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41 It teaches horrible morals

Although this is true at the beginning of the show, the end actually has a compromise. At the end of the bland vs. spicy episode, Robin says something along the lines of 'Its good to have a healthy mix of both in your life. Not too bland, not too spicy.' which personally I think it is a good lesson. Robin says boys are better, but by the end says exactly "On behalf of all boys, I want to apologize for our actions." You can't judge the lesson if you're not even listening to the lesson. Yes the show is weird and not great. I could see where kids would only watch the conflict and take that as the lesson, but there is more than that. I think its trying to put it in teens/kids perspectives, judging things too quickly, but it does show their problems with believing that and how they resolved it. -P

It's making kids stupider. Especially the rain one where Robin goes "the clouds cry." I swear this show makes kids stupid enough to believe that

My younger brother is acting like robin to me being super demanding and rude

I liked Teens Titans Go until I realized how mean-spirited it was. - Croy987

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42 Robin is a pain to everyone

Right because he just is being obnochtious on every episode

43 Cartoon Network renamed New Thursday's "New Titans Thursday"

If it changes to cartoon titans go network, I'm either changing the channel or watching adults swim literally...

Renaming new Thursday to new titans Thursday is far enough they love this hunk of garbage more than the other amazing shows they have. they need to cancel this show before they can go too far and rename the channel to cartoon titans go network

New Titans Thursday turned the day we watch great shows like Regular Show and Steven Universe into the biggest crap ever made.

Oh god, it's infecting! Quick, other me, grab the flamethrower!
*Burning of anything with the word "Titans" on it* - mattstat716

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44 It has adult jokes

Nothing wrong with a few adult jokes here and there. - aarond9010

Beast Boy wants to have sex with Raven.

Some kid shows do good jobs at putting in adult jokes (like Animaniacs and Rocko's Modern Life), but TTG does not.

Beastboy twerks, Robin twerks, whats next? Starfire twerks?

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45 Raven is the only good character

No she is not. None of them are good. - Drawbox

That's because Raven doesn't do all the Naughty Stuff!

46 They say the bathroom is a magical place

Bathroom jokes?! LAME! I can't believe I'm saying this but, TTG should be immediately cancelled! I don't know why the Titans are saying the bathroom is magic. It's just very very damn stupid. F all the writers for doing this rubbish. Very soon, when we kill the Titans, they'll wish they were never born. Who agrees with me?

What the actual heck? Because of this stupid and torturous show when I was little I liked to hang out in the bathroom, singing with tooth brushes and other, I EVEN SHOWED MY BROTHER AN EPISODE

It's not funny if you don't understand it. Even jokes need to have some sense of reality. - alphadan12

The Bathroom is NOT a Magical Place! End of Story.

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47 Disgusting and Ugly Animations

Pickle and peanut and the powerpuff girls have better animation styles than this.

To bright it'll make you go blind if you watch it to close.

Any episode that has to do with legs is the biggest example!

Especially in the leg-themed episodes!

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48 The writers can't take criticism, or even know where it's coming from

This especially shows in 2 episodes: Return of Slade, and Let's Get Seriousness. In both of these they wave what made the original Teen Titans good in front of your face like "You want what made Young Justice and Teen Titans good. Well screw you we want to suck balls at being a comedy"

The writers do know there is criticism though, it was proven in that one episode where they 'got serious'. But the real problem is they don't care about the criticism that they get.

The Return Of Slade was a way to attract Teen Titans and when we ask to fix problems they don't

They keep throwing in jokes about the Teen Titans fans who hate TTG, and complain about their budget. If you're going to make a cartoon, at least be able to handle criticism! - Popsicles

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49 The characters show no respect toward anyone

Old teen titans was better now days the character's are dumb first robin was the voice of leadership and a great leader he's all so nice and caring nowadays he's a jerkass who boss people around and a control freak starfire is now an idiot who wants a married a chilli cyborg was so smart and funny at same time now he's a dumb lazy jackass and beastboy is the same too but don't mind him being a laughingstock raven is still the same character but my little pony really these show needs to be burned to death

Who even made that episode?

I cannot belive they call us creeps when were watchng everything they do.

