Top Ten Reasons Why Terraria Is Better Than Minecraft

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1 Kinder community

Well if this is really a KINDER COMMUNITY then why are you hating on Minecraft?

I do agree, Minecraft is a very boring gamee without mods, but in case you doingt know, I know a mod called the titans mod, and it contains the hardest video game bosses ever, The way I know because the titans are undefeated to Minecraft bosses, and not only that, but it is lesser titans like omegafish and cave spider titan to obliterate them, greater titans and of course the all powerful witherzilla can one shot any video game boss

Terraria is way better in my opinion. It offers more options in combat, building, and etc.
Compared to the measly 2 bosses and like 5 enemy's minecraft has.

Anything popular becomes crappy at some point. I quit Call of Duty because of that.

Minecraft used to have a great community back in the day because it was "tighter" and less popular. I expect the same thing for Terraria, once it gets super popular (if it does), it will also have a community. - thebadscientist

Hey man, Terraria is too hard for console peasants so they won't be part of the community. Since the world of gaming nowadays exists for 50% out of console peasants, this shouldn't be a problem. (There are no screaming 12 year olds between the true gamers) - Yannick1124

2 More content/updates

Terraria has more enemies, weapons, armor, accessories, bosses, and ores. Terraria's just way better. - sielexuss50

I disagree with every reason
(The creators of this list need a serious reality check)

Terraria 1.3 Added more content then Minecraft ever had it had more items, more bosses, more weapons, and more enemies

Yeah true
minecraft only gives you weird stuff like A DOLPHIN

3 Way more combat

When I play capture the flag in Minecraft, I keep hitting someone but it turns out they are behind me because my computer is laggy and Minecraft's combat isn't as good because there are only swords and bows - sielexuss50

This makes it a whole lot better. - Deqfarah

Mana, need I say more?

Classes: Mage, Yoyo Master, Melee, Summoner, Tank, Gunslinger, Ranger and tons more.

4 Over 100 guns/weapons/powers

The diamond sword in Minecraft does the same amount of damage as the wooden sword in Terraria. That is hella sad...

A meowmere which is 200 damage vs a diamond sword which is 7 damage.

The influx waver is technically more useful than the meowmere because it hits 3 times instead of 1 which does 300 to 450 damage. But I still agree with what everyone is saying and also terraria is better than Minecraft because it has more enemy's and bosses to test your weapons on.

200 damage meowmere compared to a 7 damage diamond sword see the difference?

5 Terraria was made several months before minecraft.

It is true that all of Terraria's bosses were made before Minecraft was out of Beta, and it is possible that Minecraft copied partly, but there is such thing as INSPIRATION. INSPIRATION is when you see something amazing and try to do something similar (reasons may vary - this is NOT a textbook ). But think about this: it is MUCH easier to program a 2D world than a 3D world: you don't have to design sides of blocks, you can just go crazy w/ pixel art, and you don't have to program the physics in a certain way. Plus, in Minecraft, a couple of blocks have different physics. Then when they add mobs and bosses, both parties have to program AI, health, animations, drops, etc. So basically, Minecraft may or may not be a rip off, and Terraria may or may not have a bit too much of Minecraft's aspects. But it's your choice to let it matter.

Whilst I defiantly prefer Terraria, I am sad to say that this is false. Minecraft released 2 years before Terraria - IDunnoWhatToNameMyself

For all those people who say "Minecraft was made before". And "Terraria copied Minecraft". - Deqfarah

If a games age is used to determine if it is better then another, then Pong is the best game that was ever made as it was made 40 years before Terraria - WorldPuncher47592834

6 More creative

Whoever put this here should realize this:Minecraft has creative mod! A serious shock!

Lol. Who put this reason here? Minecraft has creative, peaceful mode, redstone and command blocks (which you can do practically anything with). Minecraft is 3D as well, which is just icing on the cake. I don't see how anyone in their right mind would think Terraria is more creative than Minecraft.

Add Mobile version of Terraria doesn't pay and Minecraft does - LUDEL

Why is this even here? Minecraft and Terraria are creative in different ways. You can build in 2D, and use walls and platforms to make it look 3D, and some people enjoy 2D. In Minecraft, you can build in 3D, which some people enjoy. Again, it's a split road between 3D and 2D.

7 Better graphics by a landslide

I agree. I was bullied in 4th grade for liking terraria just because of its graphics. GRAPHICS don't MATTER

Do graphics matter? I agree that Minecraft's graphics suck, but graphics don't count on determining the greatness of games. For example, Pokemon Red had crap graphics, but it's gameplay was more solid then Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

Graphics don't matter kids.

