A Minute of Gratitude To My Followers (100 Follower Special)

I thank my 100 followers a lot for following me. I might not have expressed this but I truly had the passion to have a 100 followers and I'm proud of it. Its been 4 months and finally I have been honored with the 100 of you following me. Thank you NicholasYellow for being my 100th follower and Lotuscandy for being my 1st. Being on TheTopTens seemed kinda boring for me during my first week here because all I planned to do was remix lists and that's why I became a user but everything turned when a few users here compelled me to use my ideas to make at least one list. But before that, I had none to talk to. I'm kinda quiet in the real world and have about a couple of great friends and none more. I messaged a user (speed) and found that I was welcome to message anybody and everybody I liked to talk to. I met people who would change my life (I'll explain that in a different post).

speed: Speed's been the first person whom I talked to. He's had plenty of convos with me and although he's very childish (that's cuz he is a kid), he's a nice person to talk to.

leafstar: She's one of the users I first talked to. She pops up the most random questions you can ever imagine and she's great to keep the convo going for days together. She's hilarious with those hilarious emojis and broken pieces of English. Lol

caleb4rest: He isn't following me on this account but he's sure enough done a lot to change my music tastes entirely. He introduced me to bands like Nine Lashes, We As Human, Pillar, Love and Death, Ashes Remain, Demon Hunter, Tesseract and he's one of the only users here who knows Decyfer Down. Thnx for introducing me to metal, Caleb.

BlueFrostOfThunderClan: BFTC's been a great friend and she introduced me to a few popular bands. She's had lengthy chats with me and has been my earliest friends who introduced me to various stuff of the site. She's made most of my time here on TheTopTens for these 4 months at least.

TwilightKitsune: She's been funny and is also one of those top tenners I met on my second day as a user. She makes hilarious lists and is supportive and very friendly. She's even made a list about me - Top Ten Reasons Why Jerk4life is an Awesome User.

zxm: Zxm has been a good pal for me. He spends most of his time contributing to the site. We've talked less but we've known each other as friends for a while. He's one of the best known contributers to the site I've known. He doesn't involve in messy controversies like the rest. He made a list about me as well - Top Ten Reasons Why LightningBlade is a great user. He even praises me in the users list. Thnx zxm.

Ananya: She's a black/ death metal maniac. She's very positive and we share a lot of stuff in common. She's been a great companion and friend. Thank you Ananya for being with me as a great friend.

Stephen The Idiot: A hilarious user and we're kinda share the same humor. He's hilarious to the core and although we've talked one those one or two times, he's the funniest user I've known on the site.

ParasN2000: I don't know how many of y'all have figured it out yet, ParasN2000 is a great user with the only setback being that he doesn't participate in messaging and posting. He's a very underrated user. He's created probably more than 1400 lists and still is unnoticed in TTT even today. You're a great user, Paras.

Disney1994: I don't know how many of you may stand with me if I said its fun talking to him. He makes good remixes (although very very subjective). He's hated for everything he ever does. He sometimes makes me smile. And he's been a nice person although still having a tough go ahead right now. Even though I'm one of those few users to 'like' you, I'm happy to be your friend, Disney1994.

Righteous: She's been like my best friend here and again, we share a few things in common. She's been supportive, nice and even sweet. You're great Righty and I've said it before and I'm saying it again - You're just what your username speaks.

PeachyBlast: I'll agree to her being the "nicEST" user on the site. She's very friendly and its no wonder she's loved here on TheTopTens. You're fun to talk with you give a positive vibe.

ArigatoKawaii/ Erinaliese: You've been hilarious and as Goku02 told me, you're one of the funniest users in the site probably because of your way of speaking. The armorshipping was too quick but funny. Lol.

Catacorn: You're cheerful and you're fun to talk to Catacorn. You profile pic still makes me laugh. You're a really nice, Catacorn.

