. I thought they were better than the ones in the first movie. I'm surprised I'm defending this movie because I hated the first one. I actually don't really mind this movie that much.

I literally thought "Gotta be me" sounded like "I gotta pee, gotta pee, g-gotta be me" I hate Disney songs. - TeenTitansGoSucks

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2 The characters aren't likeable

That's pretty accurate. The only characters I really liked in this movie were the four main characters. Tanner has some great moments in this film and is just so adorably clueless. He is so loyal and always willing to put others before himself and I think he had the most character development out of everyone since in the first movie he is seen as a self obsessed moron. I loved how Lela decided that she was done being some damsel in distress and she went into Mack's world to follow her heart. I did think it was pretty selfish of her at the end to change the movie to make it all about her. I thought Mack was ok in this one, but she was kind of bland for a main character. We already solved her problem in the first movie. She was the only thing I really liked about the first one though. I didn't care too much for Brady in this one. He just seemed like a whiny dbag. Why did he even need to keep his hobby a secret from Mack anyway? Doesn't he remember that her grandfather did the same thing ...more

I'm surprised you watched this. I ain't wasting my time - Ihateelsa

3 It is worse than Teen Beach Movie

I actually liked this one better than the first one. I hated the first movie so much and was surprised that I actually didn't mind this one that much. It seemed like they had fixed everything wrong with the first one. The story is more original, the characters are better, and the songs don't suck. Sure, it's not as good as The Lion King or Aladdin, not even close, but it sure isn't as bad as Teen Beach Movie or High School Musical. I think the only people who say it's not as good as the first one are butt hurt 10 year olds who actually liked the first one and were disappointed over the ending.

Oh no! There's a movie worse than the first one? We are all doomed! - AnonymousChick

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4 Disney is about magic, not about teenagers singing

Ya its not about dancing I wish the villans destroyed all of the charecters in teen beach 2 and movie

5 It is one of the worst Disney movies of all time
6 It is another downfall of Disney
7 Bad plot

Not true. The plot was more original and had more original material. Unlike the first movie which ripped off some movies that actually don't suck.

8 Mack and Brady Forget Everything That's Happened In Teen Beach Movie and Teen Beach 2

I literally cried when I saw the end I spent 2 years with this movie and then they just forgot the whole thing that made me really upset like maybe at the end they should've been like oh I remember or something

9 It isn't funny

It wasn't really supposed to be funny. And yes, almost all of their attempts to make you laugh failed, but I loved Tanner in this and he had me laughing throughout the film.

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10 Mack and Brady Told Lela and Tanner That They Are Just Made Up Characters

Well they were running out of options. That was the only way they could get them to return home so that they wouldn't die.

Now that's just cruel of them. Rubbish movie, horrible message.

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1. The songs are lame
2. The characters aren't likeable
3. It is worse than Teen Beach Movie
1. The songs are lame
2. It is worse than Teen Beach Movie
3. The characters aren't likeable



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