Reasons Why There Should Not Be School on Weekends


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1 It's too stressful

Kids are under far too much pressure nowadays with piles and piles of homework, along with high expectations over grades. A lot of children are so bogged down by school they don't even get enough time to spend with family and friends. - Entranced98

2 We need a break

All the stress, homework and tests in school are even stopping some students (especially high schoolers) from getting enough sleep for the most part of the week. If they're going to get the most out of their education they need a chance to recharge their batteries! - Entranced98

3 It's so boring
4 Less time doing what you want do to

We need to let kids be kids. They need time to find new hobbies that make their childhood a happy time and even bring joy to them once they reach adulthood. How would kids be able to practice their other talents if school took up every day of their lives? Days spent learning to play guitar like a pro, drawing beautiful pictures, writing funny stories and proving to be a great addition to a football club should never become a thing of the past for children. - Entranced98

5 It's a waste of time
6 It gives us bad grades
7 It can make us depressed
8 Life is too short to be in "school" for 6-8 hours everyday
9 We go to school for 6-8 hours, 5 days a week, and for 12 or 15 years already
10 We already have homework
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