Top 10 Reasons Why Tik Tok Sucks

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1 It’s cringy
2 There’s nothing original on there
3 It’s not a safe place for little kids to spend time online
4 Users can put up racist videos
5 The commercials are annoying
6 Loads of little kids use it

Because lots of little kids use it, they could easily be exposed to toxic behavior, further downgrading their behaviors. - LoveMusicLoveLife

7 There are lots of trolls
8 People post videos of them swearing
9 People are addicted to it

Watching an endless stream of videos of people doing random things can get pretty addicting

One kid in my school whose name starts with D is completely obsessed with TikTok and that is literally all that he cares about.

10 Some videos aren’t funny

Some videos? More like none of the videos

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11 Some challenges are downright offensive

I don't hate Tik Tok, I think it can be fun, but when things get offensive, that crosses the line. The autism challenge was extremely offensive, and others are just stupid, like the coronavirus challenge.

Take the "autism challenge" for example, how could they allow that?

Corona challenge, autism challenge, George Floyd challenge...

Those Coronavirus challenges, autism challenges are offensive.

12 It has become toxic

Whoever added this to my list, it is one of the best reasons on the list. SOO TOXIC!

Yep, it has

13 It's killing music

Most popular songs these days have been made famous by Tik Tok, not only that but the application is also helping non-talents (or just uninteresting artists) become popular while there are musicians working their asses off who still haven't had the popularity they would deserve way more than these talentless hacks. I'm thinking about Lil Mosey and DripReport to name a few. Because of that trend, most artists are trying so hard to make a song that will go viral on Tik Tok, which is another step backwards in quality.

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