Top Ten Reasons Why Total Drama All-Stars Was the Worst Total Drama Season

As a huge TD fan, I was really disapointed about the 5th season. Those are the reasons why it was the worst season ever made

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1 They took the wrong casting and the wrong teams

Yeah gwen was in the wrong team

I wanted gwen to be happy

Why was SAM in the season? - Turkeyasylum

Well, the Wiki says that he thought the island was still intoxicated so that he'd mutate and join Dakota, but then he found out the island was clean again. - AinezoChan

Why was Lindsay out first also Owen needed to be in this - simpsondude

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2 The good humor was missing

What happened to the typical Total Drama humor?! Worse: They put toilet humor in a episode (really? ) - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

I totally agree! If the humor and drama were there, then the season as a whole would be a lot better.

It was definitely missing the flirty jokes that us teen fans get that was in earlier seasons.

"Nice try... Mean nickname giver! "
Of course, she is a finalist as well.

3 Duncan lost his cool attitude and became one of the lamest character ever

He used to be the coolest character ever made, but since Total Drama World Tour, he became lamer, but I lost all my respect for him in All Stars because he wanted to show that he wasn't a hero by being a jerk - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

He isn't tough and playful like in the first 3 seasons. Now he is lame and bland. He wants to make Courtney jealous. All he tries to do is show the cast that he is still a villain. He lost his playboy and tough personality and just became bland and lame.

They made him nice and less cool than the other characters. I remember the boxing scene where he couldn't punch that animal... When He wrestled with an alligator or something in a different season.

He was the coolest guy but in that season he was so lame. - AzaleanGirl

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4 The challenge were lame

Making a sundae and finding the ingredients in the wood, really? - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

The first four challenges were the coolest, but it all started with Moon Madness!

5 The episodes were boring

I could really pick any of these and they would be true. Worst season ever. - alexcousins

Only Laurie Elliott's episodes were the only good ones. When other writers did the job this season I wanted to slam my head into the lounge and scream!

All they pretty much did in this season was talk about mile's multiple personalities instead of the show.

The episodes were fine until the boat racing episode

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6 Most of characters became unlikable

Duncan wasn't the only one to go downhill. Zoey went from nice and cool to lame and bland. Sierra was fun in TDWT, but was just annoying without Cody. Scott and Courtney were bigger jerks (even Chris was a jerk in this season) and Mike used to be funny with his personnalitites. Now, it becomes boring, annoying and overexposed - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Chris was always a jerk... but yeah in this season he completely turn into a psychopath - Pato_cargo

Mike was boring, Scott and Duncan were ruined, Sierra had no purpose, Gwen was ruined, and Zoey was dumb!

Total drama all stars ruined Duncan, gwen, cameron, and alejandro

7 The idea was good, but screwed

I was all excited for this, it had potential! But they changed our favorite characters, and made them unlikable.

I like the idea of the two casts together, but probably could've chosen different characters and not have people switch teams so much. (Except Courtney. She totally deserved it)

The plot was okay but they made it horrible!

The fact that the two casts meet was original, but the producters screwed it all by taking the wrong contestants and lame chalenges - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

8 Mike lost his personalities at the end

Okay we all know Mike does not represent a real person with MPD. Bet seriously? This was a joke almost a insult to people with MPD. I think if they just took the time and not rushed. They could have found a better way to get rid of Mal.

Maybe remind him that he is just another personality, but he could still have his wicked nature. Or lock him up like before. Either one of these would have been a better ending. - Darellfat

Mal was the only tolerable thing in All Stars. I really miss all the personnalities (exepted Vito, who is pretty annoying) - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Mikes personalities are the things that make mike a great character. Without them, Mike has no character.

He might have been blander then Zoey if he went a whole season without them!

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9 Mal was a pathetic villain

Mal would've been better, if Total Drama All Stars wasn't on Cartoon Network, that's why he was pathetic! - Gehenna

Listen you guys I know you like mal but I think he was a terrible villain comparing to all the villains in total drama history I mean he was a peace of s@#$ Heather was good at tricking everyone Courtney got her annoying lawyers to help her Alejandro was smart to manipulate everyone and Scott just eliminated everyone who messes with him but mal just love murdering the competitors he dropped Cameron to a hole and getting Alejandro to fall of a cliff getting Scott to b beat 'in up by fang and almost hitting Zoey and Gwen in the head ya mal sucked ass.

They dumbed down Heather, Scott, Courtney, Cameron, Duncan, and pretty much everyone else... Even Lindsay (at least she wasn't THAT painfully dumb in the past). - Turkeyasylum

Mal isn't the malevolent one...HE'S THE I BREAK TOYS AND ACT LIKE A TOTAL BADASS ONE! I don't understand how people actually like him. Is it because he's entitled as a bad boy? Heather was mean and did anything to win, Alejandro was..basically the best villain ever. Why do people like Mal? People only hate the other sfor playing the game but no one is even saying a word about all the attempted murders he's done.

