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21 It's 2-D

I get motion sick from Minecraft

Since it's 2D, you can see the danger a mile away

So for all the triggered peeps, you saying sonic 06 is better than sonic 1? NO

2D is sucky

It's reminiscent of the early Mario games. Simple doesn't mean bad. - TheOnlyFish

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22 More of a challenge

The only challenge in Minecraft is to not get blown up by a walking penis

In Terraria, you can spend hours preparing for a boss, or even fighting normal monsters. The only challenge in Minecraft, like someone already said, is to not get blown up by a walking penis meant to be a pig.

Minecraft has no real challenge, since terraria has a challenge it just makes the game more fun

Did you know that the Medusa mob in Terraria has more health than the Wither? - Charmedyeti

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23 Your items never break

I think this is a neat addition. Do you know how many times I have to replace an item in Minecraft? Usually about 5 times a play.

Let's say there's a sword that took you WEEKS to make (gathering materials), but like after 2 days it breaks. That would be the WORST thing ever. - FlyingFridge

Terraria bosses would be invincible if you would only had 1 breakable sword. Minecraft? No problem. - Theco

Durability is more realistic, but WHO CARES! - Charmedyeti

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24 Harmless mobs

Creepers are just stupid things to mess up your buildings so you spend more time on Minecraft when on terraria it doesn't make you want to curl up in the corner and die

I honestly think that Terraria mobs are WAY more dangerous than Minecraft mobs, for example a Creeper would stand no chance against a Bone Serpent. See my point?

You can see Terraria mobs from all angles, in Minecraft you can't. Creepers are a threat because you can't see them if their behind you. - thebadscientist

I can sell them for silver. - Theco

Not true. Solar pillar mobs from are insanely difficult - Charmedyeti

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25 More fantasy based

Yeah! Kids are loosing out on not being more connected with fantasy and sci fi!

Yeah I tottaly agree I mean oil green explosive scrotum or CTHULU

In my opinion fantasy is better. It triggers the imagination and sparks creativity. Less fantasy won't get kids thinking and pretending their on an epic journey to cleans the world of a great corruption, it will get them studying for a science project in 2d grade. I mean that's the opposite gaming.
Mannn, that was SO deep. My conscience will be proud of me. We haven't spoken to each other in a while
Terrarians are my PEEPs.

26 Cooler 'creepers'

You may not remember these - the things that fly around the brain of Cthulhu? They are actually creepy and don't make you rage when on Minecraft the creepers just look plain weird and just ruin your house, and you life

MC Creepers are too annoying. Terraria creepers? Creepy and awesome. I guess the reason why you can call MC creepers creepers is because they are creeped out they are in a bad game. - Theco

Minecraft Creepers: Big Walking Penis that goes Boom and ruins your day
Terraria Creepers: Creepy Circles that are hard and Not annoying

Well creeper is not the problem

Brain of ctulhu is a pre hardmode boss
Creeper are their minions

Creeper in minecraft is not the minions but these green things is just too intense if you are just starting your world and you find these creeper and you will die

Creepers in terraria is coming to you and you will prepare to fight these eyes

Conclusion : both creeper are not the problem but all of them will be easy to be killed after you recieve an end-game weapons

Creeper in minecraft + bow = creeper died
Creeper in terraria + solar eruption = 1 pressing button and u will defeat boc

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27 Awesome bosses

The Wither would stand no chance against The destroyer. He would just get ripped apart in like, two seconds

The ender dragon (200 life) vs the moon lord (145,000 life). The ender dragon has a spit attack, the moon lord has a phantasmal death ray that deals more than 100 damage. No contest.

Less he wouldn't even want to spawn haha

Wither vs Skeletron. Wait there isn't a contest? So the Wither can't beat Skeletron? - Theco

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28 It's going to be part of a trilogy with Terraria Otherworld and Terraria 2

What would be cool is if they had after moon lord is defeated a portal opens and you go to different world and u can go back and forth and the cycle starts again with a ton more items

Really strongly agree with this one.

Minecraft is a singularity. Minecrap Story Mode isn't even a game, it's a novel. - Theco

29 Terraria has music and sounds for each biome

Every biome has a unique tune Minecraft doesn't have that


Minecraft always has that annoying tune. Terraria? Nah fam. - Theco

Terraria: Music is literally masterpieces.
Minecraft: uhh.. piano I guess - FlyingFridge

30 There's always something to do

There are always huge updates which contain new bosses and stronger weapons. Minecraft adds new blocks. Minecraft needs mods to be good.

Terraria is more creative with building, and as one user stated, with every update comes new content such as bosses, bug fixes, and more weapons and tools. Minecraft just adds more boring blocks and often pointless crap that doesn't get you anywhere. - KennyRulz244444

To all the people that are gonna argue, is iron nugget really good? - Yatagarasu

After someone beats both games, oops another update. Minecraft is short. Terraria is long. - Theco

Yeah I can build an AFK farm, fight the moon lord, die to the moon lord, farm an earlier boss. Everything. I also thought the only way to beat the Twins was to AFK FARM THEM.

