Top Ten Reasons Why Teen Titans Go Is Better Than South Park

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1 Teen Titans Go is funny and South Park isn't

I was want from EpicJake but no this is all wrong.

WHO CREATED THIS LIST THAT CONTAINS LIES? Teen Titans Go isn't even funny. How old is the person who made this list? - EpicJake

This is the best show I have ever seen. No other show compares to how witty and funny it is. I'm not a troll either. This show is literally the best I have ever seen or am allowed to see.

All I can say is... THE CREATOR OF THIS LIST IS EIGHT... ya know what this is pointless the world is filled with stupid people

2 The characters in South Park are mean and the characters in Teen Titans Go are nice

The characters in teen titans go shouldn't even be called characters! They do nothing except make stupid jokes that no one except the Kid who made this list finds funny! If this show actually has a fan base it definitely would be filled with a bunch of little kids who know nothing about what good T.V. is. Maybe South Park lost its edge but it will never be as bad as this crap

This is a joke right? The characters in TTG aren't nice at all! Remember the episode "Boys vs Girls" the males and the females were arguing which is better, boys or girls? Arguing isn't nice. In fact, the Titans aren't nice to each other in almost every episode! - EpicJake

So true! The characters in South Park are so mean. And the ones in TTG are much more entertaining and nice to each other

3 Cyborg is awesome and Cartman isn't

Really? Another comparison? Did a 5 year old create this list? - EpicJake

Cartman is one of the most dispicable characters I have ever seen. Cyborg is awesome.

4 Robin is hot and Kyle Isn't

And? How does that matter? It's a cartoon not porn - RockStarr

I think Kyle's red, afro hair is so much hotter than Robin's dumb spiky hair. Go, Kyle! - Popsicles

Robin doesn't have a nice butt though.

Kyle is awesome while Robin is not.

5 South Park is for old people

The people who made the show literally said it was for stupid people and it was stupid. I'm not even joking... - Garythesnail

NEWSFLASH: Teen Titans Go! Is for STUPID people. Also, I'm almost 12 and I've been watching South Park ever since the beginning of 2015! - EpicJake

Teen Titans Go is for bratty babies. - Popsicles

And people with no taste. Like South Park is pretty bad

6 Raven is epic and Kenny isn't

Uhhh... the SP hater who made this needs to grow up and leave this site because he or she is everywhere I go.

They both always have their hoods on. So what makes Raven epic? No evidence. - EpicJake

She is so epic

7 South Park has Better Episodes

Finally, a point that actually makes sense. South Park for the win, Teen Titans Go! can die in a hole for all I care.

Lol I added my own suck on that creator of the list! - MJfan119

Holy cow I would agree with this. THIS LIST IS BALONEY!

South Parks episodes are disgusting.

8 Beast Boy is cool and Stan isn't

Beast Boy is awful in almost every way. He's annoying, retarted, and best of all a complete joke. - Chaotixhero

Is cool the only thing you can come up with? - EpicJake

Yes! Stan from Gravity falls is fantastic

You Mean Stan from Gravity Falls - BorisRule

9 Teen Titans Go has good jokes and South Park doesn't

This kid has never seen an episode of South Park. Besides, he's probably a dumb 8 year old that isn't smart enough to understand the jokes.

Oh, so the fool who added this likes potty jokes?

True that. South Park is just appalling

They both use toilet humor, but South Park makes it funny somehow. TTG does not. - Popsicles

10 Teen Titans Go is for kids and South Park isn't

South Park is for immature adults.

Why does it matter? Like I said, did a 5 year old create this list? - EpicJake

These reasons though... I don't like either show, but South Park is at least decent. TTG is just another awful show that could likely only amuse a 7 year old. - Garythesnail

South Park is pretty degrading and has a pretty low disgusting form of comedy

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11 Teen Titans Go hasn't been serialized
12 More kids watch Teen Titans Go!

Well, guess what? South Park isn't even meant for kids! So this item, is invalid. - EpicJake

South Park isn't for kids anyway. I was 14 years old before my mom let me watch Family guy. - MJfan119

And a healthy dose of adults too

13 No coarse language


14 Teen Titans Go! is a nursery rhyme. South Park is an adult cartoon.
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