Top 10 Reasons Why the Teen Titans Go! Movie Shouldn't Be in Theaters

The fact that this movie is going to be in theaters insults me. Here's ten reasons why it shouldn't be in theaters. If I missed a reason feel free to add it.

The Top Ten

1 It's a waste of money

Why would anyone want to spend on money on this movie? When they can watch the upcoming TJM for free on cable or any other cartoon movie on table that'll probably be a lot better.

2 It proves to show how unoriginal Cartoon Network has gotten

At this rate they might as well make a PP Girls (2016) movie or a Clarence movie if they think this would be something good to see in theaters.

3 There's no point in seeing in it in theaters

Especially considering how Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokoyo was on cable and proved to be a lot better. Seeing it in theaters will generally be a waste.

4 It has no passion in it at all

There's no passion behind something so godawful as this. Yes money is a key factor in a successful movie but you also have to a passion for it as well for it to be successful.

5 It'll most likely be a finacial failure

Reviewers are lovin' it! Booyahschdoo!

It will open at #15. - Trollsfan536

If it does become a financial failure, it better open Christina Miller's eyes that TTG shouldn't be Cartoon Network's to-go-to cash grab anymore. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Most cartoon movies do better on T.V. than in theaters. With this terrible movie it would probably be a failure just by a week in. A good example of a finacial failure cartoon movie is the Hey Arnold movie. A movie that should've just been on Nickelodeon but wasn't and ended up failing fianacially.

6 It was a terrible thing to green light to begin with

Adventure Time was planned to have a movie? - Gehenna

The fact that the Adventure Time movie was cancelled for this garbage... really is insulting.

7 Most people probably won't see it in theaters

I will! This list is stoopid.

There is the fact that lots of kids will probably want to go see the movie against their parents' will. So it's easy to see why this will turn out to be like The Emoji Movie. Nothing but a soulless cash grab that panders to the lowest demographic, yet makes cheap money off of unsuspecting children. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yet again what sane person would.

8 It'll badly affect Cartoon Network's reputation

Which is already not good to begin with.

It's true. 100% of the viewers criticized poor CN after getting blackmailed by TTG into thinking our beloved cartoon channel was a cash-grab.

(Captain Ahab mode) Oh, that TTG! That "Heil Hitler" of the cartoon universe! I'm going to kill that ungodly thing so bad!

9 Most people will probably see a better cartoon movie on cable

Remember the downfall of 2D Animation? - Maddox121

Not only would it save money for those people it would also be a better decision in general.

10 Lil Yachty is in it

The Contenders

11 Teen Titans Go! is already poorly received as it is so why make a film in theaters about it?

So why continue to air it in the first place?

Even Nickelodeon knows that a poorly received show shouldn't have a movie. - Gehenna

It's gotten lots of negative reviews and hate spread towards it, yet will still get a theaterical film. At least with Planet Sheen, Nickelodeon didn't decide to make a movie about something that was poorly received and bombed miserably.

12 Parents will complain
13 It's a movie to end all superhero movies
14 They mock Jewish people
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