Top 10 Reasons Why Teen Titans Go! Should Get Cancelled

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21 The Titans act like idiots

There was one episode where Beast Boy was trying to get the other Titans to eat vegetables. In the beginning they clearly knew what each vegetable was, but later they were acting like they didn't know anything about vegetables. Oh my god!

I know right! Can't they like just make a season 6 of the old show?

I oughta strangle them all and punch them senseless

THERE TEENAGERS FOR FUDGE SAKES! MAN! It's like they NEVER went to school as preschoolers
They don't know anything about history
They call every single vegetable a CARROT!
They think rain is just a sad clouds tears when Raven's hypothesis was correct
Robin wants the titans to be happy and healthy but yet in Think About Your Future HE ACTS LAZY,STUIPID
phew...sorry about the yelling...but come on titans aleast learn from your haters and try to make your show better or GET THE FUDGE OUTTA HERE!

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22 Not funny at all

I don't understand how saying waffles over and over again is funny? They basically shove it in your face, "guys. Check out how funny it is when ripoff Cyborg and ripoff Beast Boy sing about waffles. God, I was laughing forever when they were being severely torture and yelling waffles." Shows like Steven Universe has so many good morals and it is silly, but it manages to be serious. Why couldn't Teen Titans Go! Do that? That's also kind of what the original had done, and I remeber watching the creators say one had never watched the show and the other had watched like two episodes. If you're going to make a show based off comics and original shows, watch the shows and read the comics.

I'm sorry, Titans, Robin, just idiotic and paranoid, those kind of people don't make good jokes, Starfire, again, idiotic, and she isn't funny, she is weird. Cyborg and Beast Boy, saying WAFFLES in a song and all day is not funny. And Raven? Comedy isn't her thing. At least she knows that.

Humor is something that makes you laugh your gut out and make you happy. All this show does in terms of "humor" is give you a migraine and make you want to hunt down the people who worked on this show and play the waffle song over and over and over again with them strapped to a chair

The "humour" is stupid and the characters are annoying!

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23 Starfire always puts "The" in front of everything she says

Seriously. At least make her know English. This make the show even more stupid. A baby can speak better than her. In the old one she was a really smart (I mean she came from another language so yeah) pretty and super kind. And I thought Tamaranians could learn any language through lip contact so she should know English well. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO STARFIRE STUPID TTG!?

Why?!? WHY Cartoon Network?!?!? Starfire was actually good at speaking English, the only problem she had was she had trouble with speaking in our way of English, instead of saying "Or braid each other's hair" she would say "or perform braiding maneuvers upon each other's hair" Now Starfire just puts "the" in front of every thing she says. WHICH IS STUPID! I swear the ugly tree made her stupid as well!

Starfire is always the biggest idiot

Hi, The I am is the Starfire. The I is in the group called The teen titans. The leader the Robin has a the big crush on me and is the kind of the weird. The I'm always the loves the Silkie. The Silkie is the my best of the friend that the I ever the had. The goodbye too the all and don't watch the all day the marathon. See what I did there.

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24 Insulted Christmas

Watch the True Meaning of Christmas you will see how they insulted it in the show

The "moral" is:

Don't give anybody presents and instead keep it all for yourself


Christmas is about getting together and giving. Not getting presents

The "moral'' isn't but should be:

Give presents to your fellow family members and friends. - sound4mercury

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25 They try to be cool but fail

Being "hip" and "edgy" doesn't make a show better, that's trying too hard to appeal to demographics. SpongeBob didn't do that, and SpongeBob became a hit for being itself.

I am gonna report to the creators for ruining these characters, then they are going to pay why they make this extremely horrible show.

I really hope the creators see these comments and if they do they should punch themselves.

Teen Titans Go also failed to save Cartoon Network

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26 Bad theme song

The original theme song for Teen Titans was actually pretty catchy and showing the characters was pretty cool for the original, but now we get a short fast pace awful theme song... Can we please cancel this show and do it over?

The first one was better but all they did was edit it and add a different beat so what's the big deal

It sounds like a song editor did it with Justin Bieber's music

It sounds like Uncle Grandpa with the Teen Titans singing a really bad song!

