The Lunacy of MovieBob - Thundercats... So?

Another day, another reboot of a cartoon that nobody wanted. It's quite standard, and I'm not here to voice my opinion on Thundercats Roar as a whole unless it relates to the topic at hand; although I will say that it looks like absolute garbage, at least from what we've been shown. However, I do want to talk about the absurd video MovieBob has made about the subject. In case you don't know already, MovieBob is a YouTube channel that focuses on movies, video games, SJW pandering, and getting himself fired from employers that have no interest in SJW pandering. Needless to say, I'm not a fan of his work and his new video has helped prove to me why. However, there are still some people who watch his content (140K subscribers) and I thought it's time we dissect his "arguments." I won't be going quote for quote like some TopTenners here do, instead I'll highlight his main points and see which ones are ridiculous and which ones can stand on their own.

Argument #1: People are being too nostalgic.
Hi pot, meet kettle. There are some people who can make this argument, but MovieBob is not one of them. Not only has he written an entire book about how important Super Mario Bros. 3 is (which I don't recommend because with the writing style it looks like MovieBob's never read a book in his life), but his entire Pixels review was all about incoherently trashing the movie for it using classic video game characters; I'm not even kidding, one of the ways he described it was being "cultural vandalism." Pixels isn't a good movie or anything, but it certainly isn't cultural vandalism. Yet, MovieBob thinks that he's capable of talking about how people are taking nostalgia too far when MovieBob wrote in his book about his desire to become classic Mario.
Outside of MovieBob's hypocrisy, the claim that nostalgia is stifling innovation and creativity is ridiculous. Let's be perfectly honest, if Cartoon Network cared about innovation and creativity this never would've been made. MovieBob referencing how similar it is to Teen Titans Go helped destroy his own argument, because from what we've seen so far it's likely that this series only exists to capitalize on the reboot trend, which isn't innovative or creative. There's a small chance that it isn't capitalizing on it, but that claim was also thrown at the Powerpuff Girls reboot and everyone who said that was proven wrong. If there's any kind of nostalgia that's stifling innovation and creativity, it's the nostalgia of the network that refuses to let properties like Thundercats die peacefully. However, MovieBob isn't directing his nostalgia argument on the network, he's going after the fans of the old show rather than the ones actually milking the property.
Another way he tried to convince people that they were being too nostalgic... was throwing shade on the property they were nostalgic about in the first place. Why does he think this would work? I have no answers, but saying "Look at this! Look at what you're being butthurt over the epic coolness of!" isn't going to change their mind. Especially because, as I said earlier, MovieBob got butthurt over Pixels for ruining the epic coolness of 80s video game characters, and also defends several comics that has a similarly absurd story that also takes itself seriously. Not to mention, most of the people who are complaining about Thundercats Roar aren't that pissed off that it is Thundercats in particular. It's more along the lines of Cartoon Network making another reboot that looks nothing different than what they've been doing for years.

Argument #2: You can't change someone's opinion on an art style.
Speaking of things Cartoon Network has been doing for the past few years, one of MovieBob's arguments is that "trying to convince people to like or not like a visual aesthetic is like trying to talk someone into or out of what appeals to them sexually." First of all, those two types of preferences are inherited in much different ways. As for visual aesthetics, it is totally possible to convince someone that a style does not look good. Not all styles look good, including this one. And considering how MovieBob phrased his argument, if this cartoon was made by Dingo Pictures or Video Brinquedo he'd still say the same thing. If I made a cartoon that was a bunch of dots on a white background talking to each other, that might appeal to someone but that doesn't mean it's a good art style, let alone a style that should be copied and pasted onto each and every show that's being made right now.
As for the argument that CalArts isn't a style, that could be a good argument if it didn't devolve to bashing those that aren't in the animation industry for trying to notice a very obvious trend in modern cartoons. It can be denied that CalArts is an official style, what can't be denied is that cartoons are looking the exact same as time goes on and are likely trying to save money with this style rather than use any artistic integrity. If you like or dislike the CalArts style, that's completely fine. However, it's very clear that it's a style made for animation to be made cheap and attempt to appeal to children. Also, this is another moment where MovieBob trying to make his opinions clear about the original Thundercats falls on his face. He's annoyed that the muscle men style of the 80s was over-saturated, yet he doesn't say the same for the dominating CalArts style. Was the muscle men style of the 80s over-saturated? Yes, and so is the CalArts style. MovieBob can't have one over the other here. And even if the old show was garbage (Which is an opinion I don't hold), that doesn't excuse a reboot being garbage either. It would be less of a disappointment sure, but disappointing doesn't equal bad.