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31 Actual challenging nights.

How is Minecraft challenging when you can just walk over to your bed and skip the whole night? In terraria it only sets your spawn point so it actually makes you go out and do something and not be a lazy butt

Well this time I give a vote to minecraft as night in terraria is easy

32 Actual Classes of Weapons

I thought of something. A 100ft building that a Minecraft arrow can't reach. A MC kid goes there but Terraria human shoots them.

Terraria: Hey I'm doing a Mage play through and I hope I get the Mage emblem when I defeat the wall of flesh so I get stronger water bolts so I can keep killing it until I get the sword my friend wants! I also want armour that gives my magic power a boost and by mana amount increase!

Minecraft: ehh I have a bow...not much else with archery tiers...meh..

33 More fun

Terraria makes me get imaginative, creative and violent. Those always make me act like an idiot and it is always funny! Terraria for the win!

Terraria: Awesome Single player,Great mods(Terraria mods are like a free dlc) Good multiplayer has spleef, has mount races,and more Nice people (Minecraft has 5 year olds who call you a hacker for killing them).

Terraria is stupid people who like it are dicks

That's right, make us look even better. You just proved our point on so many things - Yatagarasu

In terraria,you got more creative stuff,you got enemies like mimics,zombies,skeletons,rune wizards... you got RAINBOW SLIMES! Plus terraria is more like a tale rather than a realistic world,you got the evil corruption,you got bloody,gored crimson,you got nice hallow with unicorns and fairys,you got desert,you got caverns,and even underworld/hell! Making it more of a evil than nice world and,of course,less squeakers!

34 Way more pets

You can get a lot of pets I got a elf a mini skeleton head and a cupid

Pets are so cute

Hey, at least your pets don't die in Terraria. - astroshark

Minecraft u get a wolf but u can't call it back if its annoying you

35 Better mechanics

Even though Minecraft has got command blocks (which takes forever to learn how to use). Terraria's mechanics are simple I have made myself a mechanism which teleports me away from boss' attacks.

Its awesome with mechs seriosly statues that spawn items/enemies
Does Minecraft have that in survival nope so they're a dope

36 NPCs that actually do useful things

Squidward-like NPCs do nothing but trade rare gems for crappy items, human/creature-like NPCs sell useful items and are often helpful with other things. - KennyRulz244444

MC NPCs just give trash items, so I guess emerald is trash. Terraria? It uses a trading system - Theco

A villager tried sellin me a bucket of milk for 3 emeralds hate mc con men

Me: oh hey a village (walks over)
Me: what will you give me for this emerald? Villager?
Villager: Hmm let me see. Either glowstone, which you shouldn't have as you just spawned or paper..
Me: I don't even have a house yet...glowstone won't be much use.
(4 hours later)
Me: oh god
Me: meh

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37 Easy to Navigate

I agree! I lost my house so many times on Minecraft but on terraria I never lost it

Minecraft is supposedly 'infinite' (which it isn't just HUGE), and being 3d makes it almost impossible to navigate and safely get home without being killed or lost. On Terraria you only have to worry about how far your house is and how deep you are!

I hate it when you lose a house in Minecraft

Die in MC: lol too bad you died noob
Die in Terraria: Rest in your house. I'll give you your inventory as well as half the value of your coins - Theco

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38 The Ores and Armor

Minecraft's ores consist of coal, emerald, gold, iron, redstone, quartz, and diamond... they are all "easy" to find and are often useless. Terraria has plenty of ores (I believe twenty plus? ) starting from copper to chlorophyte! - KennyRulz244444

Diamonds are useless in Terraria - except in early game fore getting a diamond staff - Charmedyeti

Diamond isn't even a gem. There is only 2 ores. Terraria? Too much. - Theco

You could keep it ranged?

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39 No Perverted Kids

"hey who wants to be my G/F" There's a reason minecraft has been involved in child predator incidents - Yatagarasu

People in mincrap just twerk in your face and the spam the chat with this: (farts) lol

I hate when these kids just keep screaming in multiplayer when they get griefed

40 Mods are way better

There are little to no mods in Minecraft that actually do something useful (the only mod that seems to really catch my attention is the Rare Ores mod, which adds in rarer ores that "extend the gameplay", but that's for an old version, 1.6.4), Terraria has mods that almost change the gameplay in some sort of form. - KennyRulz244444

Literally, Minecraft mods mostly are like, One item mods or ripoffs of games plus stupid names, and plus, the games they copy have copyright most likely. Terarria Mods are amazing add like at least 3 new bosses and 100 mobs, and have cool names and plus they add around 200 items, and add 50 extra hours of gameplay

So true. Thorium and Tremor are such fun mods. I never have found a fun MC mod in my life.

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