Top 10 Reasons Why Teen Titans Go! Should Get Cancelled

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161 Raven became and idiot

Back then in the original TT, Raven was such a great character. She had so much depth, and in my opinion she was the prettiest girl out of all of them. Until TTG came. Nowadays she is a pony-obsessed idiot that secretly has romantic feelings for Beast Boy. Plus that, she never takes off her hood and is way to lazy to do something simple, so all the time she is shown either flying ALL THE TIME, or using her telekenitic powers to lift up even the simplest of things, like a CHESS PIECE, but she was shown using her legs- NO NO NO! DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED WITH THAT! And lastly, completely unlike her old self, she is a huge jerk (In original TT, she only got angry when people made her angry, not for no reason) and is as ugly as crud. So yeah, #TeenTitansGoSucks. And now, I am going to try my best to delete Teen Titans Go from my recordings, but I probably can't since my sister will get angry because she likes TTG.

I hate you Teen Titans Go. I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate ...more

Raven should've been tortured by Ren in Ren Seeks Help instead of that poor frog! That way, he could be doing it to someone who deserves it.

Raven's not even funny in this show! Honestly, she's the most painful character to watch!

Her attitiude became a dark, gothic emo that secretly loves ponies. Most of her spells are just "Azarath Mentriom Zinthos"

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162 The teen titans eat pizza too much

There's nothing wrong with eating pizza (I love pizza), but for crying out loud, it ain't healthy to eat that much pizza in a day!

If you eat more than you need, that's gluttony...

Toddler Titans should have Obesity because of this!

In one episode bb want to that titans will pay bees for one slice

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163 Most is ripped off

Most of he damn show is ripped off off bits and pieces of other shows. And when it's not, complete randomness. They insult good movies, shows, and superheroes by bringing them onto this show. They make kid flash, and speedy arrogant jerks, they make aqualad a lovesick, stupid idiot that somehow managed to budge Ravens iron cloack. They make the TMNT team pizza loving morons, and don't even get me started on the one where they got stupidly serious FOR ONCE

I mean they literally ripped off Looney Tunes with all the anvils dynamite mallets and bombs Cartoon Network should get sued by Warner Bros and then the show would get cancelled how do you guys like my plan?

164 They made Cyborg fat

Not even that! Cyborg is a cyborg! They made it seem like he's a damn transformer with a bunch of random features!

Cyborg should take care of his Robotic Body, Whether Fat or Skinny!

Is Cyborg even half robot, sometimes they show him having body parts under his robot body.

Cyborg is just some big fat blob.

165 It should be replaced with, "Lost in Paris!" V 4 Comments
166 Robin is like the other character, Gokudo

Gokudo is from an anime show Gokudo

No way, Gokudo just Brainwashed Robin and he became Evil!
It's not his Fault!
Robin and Gokudo are from Different Shows, that's all!

167 The jokes don't hit their marks

No they don't. AT ALL.

168 It Made the Easter Bunny Look Creepy and Gross

How extremely disgusting. THIS SHOW MUST END!

I wonder how many kids were scarred to see what the non-existent giant rabbit looked like in this cringefest. - aarond9010

169 They called The PowerPuff Girls babies

The PowerPuff Girls should've beat them up instead of yelling at the Titans!

They are right if they are calling the Powerpuff girls 2016 reboot babies. But that does not make them any less of babies or at least 8 year old kids. - njalabi63989

Their the real babies.

The powerpuff girls in the reboot are babies. The ppg reboot, like teen titans go, is utter and complete garbage. - aarond9010

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171 They hide DC characters in the background

Probably so they can show you what better works we had before this show existed. - aarond9010

172 It killed the new Muppets show.

A wonderful show like The Muppets got cancelled because THIS beat it in ratings. You want to know what episode aired every time The Muppets aired something new? Serious Business. Yup, you heard me. People would rather watch characters mock someone for needing to pee and making him wet himself than a fun show for families! Good thing Cartoon Network banned the episode after the San Bernadino shootings because it aired when it happened! - mimitchi33

173 Starfire eats money
174 They made fun of spider man

TTG really screwed the catchphrase with great power comes great responsibility from Spiderman

They destroy the city and Spider Man saves the city.If Spider Man did a crossover he would just turn on the Teen Titans.Its because the Teen Titans destroy the city.So Spider Man would go back to The Marvel Universe.

175 They killed Batman in one episode

That's True!

Batman used to be so Awesome, But not Anymore!

Oh, goodie! Now they're going to put cannibalism on their "People Will Think this is Funny" list. I'm being sarcastic, by the way.

They actually killed Batman in a episode.

Canniballistic Starfire ALERT! CODE: X! - BorisRule

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176 It's a Flash animation

It's not like Dc is on a budget or anything.

For those of you who don't know what flash animation is, it's the animation software used to animate things on sites like newgrounds, if used correctly, you'll get something beautiful and likeable...In the case of this show...NOT! - aarond9010

Horrible animation to be honest.

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177 They get fat in almost every food episode

Wasn't there an episode where BB was the only person in shape, because I'm pretty sure the other 4 suffered obesity. That can't be reversed in 2 seconds, it takes 2 months at least and 3 years at most, NOT 2 QUICK SECONDS, THAT DEFIES THE LAYS OF PHYSICS, WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE!

Never a good sign, Patrick is a better character

Vegetables and Smile Bones literally scarred me for life!

And then they magically lose fat in the next episode! Magic!
If you can do that, I would do that so I won't be so chubby. - MLPFan

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178 It's really gory

Remember when Starfire gives pumping flesh heart to Robin? GROSS! - BorisRule

How about Sandy Cheeks giving Starfire a disastrous catastrophic operation and ruptures her spleen, destroys 8 of her stomachs, entire rib cage broken and massive blood loss! Wait a second! It is a great plan! But does Starfire has a spleen or a rib cage? Dunno but Starfire will cry and the hospital walls will have Tamaranian stomachs splattered everywhere and blood is on the windows! MUHAHAA!

179 No more Robin x Spitfire

Sorry, but it's STARfire, not SPITfire

Instead starfire keeps friend zoning robin

Also Spitfire is some awesome Marvel Superhero character

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180 It got The Garfield Show moved off CN in 2015

I loved the Garfield Show! TTG is a threat to good shows like Regular Show, Steven Universe, and Adventure Time. The terribleness is so powerful it's killing the good shows.

The garfield show is my childhood

Ya it was pretty good

The Garfield Show wasn't that great, but at least I can enjoy it. This is why I think TTG is CN on meth!

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