Top 10 Reasons Why Thundercats Roar is Getting Hated On

DISCLAIMER: Now before we start this list, I would like to make it clear that I have not seen the original 1985 ThunderCats series and that I have only seen a little bit of the 2011 ThunderCats series. Also, ThunderCats Roar still has yet to be released when it comes on in 2019, so who knows? Maybe this will actually turn out good or it may be just as bad as we expected it to be.

That said, ThunderCats Roar has undeniably stirred up quite a lot of attention from ThunderCats fans and the animation community in general. However, this attention is rather for the worse. Whether it be the OK K.O.!, Let's Be Heroes-like art style that doesn't look like it belongs in a ThunderCats animated series or that it looks to be taking the same comedic approach to the original source material like Teen Titans Go! did, ThunderCats Roar seems to have attracted a lot of Internet Backdraft.

ThunderCats Roar is scheduled for an upcoming 2019 release at the time I publish this list. So in the meantime, this list will count down the top 10 reasons why ThunderCats Roar is getting hated on.

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1 The art style is a major devolution in comparison to its predecessors

If there's one thing everyone across the Internet is complaining about when it comes to ThunderCats Roar, it has to be the art style. While the original 1985 ThunderCats series has a bit of some dated animation, credit does have to given to how detailed it was along with its anime-esque character designs that are representative of animation in the 1980's. Speaking of anime-esque, the 2011 ThunderCats series took the art style Up to Eleven by really making it look like an anime. It helps the 2011 ThunderCats was technically an American-Japanese animated series. But now, we have THIS. Why in the world does Lion-O and the rest of the ThunderCats cast look like they came out of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes? Look, I respect OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes on its own merit as an animated series, but that doesn't mean ThunderCats Roar has to practically rip off its art style. Not only that, but while I do have to admit the animation is fluid in their movements, the character designs themselves are ...more

Even though I like the art style, it doesn't belong to Thundercats. Thundercats(like Teen titans) it's supposed to be this really serious cartoon with funny moments, not full comedy. It looks silly and not what the original was about. I'm not even a fan of the show, I only watched the 2011 one, but I was able to get most of the idea from the style

Ted Wolf put his heart into developing ThunderCats, and Rankin-Bass put their all into making the show.

It's not great but I like it way better than the "action figure" art style of the original

2 The thin-line art style is another example of the overuse of the CalArts style used in most modern cartoons

The CalArts style is mostly used to describe the thin-line art style used by many animators who went to the California Institute of the Arts that is used to act as the base structure for most animated series of today. Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Regular Show, Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball, you name it. The 2010's essentially paved the way for this Thin-Line Animation once Adventure Time came around and popularized the trend. Now don't get me wrong, this Thin-Line Animation isn't a bad thing in itself and I have nothing against the aspiring and current animators who went to this very institute to build their animation careers, but the real issue is how it's used so much in so many cartoons without giving room for other distinctive art styles. What happened to days where we had characters outlined with boiling lines like Ed, Edd n Eddy or there were no outlines at all around the characters such as Samurai Jack? It's art styles like those ...more

I don't see why CalArts is getting all the hate about this. The "thin-line" art style maybe overused nowadays but it wasn't their fault.
I also don't see why Steven Universe and The Amazing World of Gumball are made examples of why the so-called "calarts style" is overused when the creators of both shows never studied at said institute.

I don't like the art styles in Gravity Falls, SU, We Bare Bears, and such that much either but you do know where "CalArts style" came from, right? It was a term John Kricfalusi created to refer to the art styles of the 60s Disney movies and anything that was inspired by them (The Iron Giant for example)

@ModernSpongeBobSucks-I'm the visitor who wrote that comment comparing this show to anime. I wasn't really defending this show because I don't know too much about it. I was just saying that there's a certain problem I have with most anime in that most of its art styles look the same. Not trying to start a fight with you or anything, but to your credit I guess I could've explained it in a better way. I respect you for correcting me. 🙂

3 It is a disgrace to the original ThunderCats (1985) series

Oh, it is indeed a disgrace to the original 1985 ThunderCats. Look, I'm no 80's kid nor was I able to experience the original 1985 ThunderCats in my childhood, but I can definitely see why it holds up to this day as one of the most well-regarded animated series of the 1980's. The animation may not be as polished by today's standards, but it was respectable for its time and its legacy as an animated series still stands strong today. So to see ThunderCats Roar essentially have a devolution of art style in contrast to the more detailed humanoid character designs of the original 1985 ThunderCats is pretty much the same feeling we got when seeing reboots like Teen Titans Go! having inferior art styles in comparison to their predecessor source material. And just like Teen Titans Go!, ThunderCats Roar's comedic approach may just head in the same direction as Teen Titans Go!, seeing as Lion-O is explicitly self-aware in the reboot's announcement and that that's what the rest of the reboot is ...more

It's obvious, isn't it? Courtright lied to his teeth. The thing about his childhood, the stuff about a great opening, the show being a "great vehicle for comedy", his using "drugs, neko" as the theme, and the show being "the type of 'ThunderCats' show HE wants, was all just a middle finger to Ted Wolf, Leonard Starr, Rankin-Bass and everything that made 'ThunderCats (and it 2011 remake) magnificent.

