Top 10 Reasons Why Teen Titans Go! Should Get Cancelled

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141 Terrible merchandise

The merchandise looks cheap and tacky. - Cartoonfan202

142 Starfire is an idiot
143 They ripped off Sanjay and Craig

If this happened, Teen Titans NO! really IS bad

144 Robin is a tyrant and a control freak

Super true. I mean. In yearbook madness. Seriously, I don't see any reason why getting the most signatures makes you popular. That show just made him more retarded than anyone. And he loves an alien that tried to marry a pot of chili. -_-

Much wow they made him just like Daffy Duck

Robin makes me hate myself because I'm sort of a control freak, and I have ADHD, slight autism, and Aspergers (which affects the emotional section of the brain, making someone more reactive). Basically, Robin is flipping me off with a big, fat, MIDDLE FINGER! I want to commit Robin Homicide due to this MIDDLE FINGER SHOW!

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145 Robin is paranoid

Robin is too stupid and paranoid because he has no power's in old teen titans he's has no problem about super powers

I'm sure that Scott Menville doesn' t like it when he yells in every episode for his character robin what is wrong with the writers making Scott yell every just for robin to yell and annoy the viewer, I bet Scott doesn't like voice acting this way

Just saying most of these reasons are robins fault

Robin yells every episode

146 Batman is stupid

Batman Doesn't Even Talk Anymore All He Ever Does Is Laugh! That's It? This Show Is Just A Big Joke!

They made a awesome masked crime fighter into one of the most biggest annoying stupidest idiots on this stupid show. I hate Teen Titans Go.

Batman is supposed to be a GENIUS, not a person who laughs for no reason. Hey creators, GO $#&* YOURSELVES IN THE @$$ UNTIL YOU DIE!

I fell so sorry for the real and not annoying Batman.

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147 Same costumes, different personality

All the characters look the same but don't act the same its like they took the characters facts and powers and mixed a bunch of crap in! I mean Trigon loves Raven? He is a family man BS. And many stero types. Like Ravens the pony lover, Robin is an jerk control freak, Starfire is annoying as crap, Cybrog is a jerk idiot, and beast boy is an annoying stupid little brother like characters

148 They beat super villains in 2 seconds and then just do nothing

What made teen titans great was the story line and beating up the villains. In Teen Titans Go! They just do nothing around the Titans Tower

Have the fight last 5 minutes (half the episode) and move to the "plot" for the remaining 5 minutes, IT WON'T KILL YOU!

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149 Pointless episodes

I mean one episode Is just people saying waffles a bunch of times how do people think this funny?

Because it's not entertaining, it's annoying.

The point is to entertain you beautiful people, how can you not see that?

150 Every other show does things better

This show is the worst at it tries to do. For example, Adventure time is a better follow up to the original show. Steven universe, has better role models for kids. Regular show is a better representation of less than likable characters. Gumball is just better at comedy. What does TTG still have?

Plus Gravity Falls actually manages to be humorous while not mainly focusing on comedy and robbing it of substance- there are also sad parts, important parts, etc. A cartoon mainly focusing on comedy will usually end up in failure (I guess unless it's an adult cartoon).

Steven Universe is a better action show, Adventure Time is better at surreal humor, Regular Show has better Less-Than-Likable characters, and The Amazing World of Gumball is better at overall humor! So basically, Toddler Titans has COMPLETELY NO F%$#ING REASON TO EXIST!

151 The episodes are too random

It's like they took LSD before the episodes.

