Reasons Why Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is Bad

I was in disbelief when this movie got a "Certified Fresh" on Rotten Tomatoes. I finally got around to watching it and it was the stupidest movie I've ever seen. Here's why the TTG movie is one of the worst animated movies of all time.
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It fails at comedy

I don't remember a single joke in it aside from a poop joke that got stretched out for way too long. Every other joke is incredibly predictable, just like the plot

The only joke that made me smirk even slightly was when Slade shamed the audience for not turning off their cell phones. Other than that, I didn't laugh at anything. The rest of the jokes are either too juvenile, too confusing, or make no sense whatsoever. Some of them also drag on for way too long such as the balloon fart joke or "saying Slade dramatically" joke (which they thought was so hilarious they did it over and over again). There were also plenty of jokes that had the potential to be funny. For example, in the trailer, there was that one joke where they kept trying to get rid of Batman and he kept saying the names of his movies. However, in the movie he doesn't say anything so the comedy is lost. And speaking of Batman, you have Will Arnett in your cast and you don't let him voice Batman?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!

Dang, I honestly thought Teen Titans Go! To the Movies wouldn't be that bad a movie, but while I still have yet to watch it and I don't want to jump on any bandwagon, I have to say you did a pretty good job explaining why you didn't like the Teen Titans Go! movie.

We get it this movie is crap, it's time to stop giving this pile of garbage any more attention

The characters are unlikeable

Even if I had never seen TTG the show before, I still would hate these characters. Robin is an egocentric a-hole who wants a movie even though he's done nothing to deserve one. Meanwhile, the rest of the Titans are immature and do nothing but annoy the crap out of the other superheroes while at the same time ruining Robin's career.

Yeah I agree I hate the teen titans so much the original was so much better why did they had to cancel it why and the Teen Titans Go movie sucks and I'm not going to see it and I got 3 more words for this movie...worst movie EVER

I prefer the old teen titans better, because the morden characters are unlikeable

It's quite a given

It's lazy

This film uses all the cliches in the book and then it has the audacity to have a plot twist and act as if it's a big reveal that nobody expected. I already knew that producer girl was going to be Slade from the beginning, she's a Scooby Doo villain

The animation is literally the same as the show's animation. At least the My Little Pony Movie changed up the animation style a bit to make it look more appealing in theaters. This just looks like a made-for-T.V. movie. But not only does it have lazy visuals, but lazy writing as well. There's a scene that introduces Raven's power of making portals very poorly in which she precisely states what she can do and then does it. It's show don't tell, not show and tell (sorry for the Mr. Enter quote).

Another thing about Raven’s portal ability, there are multiple times in the movie when she could’ve used it but didn’t.

Even The Animation Was Done By A Group Of Filipino Sweatshop Flash Animators!

Some scenes add nothing to the story

The time traveling scene is the biggest example. It's completely pointless. It should have been cut out of the movie altogether. It doesn't tell any good jokes, it doesn't move the plot along, it doesn't even remotely change anything in the long run. Literally, the Titans just go back in time, stop superheroes from existing, go forward in time and realize their mistake, and then go back and fix everything immediately. I'm pretty sure they only put that scene in because they were struggling to make the movie last more than an hour.

Or more bluntly: filler. Some writing teams will abuse filler to death.

This movie could’ve easily been an hour long T.V. movie.

The songs are cringeworthy

Especially the rap at the beginning. This movie tries way too hard to be "hip" and "cool" with today's youth. And also, the reprise of this song is literally just the exact same song sung again. A reprise is supposed to be a shorter version of an original song that either A. repeats the chorus or climax of the song or B. adds new lyrics. It is not just singing the whole song again. The rest of the songs aren't much better. While I admit they sound decent, their lyrics are horribly cliche.

Again, I haven't seen the movie yet, but that song where that tiger was singing "upbeat" in a trippy fashion honestly confused me. Literally the only good thing that came out of the song was when the Titans ran over the tiger singing the song.

Couldn't they have something decent for once in it's damn life?! How about "We Built This City" by "Starship? " It would be a better song to use. - Gehenna

Of course with a movie trying to be as hip as this one they're going to force in at least one musical number.

