Top 10 Reasons Why Toad is Better Than Toadette

I've changed my Mind. Toad is Better and I'm sick of His Hatebase

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1 Toad is the Underrated One

Toad underrated? Don't make me laugh, he's overrated. This bastard deserves to be hated. He screws me over in Mario Kart. He is the reason why the princess he works for gets captured all the time. He always runs form Bowsers minions when they're not as threatening as Eggmans minions are in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 so if Toad is the most despised Nintendo character then that's a GOOD THING.

and make one about why toads better than yoshi - Adventurur2

2 Toad is the Original One

Yep when I think of Mario toad comes to mind - Adventurur2

3 Toad Has More Personality

Toadette actually has more personality because she puts a heart sign in her speech balloon when she talks to people

4 Toad is Stronger and Braver

Toadette has saved captain toad before, so that was brave.

According to SSBB he has super human strength - Adventurur2

5 Toad Has Actual Reasons to Be Liked
6 Toad is the One Introduced in a Main Mario Game

That maybe but it doesn't change the fact that Toadette is far more affectionate than Toad

7 Toad Actually Tried to Stand Up for Himself
8 Toad Has Better Relationship with Peach Than with Toadette

How does that matter like everyone of these that I have read that convince u to like toad well it hasn't worked yet and everyone has something to do with peach is she like the top princess of them all I thought Rosaline was the top princess and everyone liked her more than princess peach and princess daisy I've heard things like Rosaline is the best chuck out the rest so who has the closest relationship with Rosaline? I know Mario has the closest relationship with princess peach and leuigi is the closest to daisy but who is close to Rosaline?

9 Toad Has a Purpose
10 Toad Has a Better Voice Than Toadette

Toadette has a better voice because Toad is Obnoxious with his voice and explains the fact that Toadette is cuter than Toad because her voice isn't obnoxious like Toad's is

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11 Toadette is Only a Look-Alike to Toad
12 Toad Gets Overshadowed by Toadette
13 Toad is Cuter Than Toadette
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