The Conquest: Deleted Scenes and Edits (Episodes 1-4)

Turkeyasylum Originally, Britboy's line in the confessional in episode 2 was "Britgirl has some nice tools, all I need to do is get them out of the Craftsman toolbox". The editing was an accident.

Episode 1 originally was going to have a scene where the contestants were introduced one by one, but I cut that out because of the possibility of taking far too long.

Episode 3 didn't have a Puga cameo when I was first developing it, but I added it to make a new plot to the series.

The contestants were originally going to stay in an abandoned campground, but I didn't want it to reference Total Drama too much, so I changed it.

The server being BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNO was a last second add-on to episode 4.

There was going to be a scene where Britboy would hit on Brirgirl in episode 3, but I cut it out because it had tons of cheesy adult jokes, and it had an inappropriate scene that would ruin my plans to make Britboy more of a comic relief character. Here's a tidbit of the scene that was deleted:

Britboy: Going out with me is something you won't regret. I will send you straight out of Virginia and lay you... like an egg.

Britgirl: You still don't seem that appealing.

Britboy: Are you sure? Having 7 minutes of heaven each day sounds great.

Britgirl: I'm sorry, but that's not what I find great in a man.

Now do you get why I deleted that entire scene?

Anyways, Admin being fired came straight out of my head while I was typing episode 2.

The "screw your neighbor" joke came from a conversation I had with nintendofan126, where he, too, got the wrong meaning of the episode. You're awesome, nintendofan126! It was a last second add on.

I was originally make PatrickStar quit before the show began, but I scrapped him as a whole, finding it unnessecary to add the scene.

Episode 4 was going to have a scene where JaysTop10List had cockroaches crawling all over him through the night courtesy of Toptensjackson1 infesting the whole trailer with cockroaches, and kicking OtakuGamergirl out of the bed so he could sleep on it. Deleted becuase I thought the scene would be gross.

SelfDestruct and PositronWildhawk's fight at the dinner in Episode 4 was shortened. The scene had originally featured a scene where the entire table was flipped over so PW's food would end up on the ground, as everyone else was finished eating. I thought I could make the rivalry develop more later. That, and why ruin a team's reward?

Episode 2 had originally featured Andre56 accidentally running into a glass wall, trying to exit the pool arena to leave SHD. Moved the glass wall scene to episode 4.

There are more scenes and edits that will be here in episodes 5-8!