Top 10 Reasons Why Teen Titans Go! Should Get Cancelled

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41 They say the bathroom is a magical place

Bathroom jokes?! LAME! I can't believe I'm saying this but, TTG should be immediately cancelled! I don't know why the Titans are saying the bathroom is magic. It's just very very damn stupid. F all the writers for doing this rubbish. Very soon, when we kill the Titans, they'll wish they were never born. Who agrees with me?

It's not funny if you don't understand it. Even jokes need to have some sense of reality. - alphadan12

Don't get me started on this...

Toilet jokes - MLPFan

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42 The characters show no respect toward anyone

Old teen titans was better now days the character's are dumb first robin was the voice of leadership and a great leader he's all so nice and caring nowadays he's a jerkass who boss people around and a control freak starfire is now an idiot who wants a married a chilli cyborg was so smart and funny at same time now he's a dumb lazy jackass and beastboy is the same too but don't mind him being a laughingstock raven is still the same character but my little pony really these show needs to be burned to death

Who even made that episode?

I cannot belive they call us creeps when were watchng everything they do.

Me too. They are not one to accuse their viewers and critics of doing something awful when they have a VERY long list of misdeeds, including ruining Christmas, attacking innocent civilians, breaking and entering, causing apocalyptic futures, and even MURDER. - alphadan12

The Titans are creeps! 😠

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43 All of the episodes are about food

One time, there was an episode about Robin's missing oh so "sacred" sandwich. And he constantly blames his friends and his future self. Really, Cartoon Network? - MLPFan

If it's all about food, then it will convince children to continuously eat to much and become obsessed with food and you get the idea...

Well not all of them, 20% of them are about stupid stuff

No it's not! I saw the drivers Ed episode and it isn't about food! Also I hate teen titans go!

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44 The characters are unlikable

These guys are supposed to be SUPERHEROES, yet they've done things that were incredibly selfish and stupid. For example, in "Staring At The Future", Cyborg and Beast Boy ruined their friend's futures for the sake of avoiding responsibility. This results in them creating an even WORSE future for not just them, but the entire WORLD. - alphadan12

Robin's a psychopathic jerk, Raven's a sadistic creep, Beast Boy's a lazy idiot, Starfire's a brainless dope, and Cyborg's a stereotypical frat boy. Yep, they pretty much are the worst.

And to make matters worse, the audience is supposed to root for them no matter WHAT they do. - alphadan12

45 It only appeals to 8 year old boys

Shut up kid. Go play on your iPhone that every child of all age has now a days because that is just stupid how every little kid gets a phone.

I don't have an iPhone. It's too pricy. And my phone only cost me around 3.000.000 rupiahs (and that's quite cheap for a new phone) - MLPFan

Wow, chill out guys, this is not sexist. Also, 8 year old guy who hates us, your too young to be on this site. No offense.

When you look at Teen Titans go it is like for babies

The show's target demographic isn't the problem. If they want to make a kids show, that's fine. - alphadan12

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46 No point

The point is to earn Cartoon Network a few measly couple of bucks.

This show is okay but jot nearly as good as thenawesome original! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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47 It inspired new stupid, random cartoons on CN

Uncle Grandpa is retarded but they TRY to make it funny. Teen Titans Go? Just a bunch of toilet humor


Yes shows like regular show, uncle grandpa and Steven.universe should bevelled in butter anddestroyed they are terribleshows

2 Timothy 3:16 says... All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.

Teen Titans Go! IS Stupid, but not the Ben 10 Reboot.

It's Awesome!

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48 The Return Of Slade

A week or two before this episode aired, I was talking to my little brother about how they didn't include Slade, who is the best villain in the series. I saw the title and was so excited. While I was watching it, I thought about murdering something. I was so mad

Why would they just put that title if it was all about God damn clowns?! This show has to die

It's basically a Trojan horse and a high ratings trap.

I Agree Completely! Control Freak has Tricked the Fans into thinking that Slade was coming back.

