Reasons Why Teen Titans Go is Hated

A lot on people hates teen titans go in social media so i made this list as my observation in the people who hate teen titans go (i neither love it or nor hate teen titans go )

The Top Ten

1 It Ruined the Original Teen Titans

I agree. I think the original was better.

2 The Episodes Don't Make Sense

Yeah, I agree. And the episodes and characters are extremely annoying. - funnyuser

3 The Characters are Ruined

Especially for their art styles. - DynastiNoble

4 It's Not Funny
5 The Characters are Unlikable

Maybe especially Robin and Raven. Idiots much?

Espescially Robin and Beast Boy - TwilightKitsune

6 Best Boy is Annoying
7 Cyborg and Beastare Terrible
8 It Ruined Raven

! I totally did!

9 It's Boring
10 They Mock the Original

The Contenders

11 Nostalgia
12 Robin is a Bitch
13 It Has Awful Animation
14 It's Not a Action Show
15 It's Nothing Like the Original
16 It's Annoying
17 Few Good Episodes
18 It Ruined Terra
19 It Ruined Media
20 The Characters Act Dumb
21 Robin is a Bully
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