Reasons Why Thomas and Friends Beats Chuggington

Now we all know that Chugginton is a HORRIBLE, STINKY ripoff version of Thomas And Friends that belong in the trash! But why?

The Top Ten

1 Because Chuggington Completely Copied Thomas

Everyone and their mother knows that! It's the same show but with more diesels.

2 Because Chuggington is Unoriginal
3 Because Chugginton is Modern and Not a Classic

I love Classic stuff, so Thomas and Friends is Highly the best choice for Classics Lovers... - WilsonAsmara

Yeah classic locomotives are better and have something majestic about them - Toucan

4 Because Chugginton Isn't Edgy Like Thomas
5 Because Wilson, Brewster and Koko Are Stupid Versions of Thomas, James and Percy

So true! They're even the same colors!

6 Because the Songs Sound Weird

The songs doesn't sound Weird. But iritating! - ihatethissite

7 Because Chuggington Was Always Animated, While Thomas Used Badass-Looking Models Until the CGI Change

Haha! This is right! Though, I agree with EVERYTHING on the list!

8 Because Chugginton is Only Loved by Small Tots, While Thomas is Still Loved by Teens and Adults

So true! Some of my favourite YouTubers do Thomas videos. The show just sticks with you.

9 Because Thomas is Known and Beloved World-Wide

No duh! The show has been around since 1984 and the character Thomas was made in 1945.

10 Ringo Starr's narration

The Contenders

11 Chuggington characters use their bumper to talk
12 The Chuggington Series Got Things Wrong About the Steam Engines.

Take a look at Speedy McAllister and Olwin! They have NO Tenders! And also, Olwin is a LNER Class A4 Pacific, she was supposed to run at 136 MPH Like Spencer and His brother (The Mallard, Everyone knows that! ) - WilsonAsmara

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