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10 The Mike/Zoey couple was the only romantic relationship of the season

What about Scottney?

I love mike zoey they're cute and likeable but this season was very short and easy.

What about Aleheather

Mike and Zoey make a great couple, but I certainly agree that the writers could of added or even improved some of the other couples. What was even the point of breaking up Duncan and Gwen? - Macy_Buehner

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11 They ruined Gwen's character

Why would they put Gwen on the Villains' side?! I'll tell you why, it's all thanks to Chris McLean! He's the cause of all this and you should all blame him! Maybe Don in the spinoff show wouldv'e been a better host at this instead of you-know-who!

I liked it when she broke up with Duncan. But unfortunately, that didn't make her any different. - Gehenna

Gwen lost her playful personality and became very bland and lame. She wants to become friends with Courtney again? LIKE WHAT IN THE NAME OF ZEUS!? Courtney was the reason she was eliminated in season 3. And she hates Duncan now so she dumps him.

Gwen loves Duncan. That is how it should have been. This is very heartbreaking. I cried, literally.

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12 Dawn wasn't in it

We didn't get to see enough of her though...

Dawn is not in my oipinion a All Star

She deserved to be in it. Not Sam.

I love Dawn! I want to see more of her please.

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13 The final two

Okay let me put it like this. I don't think it was a good idea to have Zoey and Mike/Mal in the final two. I would prefer either these two options.

1. Mal goes to the final with Gwen. Why? Because I think we can all agree this really would have helped Gwen's plotline of not being a villain. By going against the the seasons main antagonist.

2. Scott vs Gwen/Courtney. Gwen is the same reason for above except she wouldn't be going against the main villain. Courtney because I think she deserves a spot in the final two. Then her going against Scott could bring in more sparks on there relationship. - Darellfat

Well I would have to say Scott and Courtney only because Gwen was already in a finally - Rathernotbenamed

Be on the look out for TheTopTens user MeeMeeCandy777 and make sure He/She doesn't see this list. - Gehenna

Oh. My. God. These two are the WORST FINAL TWO they could've picked! There could've been better pairs, but a friendship finale? Really? Zoey is boring. Mike is boring, but only as Mike. That's it.

Zoey and Mike were the most BLAND characters they could've chosen. Zoey is bland overall, and Mike is only bland as...himself. His personalities are cool, but not Mal. Mal ruined the season.

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14 They fixed Gwen and Courtney, then ruined it.

Gwen and Courtney making up was one of the best parts of the season for me and then they ruined it in one episode.

I like this season, but poor Gwen, she got it rough. - Scaranna

15 Not enough trivalities

I would have had 24 contestants and 2 or 4 teams. Maybe have some more Heather and LeShawna rivalry. - Turkeyasylum

That's because they took the wrong characters. If they changed it, I want to see new rivalities - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Brick vs. Joe would be awesome, same with Leshwana and Heather. But what happened to Gwen and Heather?

16 Not Enough Heather

The number 1 exact reason why I stopped watching all stars. Her getting eliminated is what stopped me from watching it

17 They Forgot Noah

He doesn't suck at the game, I See London proved that he was a All Star (He was competing in JasperPie's All Stars rewrite and got to the Final 8/7) But the writers decided "No, $%#@ You! We don't want your Fan Favorite winning! We want our screenhogs hogging all the drama! " - Gehenna

Well even if Noah only competed in two seasons and his first one he got the boot early and was just lazy. World Tour really proved him to be a all star! He was funny, charming, and he did well in challenges. At least he got a return in The Ridonculous race and who knows maybe Beth, LeShawna, Brick, and Harold will get a beautiful comeback in the next season of total drama

Noah is not an All-Star! He was eliminated first on the Screaming Gophers and On Team Chris is Really Really Hot. He has never survived an elimination creaming. Noah is a good character, but he sucks at the game.

How is Noah an all star? He is horrible and got eliminated first on his team every time.

18 Owen not in it

Owen was one of the funniest characters and a definite hero

So true, How was Owen not in it? He won TDI, finished 10th and 3rd in TDA, in TDWT he finished 8th those are real good numbers

Owen should've been in it instead of Sam. - EpicJake

Owen deserved to be here considering he almost got his money in season 1.

19 Chris' sadism

I agree. It got worse.

In seasons 1 and 2, he just liked to piss the campers off. In seasons 3 and 4, he became a little more... iffy. In season 5, HE IS SATAN HIMSELF! THE FINAL EPISODE WAS A JOKE! HE PUT THE CAMPERS LIFE IN EXTREME DANGER!

