Top 10 Reasons Why Teen Titans Go! Should Get Cancelled

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121 Toilet Humor

I agree with the guy who said their humor was terrible, but not that random poet guy or whatever.

South Park had toilet humor, and got it right. SpongeBob had toilet humor and got it right.

Is this show really trying to copy Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners?

Toilet Humor's OK, so is Traditional Humor!

Proverbs 17:22

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

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122 They're anti-heroes

They can't even save their own damn show.

This is why I find Squidward a funny character

They must be taken to court for the crimes!

They only destroy Jump City.They can't even save their own show!

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123 They're the real villains

They always destroy half of the town and antagonize villains even if they don't do anything


Instead of saving Jump City they destroy it! The original Teen Titans are better.Teen Titans Go is a disgrace to DC comics.

124 They made Raven look like a pony

Every time I see her playing with those ponies, I feel like I'm going to throw up blood.

125 Cyborg & Beast Boy are jerks
126 It is loved by Justin Bieber

A horrible singer who needs autotune, splits on his fans, ripped off Michael Jackson and peed on mop bucket loves the horrible show?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?! - BorisRule

127 Shouldn't be meant to replace Young Justice

If they want to replace anything, replace Teen Titans Go with the original Teen Titans. You know, the one that was actually everyone's favorite show, the one people actually looked forward to watching. You know, the one with good animation, likeable characters, and an actual plot. - Stevenuniversefangirl

I get that Young Justice was cancelled because the merchandise didn't sell well and the target audience was for males only. That's a good enough excuse, but this was meant to replace YJ? Hell, there's not even that much crime fighting, how is this meant to take the spot of Young Justice? Hell, it even made fun of Young Justice in one episode. Seriously, this show is LITERALLY meant to ridicule DC

I agree we shouldn't have a superhero team that has meaning replace a team that is worthless and cruel

128 All they care about is pizza

In the original teen titans they ate pizza but did they go insane no right in Go they only love pizza and nothing else and when robin said pizza band they become annoy by him really take the episode truth and justice and what in the end they went super crazy over a dumb pizza they originally ate pizza but they cared about missions and fighting villains but the dummy jerks clones will attack people if pizza and they should be in jail for turtle abuse

I think they should replace pizza with beer, because these IDIOTS ARE STUPID AS F%#$!

Oh you mean like TMNT...shocker* says sarcastically*

For he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.

Psalm 107:9

Add a little variety to what you eat, not just Pizza.
That's all I can ask.

129 Beast Boy is a jerk

This is the guy who will always make Robin look bad and always try to be the one who will try to be the star of the show even though he'll never be. He even made bees the new and improved money and because of that he is now rich. Sense robin only has paper money he became broke and he asked beast boy for his money. Beast boy then did something extremely crool to robin. He made him dance dance for his bee money and made everyone watch. When did dance which was humiliating for him, he only granted him two bees. That's how much of a jerk he is.

It's true breast boy is a jerk

Everyone in this show is a jerk!


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130 Raven hits BB for no reason

Raven does that to beast boy because BB is not so annoying but RIDICULOUSLY annoying

In the original, whenever Raven swatted Beast Boy on the back of the head, he just acted pissed off about it. Now, he cries like a baby. - mayamanga

Duh because she has a crush on him

There is a reason, beast boy in ttg is super innapropriate and really annoying

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131 None of the episodes are good

Every episode SUCKS!

Most Of The Episodes SUCKED!

They ripped of Scooby-Doo in one episode. And more importantly, why was Raven wearing glasses? I know. Because she's playing Velma. I don't understand this show at all.

Really yove never watched 40 40 20

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132 It's racist

There was one episode were starfire says the " brown milk" and it was actually chocolate milk

Oh yeah the episode where they kicked out Bumblebee yeah that was totally racist.

Did the writers specifically meant for starfire to be racist


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133 Starfire punches Robin for no reason at all Starfire punches Robin for no reason at all

Star fire is a masochist who wants ugly weirdo alien hybrids and married to a slimy, gross and horrid alien and loves being a slave to an infuriated Raven!

Starfire wants to be a stupid selfish jerk.

She wants to be a jerk "like all teenage girls."

The image makes me want to punch em BOTH even MORE - BorisRule

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134 It's scary

The existence of this show is scary. - Drawbox

How can this can be scary? :/

Psalm 34:4

I sought the Lord, and He heard me, And delivered me from all my fears.'

Teen Titans Go isn't scary, it's just a Show. Same as Codename: Kids Next Door!

135 The "Scoot that booty" song

Ugh, that "BOOTY! " part makes me want to laugh until I die! But isn't this not supposed to be funny? And why is Robin TWERKING in a KIDS SHOW? Grow up, Cartoon Network. - Target

Can somebody please tell me why twerking is still existing in this show? SOMEBODY?!

That song was so irritating, It'll make your ears bleed. And why was Robin twerking on screen? On a show SUPPOSED to be "for kids"?! - MLPFan

Boys don't twerk, Girls twerk! And twerking on a kids show? Ban that episode Cartoon Network! If kids watch this, they will twerk and get grounded forever by their parents! Parents if you read this, STOP LETTING YOUR KIDS (especially boys) TWERK!

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136 The mutation scene in "Truth, Justice and What?"

I wanted to throw up at that part - Hotheart123

It looked terrible! In this episode, they say pizza is the coolest food. NOT! - Target

That scene was so gross! they didn't even look like teenage mutant ninja turtles - cartoonfan101

I know! I'm a tmnt fan myself and that crappy freak show of a T.V. series totally pooped on it! I mean what

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137 Starfire is an idiot

She is a complete idiot I mean what did the creators think when they made star fire this stupid, and what happened to Starfire and Robin liking each other and just not saying it! Like I mean I lived in the original how they always watched out for each other now if Robin is in trouble starfire doesn't even notice like a total idiot!

138 Beast Boy is selfish
139 Awful fight scenes

True that, each fight is like a minute or less long and 85% of the time, they're fighting Santa and other holiday mascots, fighting as Leprechauns, or fighting dancing demons

I looked up TTG online, and I read that it was supposed to be an ACTION-comedy. No words. - alphadan12

140 They added them to Lego dimensions (even though they have enough DC characters)

I've just been informed that there's going to be a Lego-themed episode of TTG. I'm not even going to bother seeing it because it's probably going to be nothing but a lazy cash-in on the new Lego Dimensions figures (plus it's also going to be either stupid, unfunny, or boring just like most of the other episodes).

It's stupid that they chose Troddler Titans and Pottypuff girls over Regular Show and Steven Universe.
What's next? Ben 10 reboot? (over Gumball) - Drawbox

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