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41 No Perverted Kids

People in mincrap just twerk in your face and the spam the chat with this: (farts) lol

42 Mods are way better

There are little to no mods in Minecraft that actually do something useful (the only mod that seems to really catch my attention is the Rare Ores mod, which adds in rarer ores that "extend the gameplay", but that's for an old version, 1.6.4), Terraria has mods that almost change the gameplay in some sort of form. - KennyRulz244444

Literally, Minecraft mods mostly are like, One item mods or ripoffs of games plus stupid names, and plus, the games they copy have copyright most likely. Terarria Mods are amazing add like at least 3 new bosses and 100 mobs, and have cool names and plus they add around 200 items, and add 50 extra hours of gameplay

43 Actual challenging nights.

How is Minecraft challenging when you can just walk over to your bed and skip the whole night? In terraria it only sets your spawn point so it actually makes you go out and do something and not be a lazy butt

Well this time I give a vote to minecraft as night in terraria is easy

44 Meowmere - The New Nyan Cat

Who doesn't want a sword that shoots out cats?

Honestly I never use meowmere
I mean...
Daybreak and solar eruption is better


45 When you die, you keep your items

In Minecraft, let's say you beat the Enderdragon and have lots of diamonds. When you get killed, you drop all of your "precious" belongings, and as far as I know, you won't be getting them back. In Terraria, when you get killed, you keep all of your items and you just drop money. In my opinion, that's WAY better because what if you have good items? They're still with you!

No matter what difficulty in Minecraft you are on (whether it be Peaceful, Easy, Medium, or Hard) you will still lose your items that you worked hard (pfft) for. In Terraria, you will only lose your coins on an easy difficulty and from medium and onward you will lose your items. - KennyRulz244444

I hear this as an argument from my fellow Terrarians, and Minecrafters arguing that losing your items when you die is better. Neither of these arguments are valid. In Minecraft there is an option to keep your items when you die as well (Keep Inventory). And in Terraria there is an option to lose your items when you die as well (Hardcore).

At least in Terraria you can choose if you want your stuff dropped or not. Also, if you're a Terraria pro (like me) and have all the NPCs and their items at least if you die your money doesn't really matter. - astroshark

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