Everything is getting a reboot these days. It's only a matter of time before we start seeing reboots of stuff WE'VE actually grown up with like Jimmy Neutron or Cyberchase. I just hope that no network stooges are reading this page and are actually following up on my fake, terrible ideas.

Shows like this don’t honor or pay tribute to the originals because no fan of the original shows would watch junk like this! And DESPITE what the creators say, it’s not targeted towards little kids, but rather towards those who grew up with the original or even the 2011 reboot and saying in no uncertain terms, “suck it up buttercup! Deal with it! ” If you wanna see how a GOOD reboot is done, then check out the 2011 ThunderCats, which I just so happened to be a teenager for and really enjoyed! I really did enjoy the episodes of the 80’s original - despite all the cheesy-ness! - because someone came up with a unique idea and turned it into something really good! I honestly hope this new reboot falls flat on it’s overly-cartoonish and ugly face.

4 Despite being claimed to not stray away from the action of the original series, it seems to being taking a more comedic approach

A more comedic approach, huh? Now where have we seen this before...? Oh, wait. I'm sure we all know which other reboot I'm talking about... I'm sorry, but why is it that every reboot, at least the ones by Cartoon Network, have to be a stupid comedy? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a good laugh from cartoons focusing on comedy like Ed, Edd n Eddy and SpongeBob SquarePants, but not only is this pattern of comedic approach for Cartoon Network reboots getting so overused to the point it's stale, but it also hasn't proven to be effective in boosting these reboots' quality and reception. And before you argue that ratings are what matter the most when it comes to these reboots, let me tell you that in spite of Teen Titans Go! being the show with the most ratings (viewings, to be more accurate), that would have to be a sole exception when compared to other reboots who don't experience the same ratings success like The Powerpuff Girls (2016) and Ben 10 (2016). That said, while the original ...more

That's not inherently bad. The execution is what matters. TCR could be great as long as it's actually funny (I personally think the show looks fun).

Comedic approach? Isn't that the reason why Teen Titans Go! and the Powerpuff Girls reboot sucked?

I miss 2011 Thundercats

5 It could potentially end up being another bad animated reboot of a beloved animated property in the veins of Teen Titans Go!, The Powerpuff Girls (2016), Ben 10 (2016), etc.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again. Not only is this undoubtedly the biggest disgrace to the entire ThunderCats franchise, but it's also 99.9% guaranteed to be another bad animated reboot of a beloved animated property in the veins of Teen Titans Go!, the 2016 Powerpuff Girls, the 2016 Ben 10, etc. Unsurprisingly, ThunderCats Roar has a lot in common with those reboots. First, they're animated reboots of classic and beloved animated series. Second, they're all from Cartoon Network. Third, they all have simplified character designs and art styles that pale in comparison to their predecessors. Fourth, they're all primarily focused on comedy rather than action. Fifth and finally, they all stink. I'm sorry if I'm coming off as some cartoon snob, but this is honestly how I feel about ThunderCats Roar. Especially since it continues Christina Miller's never-ending streak of letting animated reboots air on Cartoon Network and turn out to not only be awful, but also overshadow animated ...more

Don't forget other bad, reboot failures that came out like Sailor Moon Crystal (seasons 1-2 and maybe 3), all these failed Care Bears reboots from the 2000s-2010s...though they weren't from Cartoon Network - SailorSedna

Teen Titans Go is better than the original

That image is absolutely amazing

6 It is essentially a slap in the face to what could have been a potential renewal for a second season of the ThunderCats (2011) series

One thing I'm glad has happened as a result of ThunderCats Roar's announcement is that now people are appreciating the 2011 ThunderCats even more than before. Say what you will about the 2011 ThunderCats, but that iteration of ThunderCats was a FAR superior reboot of the original 1985 ThunderCats than ThunderCats Roar ever will be. I could tell a lot of heart and passion was put into producing the 2011 ThunderCats, everywhere from the anime-esque designs as a result of American-Japanese co-production to the more serious and dark approach to the story of ThunderCats while still keeping a good balance of action and humor. But, nope! Executive Meddling and Screwed by the Network came and ruined this hidden gem. If I recall correctly, the 2011 ThunderCats was just one of the few anime-esque action-oriented animated series that aired even during the dark ages of Cartoon Network in Stuart Snyder's presidency. However, much like other shows similar to its anime-esque action tone like ...more