Sometimes a random show is what you need to make you feel sane lol


I mean seriously one episode as soon as they take a bite of pizza they go completely crazy and random 😡

152 Simplistic plot

Every episode has some stupid reason (mainly food related) of all of the Titans disobeying Robin and getting into some stupid problem in which they must find the special something and fight some creature to learn a "lesson", which gets completely shot down by everyone else. I swear 7 out of 10 episodes stick to this generic plot, and the ones that don't end up trashingTHEMSELVES about how bad their show is. So there, "new favorite show! "

153 It is a parody itself

Every single episode is a parody. pretty pretty pegasus? parody of mlp. obsessed with pizza and ruining TMNT? parody. REPLACING SUPER AWESOME EARLY 2000S SHOWS AND THE SHOW THAT CHANGED EVERYONE AND IF IT WERENT FOR GLEN MURAKAMI AND David SLACK AND MARV WOLFMAN TTG wouldn't HAVE EVER CAME TO BE? parody of the original. every episode. what robin makes everybody no matter who his enemy, kid flash and speedy? 1960s, the first time they were ever created, the original ORIGINAL TEEN TITANS comics with donna troy, they were all best friends, now "robin" hates them all? ugh.

154 Teaches kids how to act like brats

No, Teen Titans Go only does it to Poison little Children's Minds. They don't know what they're watching until it's Too Late!

Teen Titans Go uses you.

It poisons your Young minds to obtain for that which it desires.

It cares nothing for you or the people you hurt.

Kid's ar NOT that stupid!

This show intoxicates the minds of little innocent children and uses them as bratty slaves or you get the idea...

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155 Raven became and idiot

Back then in the original TT, Raven was such a great character. She had so much depth, and in my opinion she was the prettiest girl out of all of them. Until TTG came. Nowadays she is a pony-obsessed idiot that secretly has romantic feelings for Beast Boy. Plus that, she never takes off her hood and is way to lazy to do something simple, so all the time she is shown either flying ALL THE TIME, or using her telekenitic powers to lift up even the simplest of things, like a CHESS PIECE, but she was shown using her legs- NO NO NO! DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED WITH THAT! And lastly, completely unlike her old self, she is a huge jerk (In original TT, she only got angry when people made her angry, not for no reason) and is as ugly as crud. So yeah, #TeenTitansGoSucks. And now, I am going to try my best to delete Teen Titans Go from my recordings, but I probably can't since my sister will get angry because she likes TTG.

I hate you Teen Titans Go. I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate ...more

Raven should've been tortured by Ren in Ren Seeks Help instead of that poor frog! That way, he could be doing it to someone who deserves it.

Raven's not even funny in this show! Honestly, she's the most painful character to watch!

Her attitiude became a dark, gothic emo that secretly loves ponies. Most of her spells are just "Azarath Mentriom Zinthos"

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156 The teen titans eat pizza too much

There's nothing wrong with eating pizza (I love pizza), but for crying out loud, it ain't healthy to eat that much pizza in a day!

If you eat more than you need, that's gluttony...

Toddler Titans should have Obesity because of this!

In one episode bb want to that titans will pay bees for one slice

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157 Most is ripped off

Most of he damn show is ripped off off bits and pieces of other shows. And when it's not, complete randomness. They insult good movies, shows, and superheroes by bringing them onto this show. They make kid flash, and speedy arrogant jerks, they make aqualad a lovesick, stupid idiot that somehow managed to budge Ravens iron cloack. They make the TMNT team pizza loving morons, and don't even get me started on the one where they got stupidly serious FOR ONCE

I mean they literally ripped off Looney Tunes with all the anvils dynamite mallets and bombs Cartoon Network should get sued by Warner Bros and then the show would get cancelled how do you guys like my plan?

158 They made Cyborg fat

Not even that! Cyborg is a cyborg! They made it seem like he's a damn transformer with a bunch of random features!

Cyborg should take care of his Robotic Body, Whether Fat or Skinny!

Is Cyborg even half robot, sometimes they show him having body parts under his robot body.

Cyborg is just some big fat blob.

159 It should be replaced with, "Lost in Paris!" V 4 Comments
160 Robin is like the other character, Gokudo

Gokudo is from an anime show Gokudo

No way, Gokudo just Brainwashed Robin and he became Evil!
It's not his Fault!
Robin and Gokudo are from Different Shows, that's all!

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