Top Ten Reasons Why TheTopTens Should Go Back to the Old Design


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1 It's easier to find stuff on the old one

To be honest, the only thing I hate about it is the edges. ROUNDED EDGES=OUTDATED. If they were changed to corner edges, I would be much more content. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

You only follow trends, do you? Designs don't have to be of something specific in its geometric design just to be classified as "new" and "not outdated". Designs are beautiful in their own way.

2 weeks is the most I'd give it. If it doesn't work, scrap. - Puga

2 It's confusing

To be honest I like the new design it makes the golden rusted feel but the problem is that I can't find the feed button! - CerealGuy

I think you need to get used to it. My only complaint is how to find the feed. - Therandom

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3 It looked better before

One day in and people are already complaining about it? Give it a chance, guys, and you'll likely get used to it. - Garythesnail

I actually think the new design is easier to use. Someone was agree with me. - Finn-Mordecai-Gumball

4 It's stupid
5 The remix links were changed
6 There is no list search, while adding a list
7 The remixes are hard
8 Admin had so many other things to improve on
9 The new site has many glitches

When I'm chatting with someone, my text keeps getting all messed up and stuff. I'm being honest. - nintendofan126

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10 Everything takes forever to do

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11 It was unnecesary

This is definitely the biggest reason. WHY? Why did you do this? What was wrong about the old design? Why didn't the users get a say? - Puga

12 Everything takes up too much space
13 It looks like netflix
14 You can't find where to sign in on phone

It took me 5 minutes to figure out where to sign in. - PrincessKiana

15 You have to go to a list with a comment made by the user to visit their profile
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1. It's confusing
2. It's easier to find stuff on the old one
3. The remixes are hard
1. It's easier to find stuff on the old one
2. The remix links were changed
3. There is no list search, while adding a list


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