Top Ten Reasons Why This List Shouldn't Exist


The Top Ten

1 It's Useless

This is the funniest list I've ever found!

I agree - mmarce445

You know what else is Useless?

Don't care if I'm a male that is just plain Sexist. Also without your mom I'd doubt You'd be here. - Drawbox

2 It Isn't Funny in the Slightest
3 It's Uncool
4 It's Not Related to Anything
5 It's Making its Own Author Sleep

That is definitely true. - mmarce445

Yawn. - Firemist

6 It's Unworthy of Being on TheTopTens

But it DOES use proper grammar so you get a positive review for that. - Finch

7 It is ironic
8 It is Similar to Another List

More than one. - Cyri

9 It's Depressing

I am now suicidal because of this list. - mmarce445

All list are like dis

10 It's Making Life Worse for Us All

This list has scarred me for life. I'll never be the same again. - PositronWildhawk

The Contenders

11 It is a Negative User Ranking Lists
12 It is Full of Hatred
13 It Complains About the Policy
14 It's Making You Lose Brain Cells

I never had brain cells. - 3DG20

RIP brain cells. <3. We will miss you. ;( - mmarce445

15 It's Not Entertaining In Any Way, Shape, or Form

For me it is, somehow. :3 - Wolftail

Yes it is - toptenforlife

16 It is Against This Site
17 Because the Title Says

Seems legit

18 It's Nothing About Justin Bieber

Well now it is since you've mentioned it. - Powerfulgirl10

Yes. - doodie

19 It is Controversial
20 It Uses Idiotic Entries
21 It's Contradictory
22 It's Pointless
23 Because I Cannot Add Ten Items
24 It Sucks
25 It's Unoriginal
26 It Has Stupid Reasons

Including this. - mmarce445

27 It is a "Users Who Should Date ___" List
28 Because One Day It Will Rain Potato Cheesecakes Because of This List
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1. It is ironic
2. It is Similar to Another List
3. It is a Negative User Ranking Lists
1. It's Useless
2. It Isn't Funny in the Slightest
3. It's Uncool


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