Billyv: I gotta tell you that I admire the way he does things here. He's got nice blog posts and he doesn't mind being popular n stuff. He has a gentle heart and ha also made good lists.

PositronWildhawk: There are many things about him that makes him great. He's still consistent on the site and that makes me happy. His sense of humor is great and a nice person to talk to. He's a really encouraging user and a very nice person as well. Thnx Pos.

Neonco31: You're a good user Nexus and you're talented. We've shared the same kinda thing. We both became users at the exact same time and deleted our past accounts and we're at par right now. Lol. I didn't have to mention that. You're funny and great.

Ivylee: One of the newest users and she's nice. She's got a good personality and very fun to chat with. She's one of the most unique users I've met so far.

Goku02: Ever since I messaged her, I've found her very quirky. She's an anime freak and there's no doubt about that and she's very intelligent. She's passionate about anime and she's definitely getting a lot of votes on her list everyday.

NicholasYellow: Thnx for being my 100th follower

Lotuscandy: Thnx for being my 1st follower.

Honorable Mentions:

Arcxia: Good user with good lists.
McGillacuddy: Good user with good blogging talent.
Therandom: I haven't known him too well but IMO, he's a great user.
Propanda: Great user with great blogging talent.
SkullKid755: I liked the Nerdy Geek Reviews post series and he makes a few humorous lists as well.
Nateawesomeness: I like his being honest. I find him kinda underrated. He's got good lists.
bobbythebrony: He's got interesting blogs and I consider him one of the best users of the site.
M4J0R45: He's a good user and funny and too random.
Britgirl: Fun to talk to, nice user and one of the best here.
htoutlaws2012: He's a good user and has contributed the most content to the site.
DapperPickle: Absolutely hilarious
EpicJake - He's made a lot of lists.
RalphBob: He makes good posts.
SunGoku - Good user and fun to talk to.

Thank you everyone once again. I'm so happy about this occasion.


Hey I am not that much of an anime freak! : P And you are even more quirky than I am! Anyway, congratulations! You deserve to have 100 followers : D - Goku02

You deserve this my friend. Anyways, well done! - ivylee

Congrats - Ananya

:p do u prefer hats or bandanas?.( a question for my 100000000 question challenge) - leafstar

Congratulation LightningBlade,you deserved it. - zxm

Thanks man! Congrats on the achivement! Well deserved - ProPanda

Congrats m8 - visitor

Your welcome John! - Neonco31

That's cool you reached 100 followers - speed

Thank you everyone! - visitor

You deserve them, jerk4life. Congrats. How are you gonna celebrate? Me, I would run around my room jumping uo and down (what I actually really did when I got 100 followers) - TwilightKitsune

First, I'm not jerk4life.
Secondly, I did jump around my room up and down. Lol - visitor

You used to be jerk4life though. - Skullkid755

Yep. - visitor

Unoriginal, but good that you got 100 followers. Also, thanks for the honorable mention. - Skullkid755

What do you mean unoriginal? - visitor

Well I've seen M4j0r45 do this type of 100 follower special you know with the thank yous and some other stuff like what you put in this special. - Skullkid755

Great Post you deserve to have 100 followers I'm not on here I guess you saving the best for its own page me Lol - HollowArrow

Congrats for getting 100 followers! You deserve it! :D and thanks for the mention! - visitor

Congrats, heh I am embarassed to being one of the funniest Users here.

Hey, do you know who got 100 followers?
He is Lightning with a Blade!
(Laugh cliche)

Oops, I did it again. - ArigatoKawaii

Lol - visitor

Thanks for the honorable mention,and you deserve 100 followers :D - Nateawesomeness

Thank you for mentioning me! Congratulations on a hundred followers :3! - visitor

Thanks everyone. It means a lot to me :)
And I honestly think that I've made the longest 100 followers post ever. - visitor

Congrats. - Undistinguished

Congratulations - Martinglez

Sorry for this late comment, but congratulations bro! - Mcgillacuddy