Terraria is still better anyway. - KennyRulz244444

At first the graphics are ok. But when you to different places especially at night. - Deqfarah

8 More enemies

The amount of Pre-Hardmode mobs outnumber The amount of Minecraft mobs + 100 Mods by Googolplex.

Ender Dragon VS Moon Lord:
Ender Dragon would use Spit Attack which brings Moon Lord down to 144987 Health
Moon Lord would use Death Ray which brings Ender Dragon to 100 Health
Ender Dragon would use Endermen which brings Moon Lord to 144977 Health
Moon Lord would use Hand which brings Ender Dragon to No Health

I used to like minecraft more than terraria but now the tables have turned. Compare the 2 minecraft bosses to the 7 Pre-hardmod terraria bosses. Ender dragon (200 health) VS King Slime (2000 health).

Over 15 bosses, and 150+ enemies. - Deqfarah

9 Less lag

It is good because you have npc you can by thing's from them and get items that proggres the game

More like no lag. I love Minecraft but it lags

Minecraft I play with 2 players I can't move

Terraria lags more. But other reasons outweigh this.

10 You can fight a gigantic mechanical santa

Robots are cool. Giant is the adjective of awesome. Santa is fat. Lets say it together... "Lets fight a cool, awesome fatty! "

Its presents are elf meter and chain gun!

A santa tank what more can u ask for what he does is he kills people so he doesn't have to deliver so many presents and you can fight him all year round

With epic music in the background, while he shoots with a chain gun at you. - FlyingFridge

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11 Better mods

First of all, Minecraft mods like orespawn and mythical creatures have insane bosses, new mobs, tones of new weapons, oh, and they could easily kill stuff in Terri’s in one hit

Terraria mods are like a free dlc which adds a extra 100+ hours of epic gameplay

Terraria mods are much more enjoyable and difficult, like Prefixes for Enemies, Spirit, Calamity, Thorium, etc.

Mods in Terraria have sooo much more content than any mod in Minecraft.

12 Lasts longer

Minecraft lasts for about a month? Same as like every other game in existence. Your point is?

Only because Terraria takes hours to load simple stuff. I MEAN what TE HECK!

In Minecraft, if you play for just 1 month, you've done everything. You have an enchanted diamond sword and have beat the ender dragon, and nothing else to do. In terraria, when I was just 1 month in the game, I had weak gear. We beat golem after two years of dedicated play.

I can get diamonds on the first day

13 More mature community

The Terraria community isn't filled with bullies and immature kids that don't know any better than to swear and come up with very uncreative and overused insults. They also accept opinions more positively than anybody from the Minecraft fanbase would. - KennyRulz244444

Minecraft community: 90% kids. 9% teens and 1% adultsTerraria community: 15% kids 25% adults and 60% teens

Actually: Minecraft community: 85% kids, 10% creeps, 5% slightly mature thinkers; Terraria community: very mixed, but mostly people who can think maturely or at least act like they can. - Yannick1124

I love the fact that this kid going threw out the entire thing and writing "Terraria is STUPID" is just proving our point.

So, so true, couldn't have said it better! - Yannick1124

14 You can save characters and go on other worlds

In Minecraft, you make a world and get a bunch of stuff, and say you want to move it to another world. There's a difficulty. In Terraria? No problem!

In Minecraft, when you go to another world / server, you have to redo all your "hard work". Unlike Terraria, you can save all your weapons, items and gear with you on another world / server. You can continue your journey in Terraria without having to redo all the things you did, such as fighting a hard boss.

And you can trade with your friends. For example, imagine you wanted to trade 50 truffle worms for the possessed hatchet, you can go with you saved items and give your friend the hatchet. Easy! In minecraft, you can't even trade much, AND you can't get your stuff in other worlds. If world hopping in Terraria didn't exist, I would've never got the scourge of the corrupter and vampire knives. - astroshark

You're not SUPPOSED to bring your gear from singleplayer onto other worlds. Like multiplayer. - mattstat716

15 A lot more mobs and monsters

In Minecraft there is 'bout... 10 mobs? And in TERRARIA there is about 1000 mobs! Can you see the difference?

So you can have a variety

Fight a literal god. - Theco

Do mobs matter?