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49 It insults children's intelligence

This show is going rot kid's brains, making them think violence and farting is the base of all comedy. My try to prevent my little brother from watching this garbage.

There's a song in this show and It says 'Look at dem legs' and shows them kissing their legs(previously arm muscles). And It was gross on my opinion *Shivers* - MLPFan

Proverbs 1:7 says... The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge;
fools despise wisdom and instruction.

As Gadget Boy said... "Knowledge is Power! "

50 Cartoon Network is obsessed with it and is really milking it

Seriously, would it kill them to put something else on the air that isn't Teen Titans Go? I've actually stopped watching the channel because this show was dominating the majority of the airtime. It honestly feels like Cartoon Network is developing a cult of personality around this waste of a show!

I agree I never see a new gumball episode it's just teen titans go again and again

They could at least make this show off air and go back to the original or at least we vote for it to come off air

I am so lucky they only air it two or three times a day. Five times max. No more than 2 hours. - njalabi63989

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51 One episode of this show ruined waffles for everyone

James 1:5 says, If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.

Ttg shouldn't Ruin Breakfast.

52 It is confusing

It's confusing how anyone can get enjoyment out of it.

I did not understand one thing about it

They "love" it so much and why? Cartoon Network makes you love it. Even if someone did like it, it's ruined because every time I turn on my T.V. guess what? Teen Titans No.

What I find confusing is why kids love it so much.

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53 It is offensive to people who have cats

I have a cat too and I am offended By this show

I have a cat as well and I hate this show.

I am a cat and I am very offended by the episode Cat Fancy.

I Hate Cats!

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54 Toxic fanbase

This show has an actual fandom? It must consist of like, toddlers, or something.

It's almost as bad as the sonic fan base

Yes most fans are jerks to haters

Like the writers, the defenders of the show don't understand criticism either; just look at the Teen Titans Go! Wikia's discussion pages and you'll see what I'm talking about. Like the writers, most of their arguments against the TTG haters are STRAWMAN arguments. - alphadan12

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55 The characters making sense are shown as the antagonists

No, Control freak made the teen Titans look like the Bad Guys. Which must Mean that... he was the evil mastermind behind teen titans go all along... Wow!

A good reason to put them on the USS Enterprise and give them redshirts, so we have something that people will want to watch

Yet in normal eyes, the Titans are the real antagonists.

You no what CN, how about making a show about the hive, slade, and all that. I'd imagine it would be WAY Vetter than what you always shove in our faces.

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56 It is inappropriate

Where do I even start? First of all, the boys always shake their butts up and down, left and right to impress Starfire and Raven. And in Leg Day, the titans start kissing and licking their legs! Should 6 to 9 year olds be watching this?! I didn't think so ethier. Second of all, A HUGE REASON, is that its extremely violent. Robin is always beating up his TEAMMATES, mostly Beast Boy ( such as punching them in the face, poking their eyeballs out, and whacking them in the head with his stupid STAFF.) And get this! The creators made the titans do this to be HUMOROUS. That is not funny! Its inappropriate! Lastly, its sexist and racist. Who the hell cares about guys and girls being better than one another!? And yet kids that aren't even in their double digits are watching this!

Yeah there's also a lot of punching black eyes eyeballs and teeth falling out and scratches what's next blood because they could make an episode about how jinx (My fictional girlfriend) turns into a giant and then steps on everybody with crushing force then it would make it get banned and then cancelled.

In one episode, the boys and girls were farting and rubbing their butts on Control Freak. I understand the gay boys but the girls, this show must be cancelled soon.

