Top 10 Reasons Why TheTopTens Is a Bad Community

The Top Ten

1 Perverts

We all know who this visitor was alluding to. - Turkeyasylum

2 Stupid people
3 Boring users

I feel like the only boring user is me, the uncreative lovefrombadlands.

4 Little kids
5 Internet drama
6 Weirdos

Yes, this site has weirdos. - Userguy44

7 Posers

Thank-you for this profound gem, anonymous. It's made me realize what a terrible community I've become a member of. I hereby resolve to become a better person. You've touched my life. - PetSounds

8 Music genre haters
9 People not agreeing with anything

I don't agree with anything about this list... - Turkeyasylum

This is so trus but sadly everyone but the trolls are salty and can't accept a single dislike - DubstepLover

10 Annoying people

The Contenders

11 The boring people being the most loved users
12 People are negative

Then why are you still hereā€¦? - PetSounds

13 People are arrogant racist fools
14 Obnoxious people
15 New users don't get recognition as their top users
16 Rude people
17 Aggressive people

Not only AggressiveBlaze is aggressive, but he has aggressive in his username.

18 People who can't respect other people's opinions

Yeah! On the best T.V. shows list, someone commented on Pokemon that people who like it are "Idiots" just because they think it is bad. Can't you just accept opinions?

19 Psychopaths
20 Too much information

What were you expecting?

21 Spoilers
22 Trolls
23 Users whine about the policy
24 Too many questioners
25 Flame comments
26 Wars
27 Users too lazy to upload images to list items


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