Top 10 Reasons Why There Is No Such Thing As a Better Music Genre

I've been seeing a lot of online fights over different kinds of music genres. Fights where users say things like "Metal rules, Pop sucks! " "Rap is awesome! Country people can go die in a fire! " I just want to put this out right now, there is no such thing as a better genre.
And there shouldn't be. If we pick only one genre of music as the best genre out of all genres, we would get really bored of it, really quick. No genre of music is perfect. Pop, Rap, Metal, Country, Rock, Electronic, etc, all have problems. But they also have some really good things about them to.

No genre is perfect. All genres need to coexist in order to be good.
Hopefully more people will read this and understand what I'm trying to say. No genre is perfect.

The Top Ten

1 We would get bored of the same genre over and over

This is an excellent list. I just wish it would get more attention.

Ok, so I guess this means that Justin Bieber is just as good as Iron Maiden, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. So stupid.

2 More people will go berserk if you don't like the "one better genre"
3 The better genre would have problems of its own

Death of the artist. Unless they're involved in a serious crime like murder or child abuse, I couldn't care less about what musicians are like in real life. Even though Morrissey and Jim Morrison are two of the biggest you-know-whats to grace the face of the earth, I still enjoy their music. - PetSounds

If there is a better genre, then how come it has artists who do rebellious and inappropriate things. Like partying, doing drugs, or killing people (killing people is very common among most Black Metal artists)?

4 Because, most all music genres suck

I agree with this one. Most genres I've come across are just hard for me to get into. I tell myself "There's more to life than music".

5 Every music genre has its problems

No genre is perfect, so stop acting like you’re superior over someone else just because you listen to something that they don’t. - 3DG20

6 Every genre has both good and bad artists
7 It doesn't matter what genre an artist is
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