Reasons Why This List is Not Bad


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1 It wasn't merged

It WASN'T merged? Does that mean it is now?

Relax Pokemonfan10, I mean no harm. I'm a nice visitor who has come to tell you not to take my comments seriously. It's a good and creative list *insert smiley emoji here*

2 It isn't biased

What is it instead?

3 It was made exactly at 11:12am
4 It has items that no other list had before

Have you seen all the other lists on this forum to claim it as a fact?

5 Admin might comment on this item

And we might not - admin.

No we won't - admin.

Admin hacked my account. - Userguy44

6 It is list #70 by the creator

Creator of what? The square wheel?

7 Item #7 doesn't say "Add Item"

Item 7 doesn't SAY anything at all.

8 It has been viewed by at least one person besides the author

What makes you say that?

9 The title includes an s

Not so. Title is spelt T-I-T-L-E, which doesn't have an S

10 It has a draft

Not once it's been submitted it hasn't.

*had - Pokemonfan10

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11 It is creative
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