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1 Kinder community

Anything popular becomes crappy at some point. I quit Call of Duty because of that.

Minecraft used to have a great community back in the day because it was "tighter" and less popular. I expect the same thing for Terraria, once it gets super popular (if it does), it will also have a community. - thebadscientist

Minecraft community is filled with screaming kids. Terraria is less popular so not as many kids play it and it has a kinder community. - SammySpore

Only because less people play it dude. IF Terraria became as popular as MineCraft it would have screaming kids. - Finiteboy

I agree one time I press q instead of w and I dropped a OP sword which took ages took ages to get and some dude got it and called me a noob and he ran away. In terraria once Again I dropped my legendary star wrath some dude got it he had weaker gear than me (i forgot maybe post plantera) and he told me to follow him and took me to a cave and gave it back

You can easily rebind that button. But ask yourself this question, if you dropped $100 on the floor in a crowded street, will anyone try to take it? Of course they will. You can't blame the game. - thebadscientist

It's better than minecraps 5 year old dumbbags

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2 More content/updates

Terraria 1.3 Added more content then Minecraft ever had it had more items, more bosses, more weapons, and more enemies

Terraria's got way more updates and more content. - Deqfarah

Minecraft updates - OH, look, 1 new mob and 8 new items!
Terraria update - OH MY GOD, 100 new enemies and 1000 new items!

Minecraft has a couple of months to a year of making a new update and what do you get for your paitence? A new mob, more boring blocks, and maybe a boss that isn't worth defeating.

Terraria's 1.2 update took TWENTY MONTHS to come around (from January 2012 to September 2013)... as soon as September 2013 came around Hardmode was extended with more bosses and new items that extended the gameplay, new enemies that could frustrate you with their fair but harsh difficulty, more tools to make a task easier, etc.

Which one is better? - KennyRulz244444

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3 Way more combat

This makes it a whole lot better. - Deqfarah

Mana, need I say more?

Lol, Minecraft combat is so boring and repetitive. Also in the 1.9 update when they had a cool time for a weapon it was supposedly unhackable. But guess what? Hackers made a anti cool down hack!

Plus which one do you want to fight with more challange?
Green walking exploding penis
1 cultist that can duplicate theirself + 4 pillar + 1 huge final boss that has 3 eyes minions

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4 Over 100 guns/weapons/powers

200 damage meowmere compared to a 7 damage diamond sword see the difference?

Can't beat the guns. - Deqfarah

Minecraft only has 6 ores, which you can only 5 of them including wood and cobblestone. Terraria has over 100 weapons, ores, monsters and way more things to do. It's also WAY more exciting and builds up more suspense than "Minecrap".

Hell Yeah

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5 Terraria was made several months before minecraft.

It is true that all of Terraria's bosses were made before Minecraft was out of Beta, and it is possible that Minecraft copied partly, but there is such thing as INSPIRATION. INSPIRATION is when you see something amazing and try to do something similar (reasons may vary - this is NOT a textbook ). But think about this: it is MUCH easier to program a 2D world than a 3D world: you don't have to design sides of blocks, you can just go crazy w/ pixel art, and you don't have to program the physics in a certain way. Plus, in Minecraft, a couple of blocks have different physics. Then when they add mobs and bosses, both parties have to program AI, health, animations, drops, etc. So basically, Minecraft may or may not be a rip off, and Terraria may or may not have a bit too much of Minecraft's aspects. But it's your choice to let it matter.

For all those people who say "Minecraft was made before". And "Terraria copied Minecraft". - Deqfarah

It's true. It took a long time for terraria to be made


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6 More creative

Why is this even here? Minecraft and Terraria are creative in different ways. You can build in 2D, and use walls and platforms to make it look 3D, and some people enjoy 2D. In Minecraft, you can build in 3D, which some people enjoy. Again, it's a split road between 3D and 2D.

You could create amazing buildings with over 100 blocks to choose from
Minecraft only has 40 plus block terraria wins by 20 miles

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7 Better graphics by a landslide

Do graphics matter? I agree that Minecraft's graphics suck, but graphics don't count on determining the greatness of games. For example, Pokemon Red had crap graphics, but it's gameplay was more solid then Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

At first the graphics are ok. But when you to different places especially at night. - Deqfarah

Graphics don't matter kids.

Terraria is still better anyway. - KennyRulz244444

Sorta, minecraft makes my eyes hurt

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8 More enemies

Over 15 bosses, and 150+ enemies. - Deqfarah

Actually there are more than 15 bosses

The enemies in Terraria look better than a zombie, a spider, some green thing that blows up, etc. - KennyRulz244444

Lets see...

Tall black teleport thingy and exploding green penis or

Wall of flesh, antlion, skeletron, nymph, etc - Yatagarasu

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9 Less lag

More like no lag. I love Minecraft but it lags

Minecraft I play with 2 players I can't move

One thime in the survival games,2 seconds after the invincibility I got killed because I had a diamond helmet and people wanted it so badly and minecrap lags so much that I was killed in 7 seconds and I got no hits with my stone sword

There may be no lag, but I can't count how many times me or my friend couldn't join other friend's worlds or just lost connection and left.