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27 The fact the creators never saw the original

In an interview, the creators said that they have never seen the show. It's very obvious since all the changes are visible. They said something about making it "child friendly", but it already was! It told lessons and was realistic. But now, the lessons are books can be dangerous (Yes, make kids dumber by removing their reading) or decisions are hard to make, so listen to fortune cookies.

Beast boy liked Terra in teen titans but in teen titans go he likes Terra and Raven he is supposed to only like Terra and Terra is a "bad guy" for some reason she never did anything wrong in teen titans to be a bad guy so that is why teen titans go sucks and they should bring back teen titans

I know Control Freak was the reason why the original series was cancelled, But it's Entirely his Fault, So he made a Mistake, but he admitted his mistake! And That's the First Step to Canceling Teen Titans Got

Ok that is bogus... how could they not have seen the original if the original animation is featured in like 45% of the TTG episodes? :/ - girlynerd21

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28 Boring

Yes It Is Boring And Also Annoying.

The show is extremely reparative out of all the episodes they only play one episode over and over

It's the only thing on. Please send help before my eyes, and ears, bleed.

In one punch steven universe has more action than all the teen titans go seasons combined

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29 Teen Titans Go is a Mockery to the Original Teen Titans!

The cliche characters *sigh* ugh where do I even begin? The tropes the plot lines the stupid humor! I don't even know what to say I saw a chibi trailer before this show came out and it looked like a fun I saw it as a cutesy little remake basically the same as the old series but cartoon! No I was wrong so wrong just ok listen up people! I was born the same year the original series came out and my mom played it while I drifted off to sleep or ate so I've watched this since I was an infant! (Granted I had to re watch the episodes when I was older) but seriously! the creators haven't even really SEEN the old show! and Terra just TERRA! Teen tians go! WHY? Terra my first favorite character but nope IN HERE SHE'S STRAIGHT UP EVIL Like what the hell? Raven my second favorite I'm offended cause I loved her AND I'm a pegasister! Like I know Terra strong is in Mlp as twilight sparkle but no need to make a cheap knock off for raven to be a fan of!And Starfire in the original show she knew enough ...more

They're making "Justice League Action" And I'm just sitting here thinking "please don't suck! " Then again Ben Affleck did good as Batman, so, you know.

This one should be way, WAY, higher on the list,
Their not heroes, they are just lousy brats now.

Not only is TTG an insult to the original Teen Titans, it's an insult to animation, an insult to comedy, and huge insult to the DC Nation in general! If I was Animat, I would give this show a 1/10, and give it "the Animat Seal of Garbage."

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30 Teaches kids to become brats and throw tantrums

And don't forget that it also teaches kids to be dumb and lazy. There was that episode that said that books were evil? And that one that said if you're smart nobody will like you because you'll be a downer? Lovely. What is this show trying to do? Not to mention the episode where the couch spirit spoke to Robin and told him to relax/be lazy. Oh, I almost forgot, do you guys remember the episode where it emphasized that T.V. was good? And without it, your brain would rot? There was also another episode that said that hobbies were bad. Beast Boy took up gardening and a tree grew out of his mind because his brain was trying to escape? Wow. This show also beats up bad guys that are trying to do something good 'cause they want to change. I'm all for deserved justice. But in quite a few episodes, a bad guy decides to change, then they all violently beat him up. Real nice lessons you're teaching kids, people.

This show shouldn't have their target audience for children, it shouldn't be directed towards anyone for that matter. I've seen the impact that it's had on kids, on my own family members. My little cousin thought that it was okay for her to look through my journal while I wasn't looking (she left TONS of evidence behind her so I knew right away). When I asked her why she did that, and why she thought it was okay, she said "Well Robin from TTG was looking through Starfire's journal so why can't I! ". Since, TTG also taught her that it was okay to whine when things don't go her way, she started screaming, crying, and throwing a tantrum. But then somehow I get in trouble by her mother. This isn't the first time and it certainly wasn't the last. Another, (younger) family member of mine thought it was okay to yell "There's free kittens in the parking lot! ", which lead us to being escorted out of the county fair due to the works of CN and TTG.

Last summer, my cousin was splashing at everyone a lot in the pool during my dad's birthday party, we told him to stop many times but he didn't. I might believe it was from the Titans

My sister once went to a school and the kids were brats. One of them said a joke from this show, and now I know where it came from!