The messages are confused

This movie seems to be under the delusion that if you're a superhero who makes jokes, you can't call yourself a real hero. Well, I guess that means Deadpool's not a real hero because he makes jokes. And I suppose the Guardians of the Galaxy aren't real heroes because they make jokes. No, people don't hate the Teen Titans because they make jokes. They hate the Titans because they're bad at making jokes. And then there's the part where Robin isn't allowed to have his own movie because he's a "sidekick." First of all, Alfred is technically a sidekick and they gave him his own movie. Secondly, I thought Robin didn't deserve a movie because he was a joke? Now you're saying he doesn't deserve it because he's a sidekick. You need to pick one outlook and stick with it!

It has a low opinion of kids

It thinks the only way to entertain them is to have toilet humor and obnoxious sound effects. Also, this movie seems to believe that kids are too stupid to follow a plotline so it has to constantly restate what's going on, even if to kids it's incredibly obvious.

Aha's Take On Me is the only good song on the soundtrack

Too bad they used it during the most pointless scene in the movie. In fact, maybe the scene exists because they wanted to pad out the soundtrack.

The rest of the soundtrack however stinks. But I'm very shocked and surprised that such a good song was used for a crappy ass movie. - Gehenna

To be honest, Take On Me should have been used in 40% 40% 20%. (Whatever that episode is about) - Gehenna

I find it surprising that something I submitted got this high. O.O - Gehenna

It doesn't make sense logically

Not only is the time traveling scene pointless, but it fails in the logic department. If they went back in time and got rid of Batman, that means Robin shouldn't exist. Or at the very least, he shouldn't be a superhero. And if that's the case, the Teen Titans shouldn't exist. Honestly, if that was the plot of the movie, it would have been a million times better.

Cartoon logic: never existing since god knows when

It keeps referencing better movies and TV shows

Referencing something older than you doesn't automatically make you cool. You have to put some real thought into how to make it work.

Like the Lion King, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Animaniacs.

Nobody asked for these references

It doesn’t even do anything clever with these references. It just acknowledges their existence.

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Slade used an obvious fake name

it was so obvious how did

They made fun of Stan Lee

Stan Lee is dead, and this how they honor him?! I know that this movie was created before he died, but this is not how you treat Stan Lee!

They did that guy dirty. May be rest in peace

Well this movie was before he passed away but seriously that’s definitely not nice to make of him.

It contains bulling!

The short that played with it was boring and lazy

Even though I consider it to be the best part of the movie, that DC SuperGirls short was incredibly lame. As bad as the Emoji Movie was, it at least had an entertaining short that played beforehand (which was the only thing I laughed at throughout the entire thing). This...this is just stupid. There's nothing of substance here. It's just Batgirl waiting for her father to go to sleep so she can go fight crime with the other superheroines. And in the end, we don't even see them fight because I guess they don't have the budget to animate real action. Also, Wonder Woman introduced the other SuperGirls in the laziest way possible. Why do you even need to introduce the other girls? They do literally nothing in this short. The worst part? This was directed by Lauren Faust. Smh.

It has a poor understanding of superheroes

For a movie that's all about superheroes, it doesn't know a lot about them. I can go on and on about how little this movie understands its own universe, but I'll just give two examples here. Number 1: According to Slade, villains are supposed to get away in superhero movies so the hero can keep fighting them. When in reality, most villains in superhero movies die in the end. The villain escaping over and over again is usually reserved for television shows, not movies. Number 2: Slade says the Justice League can't save anyone if their phones are turned off. Uh, you do know that most superheroes have a signal that lets people call them when they are needed from anywhere, right? They don't usually call them on their phones when they need help. Seriously, how is it that the girl who has never read a DC comic in her life knows more about superheroes than this movie claiming to be about superheroes?

It depends solely on self-referential humor
Slade is the only good character
Supergirl was wearing plastic man as a dress
Not enough attention given to the Titans aside from Robin

I felt trolled with the story not being aimed much at TT or TTG fans rather than superhero movies.

Inappropriate jokes
They butchered the character ships
Robin killing batman's parents


The fart joke
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