16 Minecraft is boring

Why do you make me disagree with you IDunnoWhatToNameMyself

Yeah, I know, lot's of people say, "Minecraft has kool mods! Derm! " But let's be real here... The only reason Minecraft has these "kool" mods, is because the game is so darn limited! "Oh, but there is kool looking' castles, and Mine Carts 030." come on people, let's be real. Minecraft is now becoming a corrupted compilation of everything the fans want, instead of an actual game. Terraria has never (and hopefully will never) have this problem

Mods are hard to install sometimes and could contain viruses to mess up your computer big time

Even most mods for Minecraft get so boring after awhile.

17 You collect costumes

You can collect costumes in terraria, in Minecraft Only dyed leather armor

There is no better feeling than defeating the Moon Lord with a fish costume. - ClovertheAverageCat

You have vanity sets which give you a chance to express yourself, or just look plain cool. Heck, you can even put armor on the vanity set area. I like the creeper suit, or the sun mask, as my favorite.

In Terraria I can be a fox with fishron wings who kills people with the Terra Blade. In minecraft I can be a dull fox with boring armour and a weak sword. - astroshark

18 Better boss battles

Just because its in 3D doesn't mean its way better. And wall of flesh actually takes strategy, like if you do not prepare for the wall of flesh by bringing health potions and clearing a big path, you will die instantaneously.

Minecrafts boss battles are great ideas the only problem is that THE BOSS FIGHT SUCKS. The ender dragon is not hard or fun at all all you do is wait for it to come and spam click it that's it it's like a game of spamming a button -_-. Now Terraria boss fights are also great ideas but the boss fights ARE ACTUALLY FUN even the 1st boss fight is more fun the Minecrafts bosses COMBINED now hate Minecraft fans.

Sounds arnet better in boss battles in Minecraft terraria even has its own bos music Minecraft is just boring piano

Oh, SO True. In Minecraft, to defeat the Ender Dragon you only have to have the reflexes of a 90 year old and a Bow with Armour. In Terraria, any boss requires strategy and proper weapons to defeat and obtain their very useful and EPIC loot. That's another point �" in Minecraft, you literally get a Nether Star which is pretty much useless. In Terraria, you get game changing materials, etc.

19 Terraria has more items

Try and get the rod of discord before saying you got everything. Did I mention the extra 150+ items? Also, did I mention Minecraft has 10-50 items? - Theco

Fun facts that in mobile version after you made a world you eill get 0-6 dirt ( try it if you don't believe me )


U just wrecked yourself!

20 Your items never break

The reason why this wouldn't work in minecraft is because the items are easy to get and otherwise it would be way easier to finih the game. - Sawd05

Pfft. That means it’s unrealistic! You expect a copper short sword to never break?

Both are unrealistic in their own ways
Please don't tell me that hitting a tree with your fist and successfully breaking it is realistic...
And then in Minecraft the trees float... - IDunnoWhatToNameMyself

I think this is a neat addition. Do you know how many times I have to replace an item in Minecraft? Usually about 5 times a play.

Let's say there's a sword that took you WEEKS to make (gathering materials), but like after 2 days it breaks. That would be the WORST thing ever. - FlyingFridge

21 It's 2-D

I'd rather get motion sick than fell like I am cheating in a game.

I get motion sick from Minecraft

Since it's 2D, you can see the danger a mile away

So for all the triggered peeps, you saying sonic 06 is better than sonic 1? NO

22 More of a challenge

The only challenge in Minecraft is to not get blown up by a walking penis

In Terraria, you can spend hours preparing for a boss, or even fighting normal monsters. The only challenge in Minecraft, like someone already said, is to not get blown up by a walking penis meant to be a pig.

The only challenge in Minecraft is not to get blown up by a walking penis terraria doesn't have walking pens - Hummingbirdf

Minecraft is about building. Survival mode should not even exist. It is normal for sandboxes to not have a challenge. I hope people understand that. - MChkflaguard_Yt

23 Character Look

In Terraria, you see armoured players who look totally bada$$. In minecraft, you see naked weirdos who ask for a boyfriend/girlfriend. - astroshark


So u want Minecraft skins, that can be realistic to the the point where u can wear a hoodie and get a foam Minecraft sword from the toilet store, or do u want color filled masterpieces of armor that is like no other. I mean seriously, if u don't believe me talk to your theripist about the situation.