Cyborg said the N word in the ninja episode

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57 It teaches kids incorrect information

One episode showed them (they are bot and will never be the Titans) trying to learn a lesson, take care of your body and think about the future, only to have the episode end with them wasting their money and essentially "killing" themselves with the moral being "Don't think about your future, be unhealthy and don't consider the consequences of your actions because you are young and stupid." I hate this show with such a passion. The only time it's viewed on my T.V. is when I'm not home and it happens to come on or the remote is once again lost. It's sickening and sad and if this is cartoon networks new trend they lost my family and I who are cartoon watchers. I frequently with cartoon network and used to love their shows, chowder, the misadventures of flapjack, courage the cowardly dog, the grim adventures of Billy and Mandy, heck even Dexter's lab and Johnny bravo. Get it together CN! You used to be able to produce good shows! If it wasn't for Steven Universe I wouldn't even turn it ...more

Literally most episodes teaches negative values and tell kids that reading is bad, and violence is the answer, literally all these episodes teaches people to be stereotypes and not think for themselves

I heard that one episode said that pranks are funny even if your friend gets killed by them. There was another episode I saw with my sister that was about the toddler titans trying to kill a squirrel because it stole their nuts.

They say clouds cry,you can turn back into a baby,soccer and bowling are controlled by creatures,vegetables are evil, tea makes you British,hacking is ok,eat food sloppily,no T.V. makes your brain rot,and eat only junknown food! All of this is really bad.

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58 Bad characterization

At it's best, all these Titans are just stereotypes. At it's worst, they're indistinguishable. They adopt so many different attitudes and beliefs that I can't distinguish between any of them. Sure they have minute differences, but in essence all five Titans are the same irritating and obnoxious character copied and pasted over and over again with only their physical appearances and voices to set them apart. There's no consistent characterization at all. I mean, RWBY Chibi had the same concept as Teen Titans Go, but the writers knew not to deviate from the personalities of the original characters too much. - alphadan12

59 Sets a bad example

The show literally could tach a young-impressionable child wrong things. Like annoying everybody by screaming "WAFFLES! " (Waffles), Robbing a bunch on stores (Driver's Ed), Never cleaning your room (Beast Doy's room), Disrespect (EVERY ONE! ) And just many more.

The fact that its on about 90% of the day really makes me hate it. My favorite show on CN was The Amazing World Of Gumball, But its never on now! Steven Universe? Nope. Regular Show? I think they cancelled it for more air time. Uncle Grandpa? Thank god it's not on. But don't get me started. I've said it and stick by it, That they should re-name CN Teen Titans Go Network. How kids ever like this show is the real shock. It must have some kind of hidden trances to pull them in and ruin their brains.

All in all, I'm hoping to god they cancel this sorry excuse of a show.

5 teen titans lessons

1 Do whatever you want without consequences
2 Holiday Characters are creeps
3 Make fun of Short People that look like babies
4 Eat anything and never gain weight
5 Pigs rule the world

I don't like the show and I'm 8

I would prefer talking in 3rd person over only being able to say one word

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60 They cancelled Young Justice for this

Young Justice is one of the best superhero cartoons to ever have been on the air. The writing was spectacular and the plot and character development were just as much so. I know that a lot of people will agree with me when I say that it deserved way, way more than the 2 seasons that it got. Instead, it was cancelled and replaced with THIS load of garbage. Words could not describe my anger when I found this out for the first time

I don't think this show had anything to do with Young Justice being cancelled, but it simply added salt to the wounds of its cancellation. I mean, we lost awesome, complex characters with entire arcs devoted to their development as superheroes, villains that seemed to be one step ahead of our protagonists, and despite all the seriousness had some decent comedy in between, in exchange for a show that has no likable heroes, no engaging or coherent plots, and no respect for its audience.

This show is terrible in so many ways. Yes the PPG reboot is worse and this and that terrible show made a crossover special which makes it even worse. The original Teen Titans was already good the way it was same with The Powerpuff Girls. However this just destroys it. Now I only watched Young Justice every once in a while, but come on when I watched it the episodes were pretty good. What I'm hoping is that because of how the newest Scooby-Doo incarnation, Teen Titans Go!, and The Powerpuff Girls reboot turned out that they don't make a Dexter's Labratory reboot. I really really hope that that doesn't happen. - Anonymousxcxc

They cancelled Young Justice because TOYS. - alphadan12

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