Top 10 Reasons Why Tom & Jerry Is Better Than Teen Titans Go!

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1 Tom & Jerry is a classic

Tom and Jerry is better. End of story! - LouisNick

And Teen Titans Go! Is Not A Classic, And Never Will Be. So Yeah I Totally Agree With This Whole List, Because There's Not Even One Thing I Wouldn't Agree With On This List.

Even The New Tom & Jerry Remakes Are Better Than Teen Titans Go!

Almost anything is better than Teen Titans Go!. - Tia-Harribel

2 Tom & Jerry is funnier

Well Turns out that Tom and Jerry reboot is actually the only GOOD reboot ever made, while others... - BorisRule

I remember the one where Tom and Jerry ended up shaving each other. Tom Looked like a balding old man and Jerry looked like a women in a dress. - MJfan119

Even The New Tom & Jerry Remakes Are Funnier Than Teen Titans Go! That Show Is Just So Unfunny And Annoying.

Tom and Jerry won a award for best cartoon

3 Tom & Jerry doesn't have evil characters, some are just mean

They're no such thing as evil characters in Tom and Jerry they are just both characters fight each other.
And plus since Tom and Jerry are both titular characters that both of them are protagonists.
TTG in the other hand are anti-heroes which is very awful.
In TTG the only protagonist is YOU.
The Titans are antagonist they're no signs of protagonist but if you're the one maybe you have a chance like Tom and Jerry do.

4 Tom & Jerry was created way before the new generation started
5 Tom & Jerry is original and doesn't rip off other cartoons

Luke 12:7 says... Why, even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows

Tom and Jerry doesn't Harm no other Cartoon.

That's all I'm gonna Say!

6 Tom & Jerry is a smarter cartoon for kids

This is saying something, for a show about animals beating each other up.

Tom & Jerry doesn't have rude or dumb "jokes" - LemonComputer

7 Tom & Jerry has better remakes

Even The Tom And Jerry Show from 2014 is better

8 Tom & Jerry has beautiful music unlike Teen Titans Go, they have horrible dubstep

It's like Mozart trying to compose Dubstep, on a flute. - ARandomPerson

HA! You Got That Right.

Classic 40's amazingness.

I agree

9 Tom & Jerry doesn't throw shade at people for hating the show

In the Fourth Wall they antagonized me- no, US- While Tom and Jerry doesn't

(P.S. US is us, not the United States

True that - yuma9009

TTG is better than stupid retarded Tom And Jerry.

10 Tom and Jerry characters are smart and cute.

Whoever said Raven is smarter must talk about a bird - BorisRule

Tom: what is wrong with this show?

Jerry: I hate it.

Spike: Lets get em Tom and Jerry, but Tom, if you ruin the plan, IT WILL BE YOUR FAULT! - BorisRule

The animals like tom,jerry,spike,and the other animal characters are very cute.i'm a animal lover.

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11 Jerry is way smarter than the Teen Titans members

I wish they made an episode where Tom and Jerry would team up and try to kill them with dynamite and anvils

Whoever said Raven is smarter must be talking about the original Raven

Yeah, Jerry is absolutely smarter than the Teen Titans members (in TTG). Even Tom is smarter than them. And Tom is stupid! - Svampbob164

Totally true.

12 Teen Titans Go insults an awesome cartoon show, Tom and Jerry doesn't

You have to go somewhere else

13 Tom and Jerry has better animation

Yep it was used with pencil and paper rather than crappy flash animation like Teen Titans Go is right now in 2016

14 Teen Titans Go uses toilet humour sometimes
15 Tom and Jerry have an aim

I saw a picture on DeviantArt called Jerry hates Teen Titans Go

16 Tom and Jerry has slapstick violence while Teen Titans Go has real violence

Cool I always like any kind of cartoon violence but slapstick is one of my favorites of all time.

Tom and jerry have slapstick violence
Example if Tom eats a stick of dynamite
It explodes he doesn't die he survives it
But the titans can be pretty scary some times

17 Teen Titans Go is really irritating!

Very stressful yet irritating but Tom and Jerry isn't so thank god.

18 It has actual fight scenes!
19 The characters are portrayed the way they stood for
20 It's old
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