Top Ten Reasons Why This List Should Randomly Be Tweeted About by a Celeb


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1 Puga wants more Twitter followers

What if your favourite Taylor Swift were to tweet one of your rants? Would that be satisfactory? - PositronWildhawk

2 TheTopTens could get a lot more visitors

Thank me very much, TheTopTens. - Puga

3 Positron and SuperHyperdude both got a list tweeted and I'm jealous


1. Positron's list was well received and noticed by senpai himself, Sean Carrol on his website, not on Twitter. ' pleb!

2. My list being dipped in hot water is not something to be jealous by, in fact I'm more jealous of you that the same thing didn't happen. Also, he's not a celebrity, having 100k subscribers isn't enough to be classified as that. - SuperHyperdude

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4 Because this list is bad

And Twitter tweets bad things. - Puga

5 Because this list is funny

Grilled cheese sandwiches! See, funny! Laugh it up people! - Puga

6 I could go viral

"What a list that was", said the Nickelodeon executive. "Let's give him a show! " - Puga

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7 I could get more TheTopTens followers
8 Because no one would probably tweet it anyway
9 Because admin could tweet it

You know you want to... - Puga

10 Because I don't care which celebrity it is
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