7 It feels like another step backwards for Cartoon Network

After seeing Cartoon Network's 2018-2019 slate of current and upcoming animated series, I actually had hope that Cartoon Network was finally returning to form with new shows like Apple & Onion, Craig of the Creek, Victor and Valentino, and of course, Infinity Train. As for current shows, Adventure Time looks to be wrapping up with what will undoubtedly be a grand series finale that will tie up loose ends and give Pendleton Ward's Breakthrough Hit an epic send-off. Other than that, only OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, The Amazing World of Gumball, and Steven Universe are the only other current shows holding down the fort until the new shows come into the spotlight. While Cartoon Network's reboots are still a major problem along with its scheduling, especially since Teen Titans Go! managed to get a THEATRICAL animated feature coming this summer of all things, ThunderCats Roar just so happens to be the latest in a line of reboots that will turn out to be abominations thanks to the incompetence ...more

I'm only watching Cartoon Network now for the Adventure Time finale and for whenever Infinity Train finally comes out. I feel like I'm getting too old for the crap that CN's been putting out recently.

Cartoon Network has been really crappy this couple of years. With TTG and the PPg reboot. Yes, they have Steven universe and OK K.O but still, there is something wrong with the president of the company.

8 Lion-O and the rest of the characters may have their personalities flanderized

I know he technically only shows this personality in the trailer, but Lion-O is clearly shown to be self-aware of those who will be watching ThunderCats Roar in 2019. And if looks by it aren't deceiving, Lion-O's self-awareness will pretty much pave a way to make ThunderCats Roar try hard to be a Self-Aware parody like Teen Titans Go! is. That alone isn't a good sign. Not only that, but Mumm-Ra went from being the daunting and intimidating villain he was in previous ThunderCats installments to being just about as threatening as Ice King from Adventure Time. Ice King was an antagonist who grew to show much Hidden Depths about his tragic backstory, but Mumm-Ra's incarnation in ThunderCats Roar almost boils down to being just Ice King without his redeemable qualities. I mean, all Mumm-Ra does in the trailer is just read the newspaper and that's it. Also, Cheetara was hot in the 1985 series, hotter in the 2011 series, but now she's too simplified and butchered to even be called anything ...more

9 It may not be a good animated series in general when compared to other animated series slated for 2019

Even if we were judging ThunderCats Roar as an animated series on its own rather than as a reboot, it would still probably just be a bad animated series of its own merit. And since ThunderCats Roar is coming out in 2019, it's easily going to get lambasted while other new animated series slated for 2019 will be praised. Cartoon Network's got Infinity Train. Disney's got The Owl House and Amphibia. And, uh... I guess that's pretty much all I can name for now. But when we take into account what other animated series are already out and planned to debut in 2018, ThunderCats Roar has a lot of competition. It's going to have to compete with other shows on Cartoon Network, both returning and new, that are better to watch. Not only that, but Nickelodeon and Disney are still going strong, and ThunderCats Roar would only be able to match up to those two networks' success if it got the Teen Titans Go! treatment (which is unfortunately likely). At best, the only thing ThunderCats Roar is better ...more

10 It might get the same "Adored by the Network" treatment as Teen Titans Go! in terms of overexposure in general

I'm sure we've all had that feeling where it seems a certain show gets a lot of attention and love from a certain network. Take SpongeBob SquarePants's frequent showings on Nickelodeon, for example. However, while "Adored by the Network" doesn't necessarily make a show bad, seeing a show get airings repeatedly in a row without leaving room for other shows who deserve just as much attention does get annoying. It's especially worse when a bad show gets repetitive airings, like Johnny Test and of course, Teen Titans Go!. Like it or not, Teen Titans Go! is currently Cartoon Network's highest-rated show. Whether it's primarily due to children mainly watching it or Cartoon Network airing it almost 24/7, factors like these are what keep Teen Titans Go! running for so long. And while we still have yet to see how ThunderCats Roar will turn out in 2019, there's a high chance Cartoon Network will go bonkers to promote ThunderCats Roar. All day, every day. And if toy sales go off the charts and ...more


gumball is ok though :/

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11 It's another modern goofy cartoon, out of many today

I wouldn't want my favourite kid/family cartoons to become adult, either.

Why can't all cartoons get the Samurai Jack treatment?

And that's what's AWESOME about it. The original ThunderCats sucked ass.

12 It's turning Cartoon Network back into the channel that won't even air 11-minute dramas like Adventure Time, Regular Show, or Steven Universe anymore

How is Regular Show a drama?

13 This is what happens when Teen Titans Go and Thunder Cats have a child


14 The cartoon community is full of lowlifes who complain about everything
15 It's proof that nobody takes animation or cartoons seriously anymore
16 This is what happens when Cartoon Network combines O.K. K.O. Let's be heroes, Teen Titans Go and Thunder Cats
17 Imagine if Cartoon Network made Final Fantasy 7 into a Teen Titans Go like series
18 It would be a good 2-minutes long comic relief in a more serious installment. (Like TC 2011 Season 2)
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