I always hated it that in minecraft you have to go through lot's of pain and searching "how to change your skin in mincrrft", in terraria, you just create a character without any confusion. - FlyingFridge

24 Terraria has music and sounds for each biome

Every biome has a unique tune Minecraft doesn't have that


To be honest I like the Minecraft soundtrack a lot better. - Demogorgan

My favourite Minecraft song is C418 - Sweden, it's a song for a funeral, Minecraft has better sounds and music - Wobblygaming7

25 Harmless mobs

Creepers are just stupid things to mess up your buildings so you spend more time on Minecraft when on terraria it doesn't make you want to curl up in the corner and die

Plus they look like walking life sized penis sex toys that are green and have 4 testicles to walk - Hummingbirdf

I honestly think that Terraria mobs are WAY more dangerous than Minecraft mobs, for example a Creeper would stand no chance against a Bone Serpent. See my point?

You can see Terraria mobs from all angles, in Minecraft you can't. Creepers are a threat because you can't see them if their behind you. - thebadscientist

Eye of Cthulhu (weakest Terraria boss) would defeat the Ender Dragon (hardest minecraft boss) in a few hits. - astroshark

I can sell them for silver. - Theco

26 Awesome bosses

The Wither would stand no chance against The destroyer. He would just get ripped apart in like, two seconds

Less he wouldn't even want to spawn haha

The ender dragon (200 life) vs the moon lord (145,000 life). The ender dragon has a spit attack, the moon lord has a phantasmal death ray that deals more than 100 damage. No contest.

Pshh a meowmere could kill the ender dragon in one shot ender dragon sucks terraria bosses are great

27 More fantasy based

Yeah! Kids are loosing out on not being more connected with fantasy and sci fi!

Personally I don't like fantasy as it is overrated. Just my opinion though, I would like to see how a sandbox balance building and RPG stuff. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Yeah I tottaly agree I mean oil green explosive scrotum or CTHULU

In my opinion fantasy is better. It triggers the imagination and sparks creativity. Less fantasy won't get kids thinking and pretending their on an epic journey to cleans the world of a great corruption, it will get them studying for a science project in 2d grade. I mean that's the opposite gaming.
Mannn, that was SO deep. My conscience will be proud of me. We haven't spoken to each other in a while
Terrarians are my PEEPs.

28 It's going to be part of a trilogy with Terraria Otherworld and Terraria 2

What would be cool is if they had after moon lord is defeated a portal opens and you go to different world and u can go back and forth and the cycle starts again with a ton more items

I don't care about story. I care about building - MChkflaguard_Yt

Really strongly agree with this one.

Minecraft is a singularity. Minecrap Story Mode isn't even a game, it's a novel. - Theco

29 NPCs that actually do useful things

What do you mean? Some NPCs are a ripoff, but other NPCs are a ripoff! To them I mean.

Squidward-like NPCs do nothing but trade rare gems for crappy items, human/creature-like NPCs sell useful items and are often helpful with other things. - KennyRulz244444

MC NPCs just give trash items, so I guess emerald is trash. Terraria? It uses a trading system - Theco

A villager tried sellin me a bucket of milk for 3 emeralds hate mc con men

30 The ores and armor

Minecraft's ores consist of coal, emerald, gold, iron, redstone, quartz, and diamond... they are all "easy" to find and are often useless. Terraria has plenty of ores (I believe twenty plus? ) starting from copper to chlorophyte! - KennyRulz244444

Diamonds are useless in Terraria - except in early game fore getting a diamond staff - Charmedyeti

Diamond isn't even a gem. There is only 2 ores. Terraria? Too much. - Theco

You could keep it ranged?

31 No perverted kids

Lies..perverted kids is roblox here's an accurate representation of roblox: "123/ABC for girlfriend/boyfriend" yet with jerry and harry...people build inaproprate builds that don't even relate to the theme in build battle - SeikoIsBestCorpsePartyGirl

"hey who wants to be my G/F" There's a reason minecraft has been involved in child predator incidents - Yatagarasu

People in mincrap just twerk in your face and the spam the chat with this: (farts) lol

I hate when these kids just keep screaming in multiplayer when they get griefed

32 Mods are way better

Literally, Minecraft mods mostly are like, One item mods or ripoffs of games plus stupid names, and plus, the games they copy have copyright most likely. Terarria Mods are amazing add like at least 3 new bosses and 100 mobs, and have cool names and plus they add around 200 items, and add 50 extra hours of gameplay

There are little to no mods in Minecraft that actually do something useful (the only mod that seems to really catch my attention is the Rare Ores mod, which adds in rarer ores that "extend the gameplay", but that's for an old version, 1.6.4), Terraria has mods that almost change the gameplay in some sort of form. - KennyRulz244444

Terraria Calamity,Thorium and Spirit mod! TERRARIA FOR THE WIN

So true. Thorium and Tremor are such fun mods. I never have found a fun MC mod in my life.

