Top 10 Reasons Why There Are Good Autists in the World

I guess you can call this my final list. I often see people stereotype autistic people as bad and harmful to society. I just want you all to know that there are some good autists out in the world who are mature and perfectly moral. I'm autistic and I'm more high functioning than anyone I know in real life (I know when to not take things so seriously, to take a joke and to take care of things myself).

And personally for me, I'm not too worried about all this because there's more high functioning autists than low functioning ones so that's a bonus.

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1 Not All Autists are Seriously Disabled

Definitely not, as an autistic myself, my only real problems are that I am very socially awkward, have it a hard time to understand what other people think and being very sensitive to autism insults, take out that and I'd else be a hyper-extrovert - darthvadern

I may be autistic but my autism is not even that serious. The only problems I even have are senitivity to loud noises and sunlight but that's really about it. Other than that, I'm doing completely fine. - Redrocm

very few - iliekpiez

But autism is a serious disability? Makes no sense. - Puga

2 There are Some that are Normal

True, luckily in my class I'm not actually even the only autistic, and he is as normal as a person can get - darthvadern

I'm autistic and I consider myself normal. - Userguy44

Yes there's questionable autists out there like Chris Chan and Guptill89 but always keep in mind that there are good autists out there who are mature and extremely normal. - Redrocm

This list title might as well be replaced with any other type of person - iliekpiez

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3 There are Some Who Want to Inspire the World

You never know, but there could be more autists who will inspire the country and maybe even the whole world. - Redrocm

True, I am one of them (not to be arrogant) - darthvadern

Everybody single person wants too. Hitler did for example. - iliekpiez

I'm a writer with Asperger's. I can write a whole world and maybe put a few messages here and there. - Cyri

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4 There are Some that are Creative

I don't want to sound arrogant, but its thanks to my autism I am as creative as I am, I have made tons of things, and if it weren't for my autism I wouldn't be this way - darthvadern

One of the more positive autism traits is that they're highly creative so maybe you could meet the next Leonardo or Michelangelo. - Redrocm

5 There are Some that are Clean

Not all of them are fat smelly neckbeards who don't work out enough. I try to make sure I'm always fit and healthy whenever I hit the gym. - Redrocm

True. - DarkBoi-X

6 There are Some Who Don't Fit All Bad Autism Stereotypes

I know I'm autistic and I don't fit any bad autism stereotypes at all. - Redrocm

I do fit some bad stereotypes but definitely not all - darthvadern

7 There are Some Who are Highly Moral

I know that I try not to be so selfish and ignorant when it comes to certain things. - Redrocm

8 There are Some that are Mature

I'd personally say I'm very mature for my age and my disability. - Redrocm

I'm not that mature but I'm definitely mature enough to go in a normal school - darthvadern

I'm pretty mature. - Userguy44

9 There are Some that are Peaceful

I am a hyper pacifist, the only time I use violence is when there's no other way out, and I don't like to use it - darthvadern

I would never hurt anyone at all (unless if it was for self defense that is). - Redrocm

10 Not all are problematic

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11 There are Some that are Highly Intelligent

Most of the greatest people in the world were autistic - darthvadern

It's rumored that Einstein himself was autisic so maybe there could be another Einstein in the future. You never know. - Redrocm

12 There are Some Which are Smart

Yep. Some people can't see that though. - Userguy44

13 There are Some Who Can Take Humor

Heck I can even take autism humor as long as it's smart and done right. What I'd be more offended by is someone advocating violence against autists which is even more insulting than just joking about them. - Redrocm

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