Top Ten Reasons Why Toothpaste Is Better Then Miley Cyrus

The Top Ten

1 Toothpaste tastes minty where as Miley Cyrus does not
2 Toothpaste has been around longer

Really are we going to compare a damn teeth cleaning product to a 25 year old singer. This is ridiculous!

3 Toothpaste comes in tubes where as Miley Cyrus is a person
4 Toothpaste costs less
5 You can squirt toothpaste on to a toothbrush
6 Toothpaste has better music
7 Toothpaste sounds cooler
8 Toothpaste keeps you healthy
9 Toothpaste keeps your mouth clean

Miley Cyrus's teeth would not be clean without it

10 Toothpaste doesn’t twerk

The Contenders

11 Toothpaste doesn’t pole dance
12 Toothpaste doesn't sing Wrecking Ball or We Can't Stop
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