Top Ten Reasons Why There is No Such Thing As a "Good" Fan Base.

Let's face, all fan bases suck. It doesn't matter what franchise, or person it is, there will never be a "good" fan base.

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1 All fan bases have at least one person that gets offended if you say the slightest thing about something they like.

This is what fan bases are mainly criticized for. There's always that one fan that gets so but hurt easily. No matter how hard you try, you'll never find a fan base without one of these types of people. - nintendofan126

I don't care if people don't like what I like it's their opinion

Accurate list - Therandom

This is 100% accurate - Randomator

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2 Some fan bases have people that draw porn of their favorite characters.

We don't need porn of every single character. And not every single character is homosexual. These kinda of drawings is what gives their fandom a a bad name. Not to mention this con mainly goes to the My Little Pony fandom. I mean horse porn? Really? - nintendofan126

I hate it when they do this to Cream the Rabbit and other underage characters that never had a romantic interest. This needs to stop!

You can thank Deviant Art and for that. They have pedophilic "art" foot fetish "art", fart fetish fanfiction, and lots of rule 34 on cartoon children. Notice the air quotes around the word art, that's because I refuse to classify that garbage as art. It doesn't deserve to be called art.

Especially for (Disgusting) Child Porn.

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3 All fan bases have mean people in their fandom.

These are the people that can't take an opinion. Why are they so angry just because one person doesn't like what they like. Some people even left a fan base they used to be in. - nintendofan126

This is very true, sadly... Even the most obscure and lesser known fandoms have them.

Yeah, and all countries, and all cities... - Martinglez

This is Basically the Game theory Fanbase - Randomator

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4 Some fan bases tend to make non-canon shippings

I've kinda done this before, so I apologize of I sound a bit hypocritical. Anyways. Lots of fans usually ship two characters that will never be in a love relationship. Even if the characters are the same gender they'll still ship them. I have nothing against homosexuals, but homosexuals in CERTAIN franchises are never gonna happen. - nintendofan126

Crossover shippings are the worst. Especially if it involves The Lion King or The Lion Guard in it.

Well... The Yaoi and Yuri ones are a bit pointless, but some that aren't have an actual chance to become canon. - Fandom_Lover

5 Most fandoms can't even take an opinion.

I've once got in a fight with someone on YouTube just because I said I prefer Mario over Luigi. This one of the most common cons that people being out when they explain on why they don't like a certain fan base. One time a person said he didn't like My Little Pony, and he got millions of hate messages, and even death threats. - nintendofan126

I once went on a website's chat and talked about my least favourite rock song, and some guy replied saying he would not respect my opinion. - Swellow

Ah, yes. This is true about the Pooh's Adventures community.


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6 Lots of fan bases constantly start arguments over the dumbest reasons.

Technically these usually revolve around: which characters are the best mates for each other, or wether the franchise is good or not. And that's just a few of the arguments some fan bases start. - nintendofan126

If you ever heard of the Flipline Forum, I advise you not to go there. The only purpose of the website at this point is argue and argue that caused me to leave. - Swellow

FNAF fans: No..! Foxy is with Chica! No..! Freedy is with Chica! No..! Bonnie is with-
That's how I quit the fandom... - Fandom_Lover

God, tell me about it. They act like whiny toddlers, too... They complain about new designs for characters or whatever else:

"Waaahhh! Mufasa died! Please no more new Pokemon! Sonic's got green eyes! Sonic 2006 sucks! I just want classic Sonic back! I hate 4Kids and Sonic X! I hate Sonic Boom! I want SatAM back on the air! SatAM is better than AoStH, OVA, Underground, Sonic X and Sonic Boom! SatAM is even better than the games! It's Robotnik, not Eggman! Katt Monroe should have pink fur like she did in Star Fox 64, not black fur like she did in Star Fox Command! The new Spyro from Skylanders sucks! I want the original Spyro back! The new Crash Bandicoot sucks! I want the old Crash back! Tingle sucks! Link should be realistic, not cel-shaded! Metroid: Other M ruined Samus! Dante's new redesign is terrible! PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a ripoff of Super Smash Bros.! Donkey Kong Country Returns sucks because it wasn't made by Rareware! I want Rareware to ditch ...more

7 Some fan bases ruin a certain franchise for some people.

This is actually the reason I am no longer the fan of Sonic that I use to be. Even when I was a fan I still preferred Mario. But I can't stand the fandom, I just can't bare it. Bit if you like Sonic than that's fine by me. - nintendofan126

Mario and Sonic are my favorite game franchises. Mario is slightly better though because the fanbase. - DCfnaf

I Would Of Liked Call Of Duty But The Fanbase Ruined The Series - VideoGamefan5

This is why I hate Toad. - darthvadern

@darthvadern Me too because of rude replies.

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8 Some fan bases will constantly rant about one thing if they see something they don't like.

Thinking about "Brianne De Chateau" from Dragon Ball Super when I see discussion videos.

Peach fans when they see Rosalina - yunafreya648

The Classic/SatAM Sonic fanbase in a nutshell when it comes to Sonic's "modern" design. (although not all fans are like this)

1. Princess Peach


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9 Some people have left the fan base they use to be in because they got attacked.

I heard that one person left the Five Nights At Freddy's fandom because they didn't believe the "Foxy Is A Good Guy" theory. And some left the Sonic fandom because they said they like Sally better than Amy. - nintendofan126

That's stupid! Foxy is not a good guy! And those fanbases just suck! I can have an opinion on either Sally or Amy without some shipping war! - DCfnaf

I'm guilty for that. - Fandom_Lover

People attack me for saying foxy is not a good guy I don't really like fnaf that much anymore

I almost left the brony fandom because of something crudely insensitive written about me on the 'Top Ten Best Things Rainbow Dsh did' list. I would have left if it were'nt for a long support comment I saw. That was when I realized that even though no good fanbases cannot exist, good fans can. - TwilightKitsune

10 Most fan bases attack people just because they don't like what they like.

Going back to My Little Pony: one guy said he didn't like the show and he got millions of hate messages and death threats. And I've once been attacked because I once said I like Mario better that Luigi. And I saw a video on YouTube about someone ranting why he doesn't like anime. The comment section was filled with hate comments (I don't hate anime and have nothing against it the fandom can just be a bit annoying at times. But if you like it than that's great) - nintendofan126

EXACTLY! People just don't accept other people's opinions, some do. And those are the 1% of that fandom which is actually mature. - Fandom_Lover

I don't like Steven universe and gravity falls the amount of hate

This is so true about The Lion King. If you hate it, don't like it, want to destroy it or happen to like a different movie/franchise better and not list TLK as the top best/favorite movies/whatever of all time, then the TLK fans will cuss at you, threaten to call the police on you or put you in jail or an asylum just because of your different/negative opinion on the movie.

Geez, man. They need to get a life. I swear to God.

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11 Most fan bases don't know when to let go

Like the Frozen fandom.

I’m looking at those Luigi worshipping MatPat fans who treat Mario like the devil - Randomator

12 Some fanbases go as far as to sending death threats

I'm looking at those Call of Duty and My Little Pony fans - DCfnaf

Yeah I hate that

Daisy and Rosalina fans - yunafreya648


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1. All fan bases have at least one person that gets offended if you say the slightest thing about something they like.
2. All fan bases have mean people in their fandom.
3. Some fan bases have people that draw porn of their favorite characters.


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