Ten Reasons Why the TNA World Title Series is Their Worst Idea Yet

For the tens of people like me still watching TNA Wrestling, you have come to see a massive 32 wrestler Series for the TNA World Title, but most of us probably groaned at the announcement of this series.

The Top Ten

1 The Roster Isn't Big Enough

Some may ask, "Why are women in the World Title Series? " and th simple answer is that the male roster simply wasn't big enough. There are only 27 male wrestlers on the TNA Roster, and they had to bring in Austin Aries and four female wrestlers to fill the series. If your roster isn't big enough to do something, then the last thing you should even think about doing is that.

2 It Was Started for the Wrong Reason

This series could actually be understandable if the World Champion (in this case Matt Hardy) had been injured or was leaving TNA, but he isn't, in fact, he's in the series himself. This means that the series was completely unnecessary and reeks of desperation for ratings.

3 Lots of Bad Matches Will Happen

With this World Title Series, there will be many bad matches because far too many bad pairings will be made. We've already gotten a taste of the horrendous matches that will occur (Spud vs Grado was the worst TNA match I ever fully watched).

4 TNA is Way Too Close to Cancellation

This World Title Series will take approximately 2 months to complete meaning it will end somewhere between mid December to early January. TNA will be cancelled by Destination America this Feburary, meaning that unless a new T.V. deal is made, the newly crowned world champion will only be on T.V. for 1-2 months.

5 It Will Be Unbelievably Repetitive

For 2 months, there will probably be nothing but singles matches. Don't expect to see Tag Team, X-Division, or even gimmick matches. Just plain vanilla singles matches. While singles matches aren't at all bad, 18 hours of nothing but singles matches can become too much of a good thing.

6 Too Many People Involved

Even if TNA had a bigger roster, this series would still be too large. This could easily be made more manageable if only 16 people were involved in the series.

7 The Different Leagues Are Unnecessary

Why do there even have to be 8 Round Robin Tournaments before the single elimination tournament? It just overcomplicates things. The best way to go about this is to have the 16 Wrestler Single Elimination tournament, and forget about the leagues.

8 There Are Just a Handful of Convincing World Champions In TNA

You could count on one hand the number of people who have even the slimest chance of winning the World Title Series. The only convincing winners are EC3, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, and Drew Galloway.

9 Some of the Convincing Winners Would Be Terrible Choices to Win

EC3 winning would render him losing the title at all completely pointless.

Matt Hardy winning would make the series entirely pointless (as if it isn't already)

10 Since It Was Pre-Taped, Everything Will Be Extremely Outdated

The series was taped back in July. Since then, there have been gimmick changes and title changes, and some people leaving the company. Due to this, (as you may have seen) Gail Kim not being Women's Champion, and Mahabali Shera still in his Khoya gear.

The Contenders

11 The Outcome is Too Obvious

Spoiler Alert: EC3 makes it to the finals against either Matt Hardy or Drew Galloway.
But let's face it, you probably already knew that.

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