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31 Bad animations

This is on the list three times - Gruunge

The Original Teen Titans had the Best animations Teen Titans Go... Is another

32 Dumb titles

What if robin got aids from a monkey and it turned out to be beast boy as a monkey and they called it beast aids

There was a episode call "caramel apples" and it showed nothing about caramel nor apples!

One episode is called dog hand. Really?

They had an episode called Breakfast Cheese. Only mentioned at the end...adding nothing to the story. - Tacocheese

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33 The theme song is ruined

In the original show, the song was preformed by Ami and Yumi (Who also had a show at the time) and was sung rather well. Another great thing about the original theme was that Ami and Yumi were fluent in English. (In my opinion being bilingual is quite impressive. I am trying learn Japanese, and I look up to those who are fluent in more than one language. :3) The composition of the song was great as well. The guitar work was also amazing. So instead of using a song that has become a timeless classic among fans, they use a poorly made electronic/dubstep remix. I'm not saying I hate electronic/dubstep/techno, it can be done rather well actually, like in Mata Nui Online Game. But with the TTG theme it sounds like was slapped together. I assume they did this because they did not want to do legal negotiations with Ami and Yumi about the song.
Just another sign that they simply don't care about Teen Titans anymore. On the subject of this remix, I believe they chose dub step because it is ...more

I love the first one, It was catchy and I love Ami and Yumi's singing In It. And the one from Teen Titans No-sorry, Teen Titans Go was ridiculous - MLPFan

Don't trust this show! They shortened the theme song!

It's 30 seconds of TOO MUCH NEON - mayamanga

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34 Cyborg never stops yelling

I'm surprised this wasn't said yet. Cyborg used to be this badass character and now he's this ass with jokes and literally no personality other than "Yell words because it's funny".

Could someone make him shut up he was the strong silent type in the original series now he is a loud ass prick who never shuts his ass hole.

Cyborg and everyone else for that matter

I wanna put tape on his mouth, along with the others.

At least Raven shuts up most the time. - mattstat716

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35 The plots are bad

There's an episode where they all try to break into Hive Tower, but end up loving it there. The Hive then blow up their own base.There's another episode where Cyborg is a afraid of the dark because of some stupid childhood dare, and the Titans throw a slumber party to help Cyborg get over it.There's another episode where they play dodgeball, and the guys say the girls can't play dodgeball, because they're girls, and they should do cheerleading instead (the worst part is, they cheered for Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy with the tune to the original opening! )But here's the worst part: They turned Robin from a funny-yet-badass character into a complete joke, thanks to the dumb plots. Screw everything about this show. - JozzoRobber

This Show Is Almost The Exact Opposite Of A Superhero Show! Because Most Of The Time It Relies On Comedy And Stupidness.

They try to make the show a sitcom and not an actual superhero show

There is no plot! We should go to war against TTG! World War 3,TTG haters vs TTG!

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36 Crappy episodes
37 Robin is a pain to everyone
38 Cartoon Network renamed New Thursday's "New Titans Thursday"

If it changes to cartoon titans go network, I'm either changing the channel or watching adults swim literally...

Renaming new Thursday to new titans Thursday is far enough they love this hunk of garbage more than the other amazing shows they have. they need to cancel this show before they can go too far and rename the channel to cartoon titans go network

New Titans Thursday turned the day we watch great shows like Regular Show and Steven Universe into the biggest crap ever made.

Oh god, it's infecting! Quick, other me, grab the flamethrower!
*Burning of anything with the word "Titans" on it* - mattstat716

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39 It is overplayed

Its way too overplayed! Every day its some stupid teen titans go show.

It takes up to much time for much better shows like steven universe...

Toddler Titans GO TO HELL! You don't deserve this! In fact, YOU SHOULDN'T EXIST AT ALL!


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40 They say the bathroom is a magical place

Bathroom jokes?! LAME! I can't believe I'm saying this but, TTG should be immediately cancelled! I don't know why the Titans are saying the bathroom is magic. It's just very very damn stupid. F all the writers for doing this rubbish. Very soon, when we kill the Titans, they'll wish they were never born. Who agrees with me?

It's not funny if you don't understand it. Even jokes need to have some sense of reality. - alphadan12

Don't get me started on this...

The Bathroom is NOT a Magical Place! End of Story.

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