Top Ten Reasons Why TheTopTens Shouldn't Get Too Popular


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1 Everyone Knows Each Other

Won't that be a good thing? - AlphaQ

2 No Need for a Top Ten Overrated Users List 2

The first one was just mean - Batmaniscole

3 Admin Does Not Need to Have 100k Messages Every Day

He does a lot all ready - Batmaniscole

4 Less Trolls On It
5 Less People With the Word "Batman" In It

That my thing BECAUSE I AM BATMAN - Batmaniscole

It is my thing BECAUSE I AM BATMAN - Batmaniscole

6 Less Likely That It Will Get Banned/Blocked at School

This actually happened to Mumbizz01 - Animefan12

7 More Fun Without Many People
8 Less Talk About "Popularity"

Popularity talk is already going on. Basically, popular users are treated like gods, while the unpopular users are considered peasants. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

There already is popularity talk. Users such as PositronWildhawk and Britgirl are treated like gods, and other popular users like ModernSpongebobSucks, Puga, Therandom, BobbyTheBrony, and Keyson are being treated like royalty. The unpopular users are considered filthy peasants that are less than nothing to the site, and the controversial users are treated like demons and beliebers.

9 Users That Are On It All Ready Are Awesome People
10 We Would Run Out of Top Ten Ideas Really Quickly

The Contenders

11 People Don't Need to Rush to Get In On a Story
12 Less cyber bullying
13 So It Won't Be Flooded by Little Kids Like Minecraft and Roblox
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