Chris is a horrible human being. I love Don SO much more likeable.

I hope I never get to see his ugly ass face again.

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20 The Theme Song was Cut Short

Majorly Mad about that - Rathernotbenamed

Dear mom and dad I'm doing fine.
You guys are on my mind.
You asked me what I wanted to be, and now I think the answer is clear to see, I wanna be famous!

21 Heather didn't win

Heather already won WT

Alejandro was to be blamed for Heather's elimination but he got eliminated anyway

She already 2nd and 3rd, it would be kind of unfair

22 Courtney and Scott's relationship

This is my second favorite couple after Heather and Alejandro - Rathernotbenamed

It was so disgusting. When Courtney kissed Scott I almost threw up. I bet he doesn't even own a toothbrush, stinky garbage smelling bastard.

I honestly don't know which total drama relationship sucks more. Duncan with Gwen or Courtney with Scott. Barf!

This couple irked me so bad. They were way too different, Courtney and Duncan were more alike than these two, and that's saying a lot. This couple was just too different to the point were it was weird to watch.

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23 Sam shouldn't have competed this season.

Uh... Why Brick and Trent! I know they are fan favorites but you are forgetting characters like Owen, Harold, Izzy and Leshawna that have competed in all of the first three seasons. Why didn't they make it to all stars? Sam did? He got eliminated early in Season 4, and was a bland and boring character. Easily forgettable. Hopefully total drama will recreate a Season 7 All Stars and actually bring back worthy characters. Also I miss contestants like ever, Katie and Sadie. They might return as well.

Characters like Brick and Trent deserved to be in this season more than Sam.

Sam is only good with Dakota

Sam? , an ALL STAR, I like the guy but Brick should of competed. Or Trent. GWEN AND TRENT NEED TO GET BACK TOGETHER!

24 Alejandro was unfairly voted off

Alejandro was my favorite character after heather

Yeah! Finally Alejandro fans exist!

Alejandro is the best! Best character ever!

I agree! - Macy_Buehner

25 Not enough characters per team

My version (Some of them didn't have much screen time by the way):
Heroes: Lindsay, Owen, Noah, Cameron, Zoey, Mike, Sierra, Cody, Leshawna, Brick, Izzy, Bridgette.
Villains: Jo, Lightning, Duncan, Gwen, Courtney, Scott, Geoff (For Captain Hollywood), Blaineley, Heather, Alejandro, Justin, Anne Maria.
The season would feature an evil personality of Mike, but he'd be a flat out jerk, similar to Heather or Scott. Blaineley would get more screen time and would develop a story arc. The love triangle would end and all the members of it would be eliminated early. It would be 26 episodes long, and at the merge, there would be 2 returnees. About half of the people in the merge would be typical screen hogs from past seasons while the other half would just be beginning their development. Geoff and Bridgette would break up due to Geoff swelling his ego, and Bridgette would go out with Brick instead (weird, right? ). The finale would be Leshawna and Blaineley, and Leshawna would win in ...more - Turkeyasylum

26 Cody wasn't a contestant

Sierra was lame without him.

27 They had Sierra without Cody

I totally ship them.

Which does not make one bit of sense. Sierra and Cody could have finally became a couple but they left him out and had her chasing after Cameron, who is clearly not Cody for obvious reasons.

To be honest Sierra was a mess without Cody. - Macy_Buehner

They could've been a couple.

28 They didn't put in Brick in favor of Sam
29 So hyped then it was crap

I'm not the only one to think that all stars was hyped more than anything but then it sucked its like having a cake in front of your face and then just before you eat you have to watch an episode of all stars (the worst punishment of all) - Shartfart

30 Lindsay was out first

Dramatic Scar made a video of 50 reasons why Total Drama All-Stars is bad. One of them was Lindsay was eliminated in the first episode. He showed a tag the someone used in the comments. #JusticeforLindsay. Sure, her driving skills were horrible, but it was all Courtney's fault for making her drive. It should of been Courtney! You might be thinking "But what about the Gwen and Courtney friendship? Some people only watched TDAS for that." Well, yeah, Dramatic Scar says he only watched TDAS for the Gwen and Courtney friendship, but it was ruined in the episode where Courtney was eliminated. So, I know, Gwen and Courtney would of never become friends again, there would be no one on the Heroic Hamsters for Duncan to switch teams with, and there's a chance that Gwen and Duncan would of never broke up, but Courtney should of been eliminated in the first episode instead if Courtney. GO LINDSAY!

I'm gonna miss her

Honestly? Lindsay has to win a season sooner or later.

