They bill it as "your new favorite show"


I was at a retarded kid and brat's house, their dad asked what we wanted to watch. I didn't say anything and they said "TEEN TITANS GO! " I said "Okay, I guess I agree." Their dad said "Which episode? " They both stared at the screen with a stupid look on their face. The retard was 8 and his sister that's a brat was 4. The retarded kid abused his kitten and the upstairs was covered in dog feces. He threated to punch my cat. No wonder they like that show.

I am fine with people saying the show is garbage, we are all entitled to our opinions, but insulting innocent children is not a kind thing to do. Anyways, you sure showed us your extremely superior intelligence by amazing us with your incredible grammar. All capitals... Yup... I’m not saying you're dumb, that would be rude and offensive towards you, and I do not wish to insult anyone but you are not superior to the many fans of this series, so stop insulting the children, they don’t deserve this kind of hate for enjoying something.

The worst thing about Teen Titans Go is not the dumbass/annoying characters, nor the dumb plots of each episode, nor the lazy flash animation, nor the songs that have stupid and repetitive lyrics, nor the bad morals it teaches kids, nor the way it insults viewers, nor they way it reuses footage from the original show and dubs over it (once they used an entire episode). The absolute worst thing about Teen Titans Go is the way Cartoon Network is in our faces about it and gives it a minimum of 50% of the daily schedule, and says its "our favorite show" (BS). And not too long ago, they aired it 300 times in just one week! Whether you like the show or hate it, you would get pretty sick of it if it aired that often. At first it was the quality of the show that I hated, now it's the constant airtime of TTG that pisses me off. This garbage has overstayed its welcome.

Cartoon Network must really hate people! They sell this crap as bad or worse than Nickelodeon constantly showing SpongeBob. Every time I turn on CN, I see this show being shown, advertised, or put into a marathon. I'm confused that Uncle Grandpa, while being slightly hated, was cancelled, and Teen Titans Go F Yourselves, which is absolutely hated, is still going! THIS IS NOT OUR FAVORITE SHOW! Showing this to your children is bad parenting and have them watch some of the only good shows still airing like Adventure Time, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Steven Universe.

Why can't Cartoon Network accept the fact that very few people actually like this show? Even children within their targeted age demographic don't like it. Heck, my 5 year old brother hates it now! I hate it, and this is coming out of a girl who loves cartoons and all forms of animated entertainment! I used to like Teen Titans Go, but that was back when I was nine. After watching animated masterpieces designed for kids like Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, and Adventure Time, a show this bad that dares to question its audience's intelligence is inexcusable! I agree with every item on this list; I've even began watching episodes of the original Teen Titans (it was made before I was old enough to comprehend it) and THAT show is amazing!

Cartoon Network, please listen to your fans and cancel Teen Titans Go!. I hate it, my classmates hate it, my siblings hate it, my parents hate it, and everyone with adequate levels of intelligence I know hate it. The sooner you cancel it, the sooner ...more

Why do the producers think that this is my favorite show! It sucks! Why do they think that these people want to watch easy money, puppets, wolves, a talking boomerang, a clean diaper, and a bunch of idiots doing the most stupidest things that even guy who likes stupid thing wouldn't even watch?!

"your new favorite show" my Eye!

Matthew 7:15

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

That makes Teen Titans Go, a False Prophet!

A travesty to modern times. Is the modern generation this unsurprisingly stupid that they don't know this show destroyed brain cells of mine for just watching the commercials of the grotesque work of garbage that cartoon network calls a show, in turn the episodes only cost 1$ to produce

Any cartoon that tells you that it's "your favorite show" is bad.

I'm only commenting on here because I did hate it when they did that. I absolutely hated it. - ChromaPlayer

Obviously, if they can't come up with something better than "your new favorite show", then do you really think the actual show will be creative? Seriously, "your new favorite show" can apply to basically any show.

Cartoon Network, we don't want you shoving this garbage down our throats. It's just not right. If this show could come to an end, there would be a celebration, not a sob story about why it was so good. - Target

What happened to public opinion?! Are they trying to force us into liking such a mess?

Lets see: They keep showing the show (even though it sucks), They say it everyone's new favorite show, and they take up time that they could use for good shows like Steven Universe

What!?!? Toddler titans is the most god awful show I've ever seen. New favorite show, I'd rather watch SpongeBob's worst episodes instead. Here's a better slogan: Toddler titans kill it, KILL IT WITH FIRE!

Kids these days don't even know what the original Teen Titans were like.

They say it's your new favorite show but really it's a travesty to this generation as well as being grotesque and insulting the original fans if this show, and now there roll models for the little tikes.Why even the creators call it stupid and it is stupendous awful and has poisoned the brand and it's shows that are actually not going to destroy brain cells. I can proudly say I hate this show and all who repersent it. This show WILL have harsh repercussions on us as film critics

Tenn titans go, more like teen titans go waste your time watching this stupid show! Sure, CN has made some awful works, and this show is no exception. The one reason out of many why I hate this show SO much is that kids actually like it! HOW?!

It's super overplayed, and it's not my "new favorite show." Cartoon Network needs to stop rubbing it in our faces. - Powerfulgirl10

I DEPISE those commercials! My mom absolutely hates this show and so do I. I only have Adventure Time now and it's pretty weird sometimes. Steven Universe is good too, don't get me wrong. Regular Show has ended (I'm so sad). Gumball is still on, and it's a good show. I HATE how Cartoon Network tries to force this heap of garbage onto us.

I don't even think some of the worst shows I've ever seen have tried to brainwash people by saying "your new favorite show" in every single ad. Teen Titans Go is on a new level. - WholeGrainNeko

This show shouldn't exist, it's so stupid and is my LEAST FAVORITE SHOW EVER. The dignity of teeth is so gross, all they do is slobber and eat TEETH, even after she wins, RAVEN KEEPS EATING THEM!

Your new favorite show? I cannot believe that this piece of crap is what kids like the most! I remember when Cartoon Network had shows that appealed to teenagers, not just kids. But, now we have CN airing Toddler Titans No for eight hours a day, with their good cartoons haven been thrown out the window. I hope that CN remembers that older audiences can appreciate cartoons, and start making good shows again.

More like teen titan go away like why sometimes I wish I can meet all the people who plays the voice of the characters and tell them to bring teen titans back

The worst part is that thanks to a bunch of brain dead little kids it's one of the most popular shows on Cartoon Network