Top Ten Reasons Why Toothpaste Is Better Then Miley Cyrus

The Top Ten

1 Toothpaste costs less
2 Toothpaste has been around longer

Really are we going to compare a damn teeth cleaning product to a 25 year old singer. This is ridiculous!

3 Toothpaste has better music
4 Toothpaste keeps your mouth clean

Miley Cyrus's teeth would not be clean without it

5 Toothpaste tastes minty where as Miley Cyrus does not
6 Toothpaste doesn’t pole dance
7 Toothpaste comes in tubes where as Miley Cyrus is a person
8 Toothpaste keeps you healthy
9 You can squirt toothpaste on to a toothbrush
10 Toothpaste sounds cooler

The Contenders

11 Toothpaste doesn’t twerk
12 Toothpaste doesn't sing Wrecking Ball or We Can't Stop
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