Well, it was that or Courtney. I guess she wanted to get out.

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31 No aftermath!

The aftermath show rocked. They could of had 4 hosts. Geoff and Bridgette and 2 TDROTI characters that weren't in all stars. The aftermath had jokes, funny clips, and the classic total drama humor.

I'm thinking of a future season where the aftermath comes back

32 Mike didn't get enough time to be himself after getting rid of the alter egos

I would really like to see mike as a totally normal cheerful upbeat super nice teenager after he got rid of them all and he said in the Finale that he should compete again some time and I really want him to compete again sometime really bad I really love him so much

33 They forgot Sadie

They also forgot Katie

34 They left Sanders out

Have you lost your mind? All Stars came out before Ridinculous Race!

She made it to the bottom 2 teams in Ridonculous Race for crying out loud! She is an All-star for sure!

35 Where was Bridgette

I find Bridgette to be bland to be honest - Rathernotbenamed

Bridgette is the best. She, and either ever or Blaineley needed to return and develop a larger rivalry. Actually a Jo/Bridgette rivalry would be better as Jo is a mix of ever and Blaineley.


36 The music was gone!

I think what he or she meant was that the theme song was shortened to a measly 20 seconds. - Macy_Buehner

What do you mean by "the music"? The aftermath music, the certain moment music, what kind?

The theme song was shortened.

Theme song was shortened

37 The season was rushed

To quote Shigeru Miyamoto: "A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever." The same applies with animated series. If the writers were able to take more time in the writing process, we wouldn't have gotten stinkers such as "Sundae Muddy Sundae" and "The Final Wreck-ening". We might have also gotten more episodes in this competition, and thus more contestants.

To quote Shigeru Miyamoto: “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.” The same holds true for animation as well. If more time was put into writing the episodes, we wouldn't have gotten such stinkers as "Sundae Muddy Sundae" or "The Final Wreck-ening". Maybe there could have been more episodes as well, and thus more contestants (more episodes must mean more eliminations, after all). It could have also fixed some of the pacing problems, such as how out-of-nowhere Gwen breaking up with Duncan was.

38 Devin wasn't in it

Devin was created after All Stars

39 Ridonculous Race characters were not added

The Ridonculous Race didn't even exist when All Stars was airing. -_- - Macy_Buehner

People like Ryan would have been a good addition.

Laurie! I want more Laurie.

Kitty should have been there!

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40 Lightning became a jerk

He always was

He always was

Uh... Became? Like he wasn't a jerk in TDROTI?

41 Cameron didn't win

Hey guys, sorry to upset you all. In my country, Cameron lost against Lightning in the Finale of Season 4. Sorry everyone. :( - Gehenna


He won TDRI so it would of been unfair if he won this season as well. - Macy_Buehner

42 Staci wasn't a contestant

Staci is undeserving. She was booted first!

Why would you want Sadie as a contestant?

Feral Zeke laughs at your comment.

43 They didn't do a losers episode.

Do you remember in Total Drama Island they did an episode dedicated to all the loser in their losers mansion?! It would've been so cool to see where the old people were!

44 Its fourth episode was a copy of season 4's

To put it simply, both episodes involved a horror themed night challenge and a member of the losing team volunteered for elimination only to be moved to the opposite team.

All of the challenges were meant to be playing on the old one. Chris said it at the start - Rathernotbenamed

45 It gives a bad name to Total Drama

Name sounds badass right. Well not so much...

46 The 100th episode

Zeek and Ye shall find was the special 100th episode of TDAS and all they give us is a weak clone of A Mine Is A Terrible Thing To Waste?! Really?

47 The merge was early

The merge was early. I don't know it its just me but I think Total Drama All Stars was better before they merged. After the merge it got annoying.

Sierra could've made the merge if it wasn't too early!

Duncan made the merge again.

The merge was early

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48 Courtney didn't win

I agree I think that Courtney should've won because she was developed very awesomely

Courtney has always been my favorite So can't she just win one season. They just screw everything up with Courtney

I don't know why everyone hates her. Sure she's a little difficult, but still. Also, I am angry that Gwen and Courtney weren't friends, that was seriously annoying. I ship Duncney

What? I hate Courtney. She had her season in TDA and Total Drama needs to give her a break.

49 They forgot Brick

Brick needed to be in this. My brother is a huge fan of Sam but Brick made it further.
If Brick was in this and Jo and Lightning stayed longer, there could have been an athlete love triangle. Half because I wanted Jo and Brick to hook up in revenge of the island AND half because Brick beating the crap out of Lightning would have been so satisfying.

Brick deserved to be here.

50 The confessionals weren't as funny as before

Well the funny ones were the Mal confessionals.

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