Terrible morals for kids


This show has been criticized for terrible quality, in both aspects of animation and actual content of writing, and I don't blame anyone.The show started off with an age rating of 9-13, but tell me what 12 year-old kid would want to watch this willingly, this would actually serve as a PUNISHMENT from your parents. The point is this show isn't worthy for kids of these age. They then knocked down the age rating to 6-10. But then think about it, this show has terrible morals. Ever heard the phrase monkey see monkey do? Kids are these little monkeys, whatever they see they reenact. Why do you think kids are getting more messed up per generation?

One episode actually gives us a "fact" that friendship is powerful. Is this my little pony?! This show teaches kids bad and wrong things to do like be immature and loud, and that boys are better than girls. Ugh! I disagree with everything this show says!

The worst part about this is my 4 year old niece watches this god damn show. I told my sister that Teen Titans Go sets bad morals, but she said its just a cartoon and it wont do anything. My niece now cries when she doesn't get something like food, toys, screen time, etc. She shoves, hits, slaps, yells, I could go on but you'd know how many horrendous morals this sets. I think- no, I KNOW that you could beat up a defenseless animal and that would set much better morals then TTG. Even beating a So yes, This is definitely a big factor on my side. STOP CN, YOUR BRAINWASHING THIS GENORATION. - craz

This recommends a grown up or a parent to check and look closely to the worst morals and advice these kids about the atrocities teaching them that there's time for the children to be guided and spread this to grown ups just my hard thinking or I'm hurting my brain on devices,anyway for what we might become not good at such talents in every media and real world activities. or we hurt and anger our people if you known about or your a fan of wander over yonder this show is extrordinary it is about helping and making friends such fine quotes I have ever heard Most often the real good shows go and gone there's only a few great and good ones left standing steven universe is one of a kind we bare bear's the most interesting show for a three stooges version of San Francisco still what ever happened to their real parents,regular show is personally the greatest cartoon of all time, I enjoy slightly on adventure time, and their is the amazing world of gumball and the new mighty Magic swords ...more

Why yes, I would love to show someone a show that teaches kids the following;

-Cheating is winning
-Christmas is all about presents and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot
-Girls are far more superior than boys and boys should be ashamed for their gender
-Laziness is perfectly okay

Yet it still gets praised by CN and it's pretty much trying to be the next SpongeBob. But with morals like these, I'm surprised they would legally air this to children instead of release it online with slightly less criticism.

I love how they made an episode about telling us not to criticize a kids show when said show tells children that Hoarding is a good thing and that boys should be ashamed for being boys.

And books are evil, you should always torment villains just for being villains, if someone is punishing you for being bad be even worse and you will get what you want, etc. - alphadan12

The original Teen Titans episodes did not outright have morals but if you dug deep enough, you'd find one. This acts like they're gonna teach a moral and then just go crazy and teach something stupid which is bad for the innocent and brainless children all over the world that decide to watch it.

At least Raven knows when the other Titans need to shut up

What about "poke fun at your friend if they are gonna wet their pants" (Serious Business. What tickles me is that before that one aired, they showed an episode that said wetting your pants is bad! ) and "make fun of people with disabilities for not liking what you like! " (Wally T, the actual kid actor who played him WAS disabled). - mimitchi33

Most of the lessons shouldn't be directed at kids. At least my little Pony teaches good values to anyone who watches it.

The worst one for me had to be "Instead of helping someone who has to pee, ignore them and make them wet themselves! " This was done TWICE in the show, which is surprising. - mimitchi33

And I though Caillou was a bad example for kids. All that show did was to teach kids how to act like spoiled brats! This show, however, teaches kids how to act like the worst human beings on the face of the Earth!

Codename: Kids Next Door doesn't really teach kids anything, but people on this site like it. Teen Titans Go, on the other hand, ALSO doesn't teach kids anything, and people on this site despise it. What's up with that? - ItsPisces

This show is poisoning the minds of good kids and are setting them up for disappointment and failure

There should be a video game where you try to save children who have been influenced by the Titans, and they are the bosses and aren't influencing people the right way. The Titans are the only enemies that you kill

Morals like soccer is stupid, it's fun to be an adult, beat the crap out of all your friends, books are dangerous, jobs are boring, mess with other people's stuff! I COULD go on and on about this hideous show!

Literally all they are trying to do is teach life lessons that end up being ways to become a retarded fat ass and they only care about the money they make

In one episode they tell us that violence and revenge is the key to life not cool Cartoon Network not cool.

I think that the writers were going for satire here, but the problem is that kids might not get this and take the 'satirized morals' seriously. - alphadan12

There is an episode where Cyborg and Beast Boy avoid responsibility (which, when uttered, causes the word to appear on screen) like THE PLAGUE. - Ikura

Kicking and screaming will get your way!

They have horrible morals. They teach kids to be stupid and mean. - Powerfulgirl10

Man these Titans are so spoiled. They think Christmas is about presents, hate THANKSGIVING and are very disrespectful to each other

Remember kids, all girls are better than all boys, all the time! Teen Titans Go isn't sexist at all!

The sad part is, some kids might actually take these "morals" seriously. - alphadan12