33 There's always something to do

There are always huge updates which contain new bosses and stronger weapons. Minecraft adds new blocks. Minecraft needs mods to be good.

Terraria is more creative with building, and as one user stated, with every update comes new content such as bosses, bug fixes, and more weapons and tools. Minecraft just adds more boring blocks and often pointless crap that doesn't get you anywhere. - KennyRulz244444

To all the people that are gonna argue, is iron nugget really good? - Yatagarasu

After someone beats both games, oops another update. Minecraft is short. Terraria is long. - Theco

Just build more anazing stuff in Minecraft. It is meant to be a creative sandbox not heaps and heaps of RPG. - MChkflaguard_Yt

34 Cooler 'creepers'

You may not remember these - the things that fly around the brain of Cthulhu? They are actually creepy and don't make you rage when on Minecraft the creepers just look plain weird and just ruin your house, and you life

Terraria Creeper can one hit Steve even with "op" diamond armour - Hummingbirdf

I always liked these eye things. - FlyingFridge

MC Creepers are too annoying. Terraria creepers? Creepy and awesome. I guess the reason why you can call MC creepers creepers is because they are creeped out they are in a bad game. - Theco

Minecraft Creepers: Big Walking Penis that goes Boom and ruins your day
Terraria Creepers: Creepy Circles that are hard and Not annoying

35 It’s actually fun to play by yourself

This is true, because every time I play minecraft I have to get a friend online to play with me because otherwise I'll play terraria and actually have a bunch of stuff to do.

Said no one ever
I play minecraft by myself and it’s actully pretty fun. I think that the terrarians never get deep into the game.

Minecraft gets boring very quickly when playing by yourself - thunderstar1124

I start, and I'm done playing because I know that it will be like every other time. I don't have that in Terraria, like now I have the problem that after 20 different chests I still haven't found a Magic Mirror. - Yannick1124

I red all these reasons and I heavily agree, the main reason because Terraria is better than Minecraft is that Terraria is small, but it's full of things to do, Minecraft is big, but it's literally empty! It has no meaning, no story, no music (just a boring piano melody), no complex stuff in general, and people who work at Mojang are so slow or idiots (a 15 years-old boy can create wonderful mods and a whole team can't! )
Terraria is better.
I'm sorry if I made grammatical errors. Bye.

36 Terraria has blood

It can get really gory at places. You can spew blood, your NPCs can spew blood. Except The Angler since that would make Terraria M rated

37 Actual challenging nights.

How is Minecraft challenging when you can just walk over to your bed and skip the whole night? In terraria it only sets your spawn point so it actually makes you go out and do something and not be a lazy butt

Well this time I give a vote to minecraft as night in terraria is easy

38 Actual classes of weapons

Terraria: Hey I'm doing a Mage play through and I hope I get the Mage emblem when I defeat the wall of flesh so I get stronger water bolts so I can keep killing it until I get the sword my friend wants! I also want armour that gives my magic power a boost and by mana amount increase!

Minecraft: ehh I have a bow...not much else with archery tiers...meh..

I thought of something. A 100ft building that a Minecraft arrow can't reach. A MC kid goes there but Terraria human shoots them.

39 Drops are better

When you kill the wither (a boss) in minecraft he drops a star that's used to make a block. While in terraria, when you kill a boss he drops you for example: ores, seeds, trophies, weapons, and even masks of the boss! - FlyingFridge

When I play MC a zombie drops 1-2 pieces of rotten flesh, when I play Terraria zombie can drop its arm as a sword.

40 Retro graphics styling

Playing Terraria makes you feel like you're playing a classic retro video game, even thought it's modern and is always adding new features and updates

To the comment below:
My dad (who was born in the 1960's) said that Terraria looked like a game from the 80's.
Just some cool info I thought I'd share...

Hey, Terraria is an actual 16-bit style game! No pile of folding templates walking around in a 3D world. - Yannick1124

Terraria looks like an early-to-mid 90s game for a Super Nintendo compared to Minecraft which looks like any ordinary 3D game. - KennyRulz244444

41 More fun

Terraria makes me get imaginative, creative and violent. Those always make me act like an idiot and it is always funny! Terraria for the win!

Terraria: Awesome Single player,Great mods(Terraria mods are like a free dlc) Good multiplayer has spleef, has mount races,and more Nice people (Minecraft has 5 year olds who call you a hacker for killing them).