Me too. They are not one to accuse their viewers and critics of doing something awful when they have a VERY long list of misdeeds, including ruining Christmas, attacking innocent civilians, breaking and entering, causing apocalyptic futures, and even MURDER. - alphadan12

The Titans are creeps! 😠

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50 Robin Makes Jokes About His Butt

Robin is like a dummy

51 It's overrated

This is the exact reason why I hate this show (among other reasons). ITS OVERRATED. You know why? I'll explain it in a little story: I was in 5th grade about a year ago. We were going to do a field day. So, the class was thinking of what our chant would be. So, sadly, they chose the stupid waffles song in the glory of teen titans go (and our team name was waffles). Sad, ain't it? Even my friends in MIDDLE SCHOOL still like it! Kids Call of Duty be watching masterpieces like Steven u, yet they watch car like TTG. I think I've said enough.

Why do kids like this show kids like nothing good!

Kids who watch this are dumb because Teen Titans Go teaches bad things to do when kids are teens

To be honest, the fans are much worse than the haters!

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52 The characters are unlikable

These guys are supposed to be SUPERHEROES, yet they've done things that were incredibly selfish and stupid. For example, in "Staring At The Future", Cyborg and Beast Boy ruined their friend's futures for the sake of avoiding responsibility. This results in them creating an even WORSE future for not just them, but the entire WORLD. - alphadan12

Robin's a psychopathic jerk, Raven's a sadistic creep, Beast Boy's a lazy idiot, Starfire's a brainless dope, and Cyborg's a stereotypical frat boy. Yep, they pretty much are the worst.

And to make matters worse, the audience is supposed to root for them no matter WHAT they do. - alphadan12

It's pretty sad when the only likable characters in this show are the villains.

53 Cartoon Network is obsessed with it and is really milking it

Seriously, would it kill them to put something else on the air that isn't Teen Titans Go? I've actually stopped watching the channel because this show was dominating the majority of the airtime. It honestly feels like Cartoon Network is developing a cult of personality around this waste of a show!

I agree I never see a new gumball episode it's just teen titans go again and again

They could at least make this show off air and go back to the original or at least we vote for it to come off air

The TTG movie that's going to be out in theaters next year really shows that Cartoon Network's obsession with this show has gone way too far.

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54 It only appeals to 8 year old boys

Shut up kid. Go play on your iPhone that every child of all age has now a days because that is just stupid how every little kid gets a phone.

I don't have an iPhone. It's too pricy. And my phone only cost me around 3.000.000 rupiahs (and that's quite cheap for a new phone) - MLPFan

The show only appeals to kids under the ages of 8 or 9, and then they grow out of it. I was 8 when this show came out and I thought it was the best thing in the world and became an obsessive fan. Until my friends introduced me to the original Teen Titans. My days of cringe ended, thank god. - Popsicles

Wow, chill out guys, this is not sexist. Also, 8 year old guy who hates us, your too young to be on this site. No offense.

The show's target demographic isn't the problem. If they want to make a kids show, that's fine. - alphadan12

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55 It inspired new stupid, random cartoons on CN

Uncle Grandpa is retarded but they TRY to make it funny. Teen Titans Go? Just a bunch of toilet humor


Yes shows like regular show, uncle grandpa and Steven.universe should bevelled in butter anddestroyed they are terribleshows

2 Timothy 3:16 says... All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.

Teen Titans Go! IS Stupid, but not the Ben 10 Reboot.

It's Awesome!

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56 No point

The point is to earn Cartoon Network a few measly couple of bucks.

This show is okay but jot nearly as good as thenawesome original! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Well,Cartoon Network can earn cash
off of good shows such as Steven
Universe and Sonic boom!

Doe'snt Cartoon Network get money
from Steven Universe,The amazing
world of gumball,Adventure Time,
Regular show and Sonic boom and
Pokemon XYZ?

57 No more Robin x Starfire

Teen Titans Go ruin this ship by making Robin obsessed with Starfire which is creepy.

In Go, Starfire would just fall in love with any boy she sees no matter how ugly they are but, not Robin. Like what the heck is wrong with her.

Robin and Starfire Forever!
How Could Teen Titans Go! Ruin their Relationship!?!

He either stalks her or beats her. - Popsicles

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58 Dumb Parodies
59 Bad villains
60 The Return Of Slade

A week or two before this episode aired, I was talking to my little brother about how they didn't include Slade, who is the best villain in the series. I saw the title and was so excited. While I was watching it, I thought about murdering something. I was so mad

Why would they just put that title if it was all about God damn clowns?! This show has to die

It's basically a Trojan horse and a high ratings trap.

I Agree Completely! Control Freak has Tricked the Fans into thinking that Slade was coming back.

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