Top 10 Reasons Why Teen Titans Go! Should Get Cancelled

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141 Awful fight scenes

True that, each fight is like a minute or less long and 85% of the time, they're fighting Santa and other holiday mascots, fighting as Leprechauns, or fighting dancing demons

I looked up TTG online, and I read that it was supposed to be an ACTION-comedy. No words. - alphadan12

142 They Mocked Sailor Moon

They did a parody of the theme song in one of the abysmal leg episodes. It wasn't even a good parody either! The Annoying Orange did a better job at doing a parody of Sailor Moon!

143 Robin is paranoid

Robin is too stupid and paranoid because he has no power's in old teen titans he's has no problem about super powers

I'm sure that Scott Menville doesn' t like it when he yells in every episode for his character robin what is wrong with the writers making Scott yell every just for robin to yell and annoy the viewer, I bet Scott doesn't like voice acting this way

Just saying most of these reasons are robins fault

Robin yells every episode

144 Rips off the original show

This show rips off, destroys, uses animation of, ruins the reputation of, disgraces, and makes the original Teen Titans look like a baby show. It's not a comedy only, retarded show. It's action packed but also has comedic, romantic, mysterious, suspended, intense, sad, and loud moments. It's a mix of all genres so it is attractive to all ages and all genders. My cousin is in 2nd grade and LOVES the old Teen Titans show ans is well informed on these heroes and their nonstop quest for justice, truth, and the last slice of pizza.

It is worse than Dora Caillou Justin Bieber and Barney ( I mean Barbie ) combined - BorisRule

Seriously there is way too much copying and not just for the original itself even other shows! *facepalm* - Milkshake

It's a disgrace to the orgiginal show and a insult to the teen titans

I know but the originals were too boring so I like ttg

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145 No one likes it

Only little kids watch it, ugh, no one likes it but little kids, yes, they are the reason why it got over 2,000,000 views. A couple of kids at my school said that their younger siblings watch it, and two kids in my class last year like it.

There Can Never Be A Show That Nobody Likes.

This show is garbage it should be taken off of Cartoon Network anytime it comes on I feel like to break my T.V. in half

I don't like this show

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146 Only focuses on comedy

They focus on it so much that all of the jokes makes no sense.

I can't believe that kids find THESE funny. Waffles, Nibor, "arch-enemies", yelling at others, crane kicking, etc. I could go on and on with all of that crap.

Pretending to be married that is just dumb.

Pickle and Peanut has better comedy

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147 They are all either stupid or ego maniacs

That's so true

They are both stupid and ego maniacs

They're Both!

148 The crew is the same

All of the cast members (except that jerk, Tara Strong) on this show deserve better! I'm sure they secretly regret doing this piece of crap and pretend to like the show because the monsters who made forced them to say it!

Come on Cartoon Network if you want to make a reboot then just get new voice actors and a new plot just like you did with The PowerPuff Girls reboot.

They wasted the talents of the original voice actors. - aarond9010

I tried to watch the original ones now they were cooler that the dumb toddler Titans which is bad for you a lot.they just look different they used to look cool and age appropriate but now they are: robin adark haired dude which is paranoid. Star fire is a dum pink haired idiot.cyborgs is a robot with a dumb dumb robot is a broccoli with green hair which likes to eat poop and drink pee. Sikie is a ugly alien pet worm. Before I posted I would like to tell you that I TS ON!

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149 The fans don't deserve it

I mean dude. This is just.. What were Cartoon Network thinking?! This is not for kids. Not what they deserve. This isn't what the old fans deserve. If you think this is quality programming, think again.

We have to do something about this show.

Cancel this show now, cartoon network.


150 They treat Robin like crap

He grounds beast boy in one episode that's not nice he is not his father he is his friend and friends don't punish each other

Robin is the one who is treating the Titans crap

Galatians 5:14
For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: "Love your neighbor as yourself."

Now that's not Nice!
Like it says in Ephesians 4:32, Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.
Robin should know Better!

151 They play it too much

I miss adventure time and regular show. They play this damn stupid ass show too often. I don't want to see it ten times a day!

I agree with everything which may or already has come on here. - ChromaPlayer

Please let someone respond to my list of problems.


-Aiden Smith

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152 Too much butt humor

Traditional Humor is the Only Humor for us.

The butt humor is acting like breadwinners

Yeah it is like breadwinner.Robin says his butt is amazing.

Not a lot Of it

153 No More Beast Boy x Terra

In the original, Terra was friendly, despite the evil return of her in Aftershock. But now, she is more evil?! The creators don't know what they are doing to this terrible show!

There is no more Beast Boy x Terra because Beast Boy won't stop annoying the living crap out of that ugly Terra.

Aqua Lad and Terra are a really terrible couple.

Terra is more likely to kill BB

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154 Teaches kids to be bullies

I will never let my little brother's watch this horror

Ghetto videos?

E? What are talking about?

I can imagine a little kid at school being scolded by his teacher for beating another kid up. His response would probably be, "But the Titans are heroes, and they always beat random people up for no reason."

See how bad of an example this show is on children?

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155 They ripped off Looney Tunes

Those idiots were insulting Road Runner and Wille Coyote. This made Looney Tunes and Amazing World of Gumball look like idiots and they are my two favorite cartoons.

TTG stay away from Disney you freak Shows

True that!

156 It tricks kids into liking it


Can you stop making bible references.
?! - iChara

1 Peter 5:8

Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

Remember Kids... Just say... NO!

157 They mock kids with special needs

If they made fun of me because I have mild autism and Asperger's I'd go on a cartoon killing spree!

One time when my dad was flipping through channels, they had an episode about a kid with Barakat's syndrome, and they spent the whole episode mocking him for no good reason. Is this an OK moral to teach kids? - mimitchi33

158 It made fun of the show's haters

We don't just hate it for ruining the original! We hate it more mocking children's intelligence, disgracing comedy and animation as a whole, giving awful morals, and constantly airing more than the other shows on Cartoon Network!

Bad morals are a stupid thing to hate it? Would you like to watch a show about a guy kicking a puppy? Oh, what if the guy made a bunch of fart jokes? Would you like it then?

Well most haters hate it for dumb reasons like "oh it's not like the original", "oh it has bad morals" and "oh my childhood is ruined wah" - NikBrusk

November 7, 2016

I won't be suprised if the show outright calls out its haters/critics before it's cancelled. It might be like PPG and the haters are portrayed as characters in the show or if they straight up break the fourth wall (Uh Oh. Vietnam Flashbacks! ) to address them. I am almost certain this will eventually happen.

P.S ( The reason I have the date written down is because if this sort of thing were to occur, you could look at me as the guy who predicted it. )

159 The "Boys vs. Girls" episode may have connection to the third wave feminism

I hate FEMINAZIS! This makes me hate Feminazis even more - BorisRule

160 Robin is a jackass Robin is a jackass

I love the picture. Robin is a crybaby who always eats icecream. - njalabi63989

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