Top 10 Reasons Why the TopTenner TheRandom May Be the Same Person as JustinBieberLover and BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

Read: This is just a list that I made because I was bored. Don't take it seriously.

The Top Ten

1 He knows that they're the same person

We all know the truth - jmepa1234

Barnes the dinosaur everyone knows your secret just admit

Yup. - BubbleBear01

You mean "thinks" they're the same person. - BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

2 He encourages both of them to make more troll list

So what? They are SO funny in a trolly kinda way - jmepa1234

I know right? I thought I was the only one who thought they were funny. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

This was bound to come up at some point. Anyway, I encourage it because the comments are hilarious, especially Btdr's. - Therandom

I think they're the best trolls of TTT.

3 He says that you shoudn't feed trolls

I added an item, because hey, you gotta joke about yourself at times! Also, this is an item people should listen to. - Therandom

But they will starve to death! - Nateawesomeness

I'd rather feed them for the lulz.

And...? - jmepa1234

4 He unironically follows them

It is ironic not unironic - jmepa1234

5 He finds their lists to be funny

They are as I stated on item number 2 - jmepa1234

Well, they are. - Therandom

6 He's usually the first one to comment

So what? - jmepa1234

7 He originally fed them but now he doesn't

This seems like ages ago. - Therandom

So what? - jmepa1234

8 They're both trolls

Nu uh - jmepa1234

9 Their usernames are both on a person or character they like

Therandom is a character? - Therandom

Yeah I guess - jmepa1234

10 They both have usernames

The Contenders

11 They both are TopTenners

So your saying we all the same person - toptenforlife

12 BarneythedinosaurRocks is following him
13 They follow each other
14 They all hate Gravity Falls

I mean, not just a coincidence. - JoLeKosovo

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