Terraria is still miles better. - toptenzen

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10 You can fight a gigantic mechanical santa

(Below- I think..) Take away San and (1? ), tank!

Its presents are elf meter and chain gun!

A santa tank what more can u ask for what he does is he kills people so he doesn't have to deliver so many presents and you can fight him all year round

Terraria is STUPID

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11 More mature community

The Terraria community isn't filled with bullies and immature kids that don't know any better than to swear and come up with very uncreative and overused insults. They also accept opinions more positively than anybody from the Minecraft fanbase would. - KennyRulz244444

Minecraft community: 90% kids. 9% teens and 1% adultsTerraria community: 15% kids 25% adults and 60% teens

Source please? - thebadscientist

Terraria is STUPID

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12 Better mods

Terraria mods are like a free dlc which adds a extra 100+ hours of epic gameplay

Mods in Terraria have sooo much more content than any mod in Minecraft.

Are you seriously arguing this? Minecraft has a more dedicated and extensive modding community. - thebadscientist

Minecraft mods maybe added cool stuffs but
Terraria mods give you more challange after defeating moon lord (Thorium Mod)

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13 Lasts Longer

In Minecraft, if you play for just 1 month, you've done everything. You have an enchanted diamond sword and have beat the ender dragon, and nothing else to do. In terraria, when I was just 1 month in the game, I had weak gear. We beat golem after two years of dedicated play.

I can get diamonds on the first day

Minecraft is simple. Eat sleep fight mine win. There you go! I beat five Minecraft worlds in one day!

Terraria is less boring than Minecraft, I managed to spend months and months on Terraria while Minecraft seems to take me a few days. - KennyRulz244444

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14 You collect costumes

You can collect costumes in terraria, in Minecraft Only dyed leather armor

In Terraria I can be a fox with fishron wings who kills people with the Terra Blade. In minecraft I can be a dull fox with boring armour and a weak sword. - astroshark

Link outfit? Yes please
Mario and luigi outfits? Yes please
Leather tunic? Mmhnahh

Skins : awesome
Skins + armour : what
luckily clothier sold familiar clothes

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15 A lot more mobs and monsters

In Minecraft there is 'bout... 10 mobs? And in TERRARIA there is about 1000 mobs! Can you see the difference?

Terraria is STUPID

Easier things :
Minecraft zombie : 3 kinds ( not includee baby and pigman)
Terraria zombie : 10-15 kinds?
Easier way to find out

16 Terraria has more items

Fun facts that in mobile version after you made a world you eill get 0-6 dirt ( try it if you don't believe me )

That's a bad thing

U just wrecked yourself!

Terraria is STUPID

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17 You can save characters and go on other worlds

In Minecraft, you make a world and get a bunch of stuff, and say you want to move it to another world. There's a difficulty. In Terraria? No problem!

In Minecraft, when you go to another world / server, you have to redo all your "hard work". Unlike Terraria, you can save all your weapons, items and gear with you on another world / server. You can continue your journey in Terraria without having to redo all the things you did, such as fighting a hard boss.

And you can trade with your friends. For example, imagine you wanted to trade 50 truffle worms for the possessed hatchet, you can go with you saved items and give your friend the hatchet. Easy! In minecraft, you can't even trade much, AND you can't get your stuff in other worlds. If world hopping in Terraria didn't exist, I would've never got the scourge of the corrupter and vampire knives. - astroshark

Terraria is STUPID

18 Character Look

In Terraria, you see armoured players who look totally bada$$. In minecraft, you see naked weirdos who ask for a boyfriend/girlfriend. - astroshark



Minecraft skins are not naked.Terraria is too unrealistic.

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19 Harmless mobs

Creepers are just stupid things to mess up your buildings so you spend more time on Minecraft when on terraria it doesn't make you want to curl up in the corner and die

I honestly think that Terraria mobs are WAY more dangerous than Minecraft mobs, for example a Creeper would stand no chance against a Bone Serpent. See my point?

You can see Terraria mobs from all angles, in Minecraft you can't. Creepers are a threat because you can't see them if their behind you. - thebadscientist

Eye of Cthulhu (weakest Terraria boss) would defeat the Ender Dragon (hardest minecraft boss) in a few hits. - astroshark

Can creeper defeat dungeon guardian wich gonna kill those creeper in 1 punch

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20 Minecraft = Boring

Yeah, I know, lot's of people say, "Minecraft has kool mods! Derm! " But let's be real here... The only reason Minecraft has these "kool" mods, is because the game is so darn limited! "Oh, but there is kool looking' castles, and Mine Carts 030." come on people, let's be real. Minecraft is now becoming a corrupted compilation of everything the fans want, instead of an actual game. Terraria has never (and hopefully will never) have this problem

Even most mods for Minecraft get so boring after awhile.

Mods are hard to install sometimes and could contain viruses to mess up your computer big time

It should say, "Terraria is sucky"

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