Top 10 Reasons Why Three Days Grace Went Downhill

Don't get me wrong I like this band's first three albums, but everything past that is pretty mediocre. This is just my opinion and it's fine to disagree.

The Top Ten

1 Their sound is becoming too commercial

Especially with The Mountain which almost sounds like a pop song.

2 Their lyrics became too immature

It's fairly noticeable with Outsider... a album that can't tell if it wants to be One X or another Human and tries to be both. I just can't them seriously anymore.

3 Matt sounds too off key live

Mainly when performing Adam's songs but yet again I don't expect him to be able to sing entirely like Adam, when he tries to though he sounds terrible.

4 It's hard to take them seriously anymore

It really is... and they used to be my favorite band at some point.

5 Lots of their songs are sounding too similar

Granted a few of their songs were guilty of this in the past but lots of their newer songs are just as guilty when it comes to sounding too similar to another. Painkiller sounds too much like Pain. Fallen Angel reminds me of Never Too Late. Landmine practically sounds like a Riot clone.

6 Matt's vocals feel out of place

Don't have a problem with Walst as a singer but his vocals just don't belong in TDG they really don't.

7 They lost their original spark

They really have after Life Starts Now, Transit of Venus and onwards is when they really got downhill.

8 Matt just doesn't have the same amount of energy as Adam did

He really doesn't in my book.

9 They aren't as creative as they used to be

Human and Outsider both felt like weird attempts at trying to replicate One X. And the payoff was incredibly mediocre.

10 Matt tries too hard to be Adam

Besides, Adam's voice is way better

Especially with the way he dresses and it's kind of cringey.

Don’t get me wrong, I love their new music, but I’ve definitely noticed this and it kind of annoys me. - 3DG20

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