Top Ten Reasons Why Terraria Is Better Than Minecraft


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41 Retro Graphics Styling

Playing Terraria makes you feel like you're playing a classic retro video game, even thought it's modern and is always adding new features and updates

To the comment below:
My dad (who was born in the 1960's) said that Terraria looked like a game from the 80's.
Just some cool info I thought I'd share...

Terraria looks like an early-to-mid 90s game for a Super Nintendo compared to Minecraft which looks like any ordinary 3D game. - KennyRulz244444

It also helps desingers to put in more detail and not a square eye of cthulu that won't be an eye

42 Actually organized servers

I joined a server and they kicked me because they didint like that I got more stuff so they kicked me and in terraria when no one asks for stuff I give them not hey give me that

No trolls. No griefers. No idiots trying to deafen you via mic. No children who beg for items and higher ranks. No children who accuse you of being a "n00b" or "h@x0r" after winning a fight. No hackers in every nook and cranny. No annoying players who spawn millions of monsters inside your base. No traps everywhere. Need I say more?

I can't even report anybody in MC because of "GET ON THE FORUMS TO REPORT DAMNIT"
Terraria? Really easy. It is as simple as MC - Theco

No griefers,tiny amounts of trolls,no kids who beg for items,no people who beg for food,because food is not a thing in terraria,no kids who call you (n00b) or (H2ck3r),no people who spawn chickens,pigs,bats and sheep everywhere,and no people who try to kill you for no reason.

43 It's cheaper

Minecraft costs 29.99$ whereas Terraria costs 5.99$

Especially on steam when there is a sale

Yes and terraria you get your moneys worth big time

I can't even get MC because of the price. Still no sale. - Theco

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44 Better Grinding

Minecraft "ya a lava pool to kill green explosive hacked pigs". Terraria "10 volcano traps ready to go :D". You see what I mean people! Terraria for the win! 11

45 No Perverted Kids

"hey who wants to be my G/F" There's a reason minecraft has been involved in child predator incidents - Yatagarasu

People in mincrap just twerk in your face and the spam the chat with this: (farts) lol

I hate when these kids just keep screaming in multiplayer when they get griefed

46 When you die, you keep your items

In Minecraft, let's say you beat the Enderdragon and have lots of diamonds. When you get killed, you drop all of your "precious" belongings, and as far as I know, you won't be getting them back. In Terraria, when you get killed, you keep all of your items and you just drop money. In my opinion, that's WAY better because what if you have good items? They're still with you!

No matter what difficulty in Minecraft you are on (whether it be Peaceful, Easy, Medium, or Hard) you will still lose your items that you worked hard (pfft) for. In Terraria, you will only lose your coins on an easy difficulty and from medium and onward you will lose your items. - KennyRulz244444

I hear this as an argument from my fellow Terrarians, and Minecrafters arguing that losing your items when you die is better. Neither of these arguments are valid. In Minecraft there is an option to keep your items when you die as well (Keep Inventory). And in Terraria there is an option to lose your items when you die as well (Hardcore).

At least in Terraria you can choose if you want your stuff dropped or not. Also, if you're a Terraria pro (like me) and have all the NPCs and their items at least if you die your money doesn't really matter. - astroshark

47 It’s actually fun to play by yourself

Minecraft gets boring very quickly when playing by yourself - thunderstar1124

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