Top 10 Reasons Why Toad is Better Than Yoshi

Toad is Awsome and I like Yoshi too, but he's no better than Toad.

Here are Reasons why Toad is Better than Yoshi

The Top Ten

1 Toad is Underrated, While Yoshi in the Other Hand is Overrated

Just like Bulbasaur and Charmander
And Cats And Dogs
And Mice and Hamster

That does not make a character good or bad! - darthvadern

HEck yay - iori72

I agree with you, ToadF1. Yoshi IS overrated!

Yes but that doesn't mean anything! It just means he's overrated. - kdoraisamy23

2 Toad is Cuter Than Yoshi

Hay, all you Yoshi haters if you look probably about Yoshi you will realise he is cuter then toad but fine!

3 Yoshi and Toad are Both Generic, But Yoshi is More Generic

This is where I have to disagree. Toad is way more generic. You're just a pointless Toad fanboy. As much as I hate Yoshi, there is no way in hell he's more generic like someone like Toad. - kdoraisamy23

FALSE, Toad is just another "toad" with an even more boring name! Yoshi actually sounds better and has better powers. - darthvadern

Lol that's why people complained about too many Yoshi's in color splash? NOT! Toad sucks.

4 Toad is More Energetic
5 Toad Has Actual Jobs
6 Toad Helps Mario More Than Yoshi
7 Toad is the Greatest Mario Character of All Time

That's SUBJECTIVE! - darthvadern

8 Toad is Smarter for His Age Than Yoshi

I kinda agree I looked up there ages toad is forty something and yoshi is forty so BOOM

Yoshi isn't dumb. You just don't like the character. - kdoraisamy23

You don't even know their ages so shut up! - darthvadern

9 Toad Has a Better Voice Than Yoshi

I disagree Toad's voice is obnoxious. Dang you, Nintendo! Why did have to ruin Jennifer Lee Taylor by playing some 3 year old boy who wears a diaper and cries all day everyday? Oh well, at least she gave Princess Peach that cute loveable personality. That counts as something right?

That's SUBJECTIVE! - darthvadern

10 Toad is More of a Major Character Than Yoshi

No. He really isn't. Why do you think Yoshi got his own series while Peach uses Toad as a toilet wiper? - kdoraisamy23

The Contenders

11 Yoshi is ugly

Nah, Yoshi's cute. - Spicygarlic

I agree with that. - kdoraisamy23

12 Toad Has Better Relationship with Peach Than with Yoshi

Because she uses him as her tampon lol

13 Toad is More Handsome Than Yoshi

Do you want to die? - kdoraisamy23

14 Toad is Smarter Overall Than Yoshi
15 Toad playable in more games
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