Yeah the minecraft fanbase just ruined my day... these little kids are so egoist! - MChkflaguard_Yt

Terraria is stupid people who like it are dicks

That's right, make us look even better. You just proved our point on so many things - Yatagarasu

In terraria,you got more creative stuff,you got enemies like mimics,zombies,skeletons,rune wizards... you got RAINBOW SLIMES! Plus terraria is more like a tale rather than a realistic world,you got the evil corruption,you got bloody,gored crimson,you got nice hallow with unicorns and fairys,you got desert,you got caverns,and even underworld/hell! Making it more of a evil than nice world and,of course,less squeakers!

42 It's cheaper

Minecraft is WAY too overpriced for what it is, whereas Terraria is WAY too underpriced for what it is. I'm grateful for that though. - IDunnoWhatToNameMyself

Minecraft costs 29.99$ whereas Terraria costs 5.99$

Especially on steam when there is a sale

Yes and terraria you get your moneys worth big time

43 Way more pets

I'd like to see Steve summon a snowman and have it follow him around - IDunnoWhatToNameMyself

You can get a lot of pets I got a elf a mini skeleton head and a cupid

Pets are so cute

Hey, at least your pets don't die in Terraria. - astroshark

44 Better mechanics

Even though Minecraft has got command blocks (which takes forever to learn how to use). Terraria's mechanics are simple I have made myself a mechanism which teleports me away from boss' attacks.

Its awesome with mechs seriosly statues that spawn items/enemies
Does Minecraft have that in survival nope so they're a dope

45 Better grinding

Minecraft "ya a lava pool to kill green explosive hacked pigs". Terraria "10 volcano traps ready to go :D". You see what I mean people! Terraria for the win! 11

46 Easy to navigate

I agree! I lost my house so many times on Minecraft but on terraria I never lost it

Minecraft is supposedly 'infinite' (which it isn't just HUGE), and being 3d makes it almost impossible to navigate and safely get home without being killed or lost. On Terraria you only have to worry about how far your house is and how deep you are!

I hate it when you lose a house in Minecraft

Lol if you lost in terraria then you r a noob just use magic mirror

47 Active developers who listen to the community

I guess you can look at it like this:
Minecraft's developers are like Cats. They don't really care about you, the player
Terraria's developers are like Dogs. They will do anything for you, even going as far as not removing a glitch (hoiking) because the player base loves it - IDunnoWhatToNameMyself

Terraria wasn't an instant smash hit, nor is is today, however its developers listen to the community and care.

Mine craft developers: Hey, we added this thing and refuse to remove it lol

Terraria developers: We’re not removing hoik glitching since the community loves it so much.

See the difference?

48 There are many events

The blood moon, where zombies come doused in red.
The eclipse, where swamp things and frankensteins rise.
The slime rain, where gelatinous enemies fall from clouds.
As for minecraft...
Only rain. At least Terraria's rain has slimes have umbrellas. Minecraft's rain makes a painful noise.

49 Actually organized servers

I joined a server and they kicked me because they didint like that I got more stuff so they kicked me and in terraria when no one asks for stuff I give them not hey give me that

Minecraft servers suck so much, can't go anywhere without a respirator. And me myself plays Minecraft! - MChkflaguard_Yt

No trolls. No griefers. No idiots trying to deafen you via mic. No children who beg for items and higher ranks. No children who accuse you of being a "n00b" or "h@x0r" after winning a fight. No hackers in every nook and cranny. No annoying players who spawn millions of monsters inside your base. No traps everywhere. Need I say more?

I can't even report anybody in MC because of "GET ON THE FORUMS TO REPORT DAMNIT"
Terraria? Really easy. It is as simple as MC - Theco

50 When you die, you keep your items

Ok, You CAN do keep inventory, but in MCPE It is considered cheating! Plus let's say you kill the ender dragon. You didn't earn the achievement just because you did keep inventory! In terraria, keep inventory isn't cheating.

In Minecraft, let's say you beat the Enderdragon and have lots of diamonds. When you get killed, you drop all of your "precious" belongings, and as far as I know, you won't be getting them back. In Terraria, when you get killed, you keep all of your items and you just drop money. In my opinion, that's WAY better because what if you have good items? They're still with you!

No matter what difficulty in Minecraft you are on (whether it be Peaceful, Easy, Medium, or Hard) you will still lose your items that you worked hard (pfft) for. In Terraria, you will only lose your coins on an easy difficulty and from medium and onward you will lose your items. - KennyRulz244444

Same in minecraft unless you activate keep inventory - WorldPuncher47592834

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