Argument #3: Just let the kids have their cartoon.
This is generally the argument people like MovieBob make when they can't think of anything else. "Stop ruining this show for the children, it's just for children why are you complaining!" First of all, anyone who believes that this criticism is going to stop the kids from liking it forget that Teen Titans Go became a massive success regardless of the numerous, numerous detractors. Criticism isn't going to stop kids from liking it. Secondly, this is quite insulting to kids themselves. Sure, kids aren't the smartest people out there, but the reason shows like the Powerpuff Girls reboot failed is because it doesn't offer them anything they haven't seen before. I have a feeling like the same thing will happen here. Kids who like Cartoon Network's current programs will watch it, realize it doesn't offer them anything new, and go back to the other cartoons they like watching. If a kid was going to watch another CalArts comedy reboot made to sell toys and cash in on current trends, I'd at least want it to be different from the other modern cartoons they've been watching. Thundercats Roar doesn't look like it will offer that, and MovieBob thinks that kids are too sub-human to realize that, never mind the fact that shows like the Powerpuff Girls reboot died because of it not offering anything new.
Kids who dislike this sort of thing is also part of the reason why they've jumped ship to anime, YouTube content, Netflix content, etc. They aren't finding anything new with Cartoon Network outside of the content they're already watching, and decided to jump ship. What I'm trying to say is that they're not dumb enough to keep falling for this all the time, and MovieBob saying that kids are sub-human and don't care about quality is the worst argument in this entire video. Also, the original Thundercats was made for children, it may be more serious but it's something kids would likely enjoy more than another reboot. What media creators want of their content is for it to be watched even after 40 years, for it to still be relevant, and for fans to defend it against cheap remakes like this is being built up to be.

Argument #4:...Uhh...
Any other arguments are lost in a sea of incoherence and bashing anyone who likes the original Thundercats. MovieBob mentioned how nobody watched the 2011 Thundercats even though it got 2.4 million viewers on its premiere according to TV By The Numbers, with a varied age range by the way. The only other argument I could make out is the stereotypical "don't like, don't watch" argument which is only ever used when there's nothing else to use as a defense.

Closing Thoughts:
Whether or not Thundercats Roar turns out to be any good, the unprofessional attitude of MovieBob shines through here. Most of the video consists of nothing more than bashing anyone who's a fan of Thundercats, and how their nostalgia is only stifling the supposed creativity of the animation industry. Which, even though I hate to repeat myself, is hypocrisy at its finest. If this was a Mario cartoon, MovieBob would be more angry than 99% of the people reacting to Thundercats Roar. There may be a few Thundercats fans who are overreacting, and if explicit proof of it is shown I will likely agree. However, pointing the finger at every Thundercats fan and laughing isn't the way to go. However, MovieBob thinks that those who do research and have some sort of respect for fans of content they doesn't like as well as kids need to grow up according to the video description, so MovieBob's delusion of grandeur can stay loud and proud for a while. I mean no disrespect to anyone who likes MovieBob, likes Thundercats Roar, likes CalArts, and so on; however, I do have a strong disrespect for anyone who acts like MovieBob in this video. You knew that by now though, didn't you?
Feel free to comment down below, I'll be reading as many comments as I can so the conversation can continue. All thoughts and criticisms are appreciated. Until next time, don't be a MovieBob


I don't even know how this MovieBob guy is, but he really does sound like some lunatic who doesn't understand what it means to make a cartoon. I don't mean to sound like a cartoon snob, but the dude needs to understand that all cartoons, whether they be new and original or reboots of old properties, should appeal to all audiences as much as possible. Just look at Disney and Pixar.

Anyways, I'm very honored that you took the time to write a post on my list about this matter and MovieBob, and I got to say that your post about this topic was incredibly well-done. Keep up the good work! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

MovieBob is my least favorite YouTuber over 100k subscribers because of his aforementioned lunacy, though I don't plan on making rants about him other than this one. Regardless, I'm glad you enjoyed it my blog, an honor coming from you! - nerffan8000

You're very welcome! - ModernSpongeBobSucks